Santa Anna Blacksun

Santa Anna Blacksun is the son of Mal Blacksun and Leona. He is a coywolf, born into a caravan of merchants which often moved from place to place. He arrived at 'Souls, looking for his half-sister, Kaeli Blacksun. He is a member of Sangi'lak.

Santa Anna Blacksun

by Kaeli



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Date of Birth

27 August 2008


Male :O









"Black Sun"


A Mexican general




Birth place

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Coywolf hybrid


75% Mexican Wolf
25% Northeastern Coyote




Current pack Sangi'lak
Current rank Prospective


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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Santa Anna's first language is mexican spanish, which he learned from his family, mainly from his mother. He began to learn english when he began to interact with stranger canines, and he came to speak it very well, to the point that his spanish accent is barely perceptible. However, he often lets slip a few spanish words now and then. When he speaks his tone is usually st5rong and clear, for he prefers stating his ideas clearly and answer as less questions as possible.

He doesn't speak very much, unless spoken to or unless it is a matter of importance. However, being raised to be cunning, he can be a good liar, especially if it helps him achieve what he wants.

1.2  Abilities



He is a very good fighter, especially in his more fereal forms; in Optime form he is also skilled with some human weapons, such as daggers or the machete. He tries to hone these abilities as often as possible, either practicing with others or by himself.

Reading and Writing

Santa Anna learned this skill from his mother too, but he doesn't practice them very much, especially since he lacked the material to do so.


He grew up close to these animals and although he is not passionate on them, he does know how to take care of them and some basic training for riding.



He is not keen in manipulating the fire, much less preparing a meal, so he was always kept away from the kitchen during his time at the caravan. Given the case that he was allowed to cook, he would most likely burn whatever he's trying to prepare, or use the condiments in the wrong way. So he'd rather consume his food raw than risk himself to loose it. However, he does have a good taste and enjoys cooked meals.

Manipulating small objects

He was trained to be rude and strong, not delicate and careful! Any activity that requires fine movements is a challenge for him. So sewing, manipulating small objects or sculpting small crafts is out of the question.

1.3  Residence

A small rocky formation a few miles towards the north of Rabbit Lake. He made a small corral anexed to it to keep his three sheep and a smaller one for the chickens. He treasures them a lot, and often patrols the area to prevent others from stealing or killing hgis animals. He also keeps his horse there sometimes, mostly for security.

1.4  Inventory


Household Items

  • Machete: His predilect weapon. He carries it with him most of the time, even in secui form. He obtained it when he was still part of the caravan, so it is quite old, but still deadly if a lot of force is applied to it in a blow.
RamEwe 1Ewe 2


  • All the animals were taken from Sangi'lak when it disbanded.
  • The horse was the first one that Santa Anna began to train when he was still part of SK. He decided to keep it because it was the one that got accustomed to him first.
  • The sheep were also taken for trading purposes. They are tranquil most of the time.
  • Chicken = eggs = food. Simple as that.

2.  Appearance

Santa Anna is a hybrid between canis lupus baileyi (three quarters) and canis latrans thamnos (one quarter), which gives him a hiqhly wolfish appearance, having inherited both the pelt and the eyes from his maternal bloodline. He is a clear representation of what a mexican wolf looks like, with a pattern that includes reds, browns, grays, black, white and beige. He displays several scars, product of the scruffles he got into as a loner. Many of them are too faint to be distinguished at first sight, but the most noticeable ones are a scar in the shape of a half moon behind his left eye, barely scratching his eyebrow and ending a bit below his lower eyelid; and a bitemark on his right shoulder, which is less noticeable both in lupus and secui forms.

Sizing Chart





107 lbs
(48 kg)

32 in
(75 cm)


154 lbs
(70 kg)

38 in
(93 cm)


180 lbs
(82 kg)

5ft 11in (71 in)
(180 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


Due to his predominant wolf heritage, he resebles this species the most, displaying its characteristic body build, with strong paws and a body built for strength rather than for speed. However, his ears are slightly longer than usual, and his muzzle thinner. His muscles bulk up under his coat, especially around the neck and shoulders. His frame is rather sharp and angular, and his fur does little to hide the lines of his anatomy.


In his secui form his musculature compensates for his lack of height to intimidate. His mane grows noticeably longer than the rest of his fur, and it falls down to either side of his neck like a short horse mane. His canine teeth grow below his lips as well. His legs bulk up more than they grow longer, so although he grows taller, it's not noticeable at glance.


In this form, his body is muscular. He doesn't fix his hair at all, and leaves it to grow freely over his neck. His hair is grey, turning to white as it gets closer to the tips. His canine teeth still poke out of his lips.

2.2  Build & Species

His build is rather bulky, his muscles being noticeable in all of his forms. However, his heritage limits him to a smaller size than that of most of the wolf males. That doesn't dishearten the male, who carries himself high, with security in his movements.

His height is the product of the cross between both coyote and a particularly small species of wolf. Other than that, the only traits that give off his coyote genes are his ears and muzzle, thinner and longer that one would expect from a wolf, and the red spots on his muzzle and ears. His howl is more wolf-like, as well.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

His pelt consist in a double layer of fur, the inner layer and the outer layer. The inner layer has grown thicker as he moved northwards to keep him warm, so its texture is whooly. His pelt is longer in the spine area and the neck. San keeps it clean most of the time, so it is usually free of tangles or knots.

His coloraton is vivid. The base color is a light shade of Beige, which darkens as it reaches his flanks and tights, which are rather Tan. The rest of his pelt is a mix of broken tones, such as Fuscous gray, Armadillo, Millbrok and Salt Box. He has a saddle composed of both Ebony and Seashell coloured freckles. Both his muzzle strip and ear markings are of a reddish shade (Hawaiian Tan).

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Behing his left eye. Moon-shaped scar, pink in color. It was inflicted during a scramble in his first days as a guardian of his caravan. A stealer who happened to have a sharp object with him.
    • Right shoulder. Bitemark, four canines, gray in color. Inflicted after he left his caravan, during a fight for a prey. Unknown wolf.
    • Chest. Slashes and scratches, produced both by claws and knives, hidden under pelt. Inflicted under seceral attacks to the caravan, mainly by thieves.
  • Tattoos:
    • None
  • Piercings:
    • None
  • Other:
    • Two chips in right ear, one at the rear and and one at the base. During fights. The one at the base is bigger and corresponds to an ear stud that was pulled off, breaking the cartillage.

2.5  Accessories

  • None yet

3.  Personality

Sly. However, he is of kind nature, and doesn't usually hold grudges against anybody if he can avoid it. In the other hand, he can be bad tempered at times, exploding at the slightest provocation. Has a good memory for faces as well and doesn't miss details easily.

Good mannered, be it be sincerely or not, depending on the situation. Hard working, and gets pissed when he is disrupted, especially if he was really concentrated and the interruption was worthless.

  • Fears:
    • Hurting the helpless unintentionally, especially pups.
    • Death.
    • Mateship.
  • Motivations:
    • Family.
    • Becoming stronger than his opponents.
  • Traits
    • Sly
    • Kind
    • Short-tempered
    • Cunning
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3.1  Demeanor

Santa Anna is mainly tranquil and confident, able to keep a cold head in stressful and even life-threatening situations, developed after years of having to fight off thieves and bandits. This at least when confrontig somebody in physical fighting, because in discussions he becomes hot-headed, especially when he can't make his point clear.

His sense of right and wrong is a bit blurry as well. He defends innocent people and is not fond of pointless fighting. But sometimes his loyalty can drive him into comitting crimes such as murder, in disregard of who's the victim. Respects pack relations a lot, and bloodline above everything else.

3.2  Outlook

Confidence is what he portrays the most when confronted to another canine. He carries himself high and does not fear to look at another canine to the eye, even if it tops him in height. Very likely to cross his arms over his chest and throw his shoulders back if he sees a confrontation coming, but will avoid confrontation at all costs. This has earned him an introverted demeanor, which means that, although he does not search for companionship, he does not avoid it either, and acts calmed and kind to familiar faces

3.3  Ideals



  • Roles: While he does not disregard women as useless, he believes that women are not as good as men for battle. However, whenever a woman proves him wrong, he highly respects her. In the other hand, he sees men as generally unable to look after children very well. That's why he does not like being near puppies, because he feels uncapable of looking after them without accidentally hurtin him (which may pass as him not liking pups).


  • Dogs: While he isn't wary of other species, he sees dogs as weaker, especially if they have floppy ears. The less they look like a wolf, the more delicate he believes them to be.
  • Prey animals: Except for horses, he does not fancy keeping prey animals as pets. "A waste of food" he would call it, unless he can trade with them. pets.


Heterosexual and dominant. He is more likely to have one-night stands rather than compromise into long-term relationships, and even engages into casual sex with close friends.


Alcohol moderately. Tobacco or hallucinogens aren't his thing.


He does not follow a specific religion, but does believe in spirits, and that they are the judges that will decide what will be of the soul once the body dies.

Specific Beliefs

  • Ghosts are real
  • Your situation in the afterlife will be determined by them.

4.  Relationships



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He is not a man of many, friends. He prefers staying at bay from other canines, and only forms acquaintances with people he has to work with, or if it is of convenience for him.

4.1  Key Relations

Kaeli Blacksun

Santa Anna and Kaeliare? half-brothers, but have only met briefly a couple of times. He still cherishes her because of their shared bloodline.

4.2  Groups


His current pack, although he has not participated very actively in it. He is loyal to it.

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4.3  Family

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Maternal Ancestry

Paternal Ancestry

Extended Family

5.  History

Early days

Santa Anna was the product of an ilycit union. His mother, Leona Vicarium, was a merchant who traveled among many other canines in a caravan that constantly moved through the west of the USA. She was a crafter, and one of those in charge of keeping the group well fed and in good health, and was mainly seen with good eyes. However, she never felt the urge to committ to any of the males at the place, despite being young and attractive. However, that changed when a rouge coywolf came across their path.

Mal was a rouge coywolf, but underneath the surface he was even more than that. He was an expert assassin, and a thief. Seeing that Leona was single and in heat, he used his cunning to seduce her while he managed to get ahold of some of the pack's goods. And once he did so, he disappeared. Leona was broken hearted and furious at him. And even more when she discovered that he had impregnated her. But her travelmates did not leave her alone, and in fact helped her rise the single pup product of that union, and helping the female forget about the painful conception.

With time, Santa Anna grew up in a stable and safe enviroment, and seeing as he was strong, he was put under his uncle's tutelage in order to become a warrior.

The training

Santa Anna spent most of his time trying to become stronger. When he wasn't helping his mother with her crafts or talking with some ouf the youth ones, he was with the guards of the caravan, practicing his technique. He was the pride of his mother, who had already overcome the betrayal of San's biological father. She also taught him the basics of reading, writing and basic riding. However, since the pack was mainly formed by spanish-speakers, this was the first language that he learned, english coming afterwards through hearing others speak it. Even so, he has a hard time writing in english.

At the age of one, he was given his first weapon, a machete, which he learned to use quite fast and turned him into a dangerous fellow to deal with. It was at his early days as a guardian when he recieved most of his wounds, before he grew swifter in battle.

What he did not expect, was gaining a few enemies along the way of turning into a guardian. One of his companions, called Félix, didn't like him very much, mainly because of his bloodline. And much less because the hybrid had reached a high rank among others who had belonged to the family for several generations, and planned to do something that would make him become less to the eyes of the entire caravan.

The departure

During one if its journeys, the caravan reached Freetown, and decided to establish there for a while. The stay was only meant to last for enough time to do some trading to replenish their stock, but nobody expected to see the very same thief who had not only stolen from the group, but had also left a bastard son behind. The first one to find out about the coywolf's presence was Leona, and she inmediately warned the rest of the pack so thoy could leave. The leader of the group, however, had not forgiven the thief's crime against the pack, and decided to silence him as revenge. That was the opportunity that Santa Anna's rival had been expecting to make his move.

The leader had requested Santa Anna to go and spy on the traitor, and kill him given the opportunity. He did not know yet that this man was his biological father, but did have a feeling that he was not a random criminal, like others he had been requested to kill. So he departed one night, and foud both his target and his mate preparing to go through the night. Santa Anna entered the makeshift refuge when he was sure that he wouldn't be detected, and swiftly positioned himself near the male. He was about to give the grace strike, but the victim quickly turned into the attacker when he suddenly woke up and blocked off San's movement. It all turned into a raffle, with the female joining in, until the supposed criminal revealed his name, Mal. Santa Anna was shocked at this, and stopped his attempts of killing him. An awkward talk was given later among with Mal's mate, Kiriska. Santa Anna decided not to kill him, but not without threatenind both to leave the place at sunrise.

The next morning, with San already back to the caravan, he was requested to give a report of his mission. He lied, of course, but he did not count on a fourth person presencing the happenings of last night. When everybody was gone, Félix stepped out and revealed to the higher ranks that the coywolf had betrayed the pack and, instead of killing them, he had let them go. To prove further, he took them to the supposed place of the killing, finding a trace of smell that led away from Freetown. The leader was enraged, and ordered that Santa Anna would be banned from the caravan. Leona was told about the veredict and, in a last gesture of kindness to her son, she warned him about this, and helped him escape. He departed, taking with him nothing but his favourite weapon, and travelled for a long time, searching for either his father or his recently discovered half sister.

5.1  Timeline