Semyon Terho

Semyon Terho

Semyon Terho, by Marit
Name MeaningSemyon = Simon
Terho = 'acorn'
Name OriginRussian, Finnish
Date of BirthDecember 14th, 2005
Date of Death??
Subspecies100% Canis Lupus Ortus
Birth place?

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Previous Packs

Pack Name

Joining date27-January 10
Joining RankGazon
Most Recent RankGazon

Semyon originates from a pack far away. His family relations were difficult, and he chose at a young age to travel the world on his own instead. Having been betrayed (or, that's how he feels about it) by his family and pack, he never lingers for long in one place, though he regularly stops his adventure to stay in a pack for a month or two, sometimes three months. Having sworn never to stay for longer after a female proved to him that nothing was worth staying for (another betrayal?), he now only stays with a pack if it benefits him, either for warrior training, health benefits, or trade benefits. His weapons and armor are results of such trades, as are his extensive training in warfare, and some of the scars he carries.


As stated above, Semyon travels. It is unknown to him, and he doesn't care, how far he's traveled, seeing as he never intends to return "home". Having injured his foot, he searches for a pack nearby that might aid him, for he fears it's either that, or the loss of his foot. Calling at the borders, he meets a member of Dahlia de Mai, and is granted permission to stay there to heal in return for his skills as a warrior. Semyon swears to do Haku Soul's bidding, even after being informed of the current war-situation with Inferni [1]. Semyon does very little until his leg has healed, at which point he aids in several encounters with Inferni, among them the so-called D-day.


Semyon does what suits him. He is rarely loyal, per se, but he will keep his promises with deadly persistance. He takes great pride in his line of work.







Minos Lierrah Haku Soul


Whatever the current obligation/allegiance states is his enemy, is his enemy.


Semyon is a gray wolf with markings that are a mixture of gray and golden to deep russet. His main coat is gray, however these warmer colors line his back and saddle, as well as the top of his tail. His underside is a pale gray to white color. His muzzle is white on the sides while a red-and-golden stripe follows its shape and pours into a forehead of grays topped with rusty gold at the very top of his head.

His eyes are a brilliant yellow, though there is something strange about the center ring around the pupil. The color darkens and seems to shift into reds, playing with the yellows almost as if there was a ring of fire burning there...

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