Character Name: Shiloh Grant


Name Meaning: Shiloh - His Gift Grant - Great

Name Origin: Hebrew/ English

Date of Birth: Can't Remember her birthday

Age: 1 Year

Gender: Female 100% Canis lycaon

Luperci: Yes

Birth place: Michigan

Current pack: AniWaya

'Souls Profile:

Current Pack:AniWaya

Pack Name: AniWaya

Joining date: 3/7/11

Rank: Gatlvska

History: Shiloh was 15months when she had lost her family. She had been playing with Anya, who was around 10 months, in the forest around her hut. Her family had always stayed away from packs, living in Michigan close to the Canadian boarder. Shiloh’s father was against someone her age playing around and she was suppose to be watching her brother by Anya had got her into a playing mood and had put a guilt trip so she would play. They had been playing a game of tag for a while when Shiloh had smelled smoke. ”Anya stop. I smell smoke,” said Shiloh softly. “Its most likely Pa burning something again,” said Anya jumping on Shiloh playfully. They played for a few more minutes before walking home only to see the hut going up in flames as Lucian was stuck in side. Shiloh and Anya ran back only to see her brother crying next to the kindling that had caught fire, right next to him. Anya ran to his side as the flames quickly shot across the floor of the hut over the pine needles that littered it. Anya was scolding her brother and Shiloh was about to rush forward as the flames shot higher almost consuming the hut as her father and mother came home. Shiloh was too stunned to move and stood there as Anya picked up her brother and was on her way out as one of the top supports fell on her. Her father and mother were able to jump the flames just as they shot higher and grew farther out making it almost in possible for Shiloh to make it to them without leaning over it At one month, Lucian had played with the stick till he had burned himself. He hadn’t wanted to let go of the stick nor did he know what to do with it. He had thrown the burning stick down not knowing it would catch everything on fire. Her father had his unconscious daughter in his arms as Shiloh’s mother held her crying son. Her mother looked at her, the blame in her eyes as she stared at Shiloh like why are you not in here with us? The flame was quick to cut them off and her father and mother shifted, Anya bleeding in her fathers arms, her grey silver fur covered in blood as her little brother cried in her mothers white arms. “Shiloh! Shiloh help us!” her father yelled at the flames grew stronger. His words brought her out of her daze and she rushed forward, reaching for Lucian who squirmed away and wouldn’t leave his mothers arms. “Come to Shi, Lucian. Come to your sister,” she would yell over the roar of the flame. She continued to reach for Lucian over and over and eventually she asked for Anya despite burning her arm fur off, despite burning her chest fur off, her fur and skin burned off almost to the bone. She ignored the pain and continued to reach for them, call for them, losing her voice in the process because of smoke inhalation. In the end the flames proved too much and Shiloh watched, her arms and chest and some of her face bleeding, her family burning to death and it was her fault. Her sister only came around in her final moments to throw Shiloh her totem to put with hers, the wooden fox missing the fire completely. She caught it as the flames licked at her family and burned them alive. It was only after her whole family was gone did Shiloh collapse from blood loss and a pain so un-human that it would have her laying by her burned home for almost a week, no food, no water.

It wasn’t until the 2nd day did Shiloh come around by a nudge by a fox. Its grey white fur had reminded her of Anya and she looked at the wooden fox Anya had thrown her the last piece of her family she had left. It started at her as if to say, “Get up. Live.” She pulled herself up on shaking legs the fox disappearing before appearing ahead of her. “Anya…” she whispered at the fox that looked at her and seemed to smile. Her sister had stayed with her. “I’m not alone…” she whispered to her self as she took a shaking step forward. She rummaged though the remains of the hut and found her sisters bag and her tools along with her father’s own kit. She found nothing of Lucian’s or her mothers and it hurt her knowing it was her fault they were dead

The next few months were tough on Shiloh. She didn’t know how to hunt even though the white fox showed her were the food was. Eventually she cursed her own life for not learning how to hunt like her father wanted her to. She was more content in learning how to carve wood with her mother. She leaned how to build huts and how to weave bowls that would hold water. She would find a river where she filled one of the bags she made with water, despite it hurting her lungs and by the time she got to AniWaya she was starving and parched. Her journey to AniWaya took close to a month and her burn wounds, that covered her forearms and some of her chest that never healed properly nor did her sanity. She as a slight rasp in her voice because she has some scarring on her lungs from all the smoke inhalation She struggles even now over the death of her sister and still sees her from time to time. She blames herself for her families death and her sisters ghost no passing on. Shy and scared of what people will think of her, Shiloh is a fragile and gentle. She is depressed but hides her depression by protecting others. She has gotten close to Ayasha who seems to be one of the few who seems to calm her. She reminds Shiloh of her sister and she clings to that. Ralla and Leon also give her peace and she is learning to trust and love again. Personality RIMARY MOTIVATORS: Creation Domesticity eventually

EMOTIONAL DISPOSITION: Calm and Curious Very even tempered Pessimistic except when with Ayasha who calms her and gives her a sense of being Had a very up beat attitude up until her rape now she doesn't trust people and tends to stay away from others out of fear and hurt. She normally puts others before herself and open minded when it comes to their feelings and care towards her. Very supportive of what others think. Can be forgiving when the time right and all things are put a side Nurturing towards younger people and is modest. Great listener when it comes to others lives and can become an open book when she is comfortable around you. Very formal and respectful of others space, status and feelings towards her Has an extreme lack of confidence because of her scars and is very self conscious of them.

LOVE LIFE: Has a small crush on Leon Austral. Has yet to find love or experience it but has this feeling her true love will find her soon and complete her. Bold when she feels she must express her love for another and her feelings towards that person

WAY OF LIFE: Goes by AniWaya's way of life and beliefs. She respects their ways of life and occasionally preys to the tribes gods. Might be considered a hermit when it comes to her beliefs

GOOD HABITS: Whittling BAD HABITS: Insomnia, Self infliction, Needless apologizing

HOBBIES: Whittling and helping others. Exploring AniWaya.

Mental Disorders: Shiloh suffers from a mild case of depression from the loss of her family and now the rape. She has yet to self inflict but has had the feeling to do so for a long time now. Also has hallucinations of her dead sister and often talks to her.


Family: Luca Grant: Father Deceased Jamie Grant: Mother Deceased Lucian Grant: Deceased Anya Grant: Deceased Mizu Austral: Close Friend and family J'adore Austral: Close Friend and family Ani: pet minx's

Parents —

Friends Ralla: Close Friend Leon Austral: Close Friend Ayasha: Really close friend like her sister Saxif : Friend

Acquaintances: Luna

Enemies: Mysterious Brute

Appearance: A soft grey color with a white underside. has light pink burn marks all over because a fire that killed her family. Has small hands and paws and is lean and under weight. Has light green eyes that hold a lot of secrets from her past. She has a carved fox around her neck and is short hair because she works with wood all the time.

Category: AniWaya