Sergeant Diesel

Sergeant Diesel

Diesel by Anna
Date of BirthUnknown
Age4 years
SubspeciesCanis familiaris
Birth placeNew York City, NY

Gamma 7

Joining dateUnknown
SignificanceGuard dog

Sergeant Diesel was the pit bull companion of Alexander Wulfric, the General of Gamma 7. He served as a guard dog and tracker for the group, and was strongly biased against both wolves and coyotes.


When Sergeant Diesel was very young, he was adopted by Alexander Wulfric. Alex was the firm, even hand Diesel needed to provide the essential early obedience training as a puppy. In New York City he has always lived with Alex, and eventually came to travel to Canada when Alex was designated the general of the small expeditionary group of Gamma 7. Diesel had many run-ins with Luperci, most ending poorly[1], and was rather relieved when the group decided to turn back for home.


Ever since the beginning, Sergeant Diesel has held a strong bond with his owner. Because of this, he has always felt a supreme sense of loyalty to his master, as well as to those Alex considers friends and family. However, when protecting the Gamma 7 group Diesel can become dominant and destructive, exhibiting more aggression. In general, he's an animal with a lot of energy and high prey drive.


Sergeant Diesel could be considered the poster boy for the American Pit Bull Terrier, possessing all those qualities that define the breed. At a height at the shoulders of about 24 inches and a weight nearing 60 lbs, Diesel is a muscularly built medium-sized dog. The features setting him apart from the Luperci is his short brindle coat, natural un-cropped ears, and smooth, well-defined muscle structure. His eyes are almond shaped and a dark honey color. Diesel's face is characterized by a white blaze running from his nose and ending between the eyes disrupting the brindle. Chest, underside, and paws are all accented by white fur.

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