Salvatrice Airò

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Salvatrice Airò (a.k.a. Lucina Salvatrice) is the daughter of Leonardo Auditore and Iniga Airò. She adopted the name "Lucina" to mask her mercenary identity from her Auditore family. She is currently a Sodalis of Sapient, living in the Government Estate alongside her father.







  • Date of Birth: 7th January, 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Government Estate, Sapient
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Sapient
  • Rank: Sodalis
    • Co-Rank: —
    • Area of Study: —
  • Pronunciation:
    • 'sal - va - treece'
    • 'eye - roh'
  • Nickname: Sal - If you're feeling VERY brave.
  • Epithet: —
  • Aliases:
    • Lucina Salvatrice - When she is out of the pack.

Ezio - Horse



  • Sapient Characters: get involved in Salvatrice's increasingly difficult attempts to keep her mercenary side a secret!
  • Looking for a long term romance plot!

Sapient members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Salvatrice hanging around the estate, reading or playing her violin.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Salvatrice has a typical Auditore build: slim, foxy, and short. She has a lean muscle tone and is built as a fencer, for swift movement and precise accuracy. Her white paws are delicate and small, upon which she moves with athletic grace and confidence. Her mother's collie influence is visible in the noble sloping of her muzzle, high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, and the silky feathering on her ears, tail, and limbs.

Her sweeping mane is mostly white, with a streak of dark color extending from her right ear. The rest of her coat varies from warm greys to fox red highlights, marked with white extremities and ruff. Her markings are largely symmetrical save for the spots on her throat and nose. Her eyes are a pale lavender-grey just like her sire's, which lend her a sharp intensity to her gaze. Salvatrice wears an unadorned golden tiara as a headband - it was a parting gift from her mother from before she could shift, and since then she has worn it as her long mane continues to grow further.

Reference Sheet


Bali Hai (#8395ae)
Geyser (#dae2e2)
Soft Amber (#cdbdad)
Squirrel (#978980)
Birch (#362D20)
Corduroy (#727473)
Nevada (#666d72)
Heavy Metal(#1c1f1d)

1.2  Forms


45 lbs (20.5 kg)24 in (61 cm)
A small wolf with doggish colours, dainty paws, and a pointed muzzle.


100 lbs (45 kg)30 in (76 cm)
She gains little in height, but sports a thicker coat and denser muscles. Darker markings.


155 lxbs (48 kg)5ft 8in (68 in) (173 cm)
Her preference; slender curves, narrow-hipped and small-chested. Graceful carriage.

1.3  Other


  • Scars: —
  • Piercings:
    • She sports a gold hoop earring in her left ear.
  • Tattoos: —


Salvatrice lives a double life and her adornments reflects this. When around her father and her family, she removes the piercing, and stashes her sword for safekeeping elsewhere. When out by herself she will typically wear rougher, more practical clothing, or light leather armour.

Jewellery and Accessories

  • Long Sword
  • Brace of throwing knives
  • Black and gold trimmed scabbard with her family name "Auditore" scratched into it (if asked, she will claim it is the name of her blade and nothing else).
  • Variety of decorative hair ties and clips, usually only worn when 'dressed up'.


  • Clothing worn when 'dressed down' (Lucina):
    • Form fitting leather armour worn over hooded, long-sleeved black shirt and pants. High quality leatherwork, worn and marked by age and heavy use. Key areas (Chest, stomach, vambraces) have thin metal plates fitted inside the leather.
    • Dark, practical clothing. Black hoodies, cargo pants, etc. Very rarely worn, as Salvatrice's armour is well fitted and comfortable, so she tends to just travel in it.
  • Clothing worn when 'dressed up' (Salvatrice):


  • Scent:
    • Salvatrice:Auditore, forest, sea salt, and lavender, or scent crushed from other sweet, flowery smelling plants, depending on what she has to hand.
    • Lucina: Forest, sea salt, weapon oil, mint if available, otherwise strong, earthy smelling plants.
  • Speech: Fluent in Italian and English. By default has a very faint accept, but tends to purposefully exaggerate this accent when 'Salvatrice' and suppress it to the point of almost non-existence when 'Lucina'. Has clear diction, proper pronunciation, and a broad vocabulary, so she sounds well-educated.
    • Regardless of which persona she is playing, the angrier Salvatrice gets the stronger her accent gets, and she tends to unconsciously slip Italian words and phrases into her speech.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Crosses her arms and taps her feet when angry/annoyed.
    • She's excellent at controlling most of her emotions, but her ears will usually tell how she's truly feeling.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Smooth and graceful movement, very controlled. Body language isn't particularly dominant or submissive, but she tends to unconciously take defensive postures.


2.  Personality

Salvatrice is above all stubborn and strong-willed. She inherited her mother's demanding and hot-blooded disposition, tempered with her father's serious morality and sense of justice. These two sides of her personality are distinct from each other, and lead to great internal conflict as she struggles to justify them to herself. She is always polite and respectful to figures of authority, and knows well how to comport herself as a proper lady. She is feminine and graceful in mannerism and speech.

However, those few who worm their way through her screen of self control will find a more relaxed side to her, tempered by a sarcastic wit. She is passionate, quick-tempered, judgemental, even bossy and controlling when she lets herself speak freely to her equals. Most people will come to know her as either a noblewoman or a swordsman; rarely does she show her versatility. She is quick to protect those who need it, protesting all forms of injustice and cruelty according to her world views. While Salvatrice has a strong drive to help others, her reserved nature and tendency towards 'tough love' mean that she can often come across as unfriendly even when she is making a rare effort to reach out.

Salvatrice takes a great pride in her physical abilities. She works tirelessly to keep her body fit and her skills sharp. Her sword is an extension of herself, and despite her small size, she is adept at duelling opponents stronger than herself. Without her weapon, she would be at their mercy, not that she would ever admit to such a weakness.

Romance is a difficult subject to even discuss with Salvatrice, and she will often change the subject rather than reveal her vulnerability. She is worried by her own temper and cannot shake the fear that she will fall in love with someone and then drive them away (perhaps even physically scarring them as her mother did her father). She does her best to rein in her passion with ironclad discipline, ignoring crushes and friendships alike and refusing to give her heart to anyone other than her father. More than anything else, though, she fears she will become too much like her mother and lose her father, the most important relationship she has.

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Generally views the world in a negative, pessimistic light, but has a strong drive to do good and try to change things for the better.
  • Sociability: Rather balanced between introvert and extrovert. Can be perfectly content alone when oing something constructive, or relaxing with a book. Can also enjoy herself in certain social situations - usually aided by a glass of wine - though she tends to purposefully resist making close friends or getting involved with others too much.
  • Expression: Generally rather dominant and impersonal. Will eventually soften up to individuals, but defaults to this if distracted or distressed.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Respects the authority figures in his family and obeys their mandates.
    • Seeks secure employment, believing hard work will pay off in the end.
    • Will not harm others for profit.


  • Anger: Salvatrice can have quite the temper sometimes, and this worries her. She especially fears giving in to her temper to the point where she estranges her father, like her mother.
  • Loss: Salvatrice goes out of her way to avoid making many strong connections with others, but those she does form are strong. She is terrified of losing the people that she cares about.


  • Justice: Salvatrice lives by a very strong set of morals. She is ever the champion of the weak and mistreated, and will doggedly pursue causes that she feels just or individuals she feels have done wrong.
  • Perfection: Salvatrice is very driven; when she takes on a task she demands perfection of herself, and enjoys a strong sense of pride when she meets this standard.


  • Practical atheism
    • "Absence of religious motivation—belief in gods does not motivate moral action, religious action, or any other form of action."
    • "Indifference—the absence of any interest in the problems of gods and religion."


  • Standards: Salvatrice's demands of herself tend to bleed over to how she sees others, and she tends to subconsciously judge those who hold themselves to a lesser standard than she does.
  • Strength: Those whom Salvatrice sees as strong - either mentally or physically - are held to a higher standard in her eyes, including herself. Those who she sees as weak or impaired are more likely to get a bit of leeway and sympathy.


  • Purposefully resistant and closed off to any sort of romantic activities.
    • As she purposefully suppresses most romantic feelings, Salvatrice doesn't really have much of a preference, though she can be appreciative about the looks of pretty much anyone who looks nice. If anyone were to ask she would label herself heterosexual, mainly so as to hold to the same norms that her father does.
  • Secretly a romantic at heart. Prone to very strongly felt attraction, which makes her stony determination to suppress these feelings that much harder to bear.


  • Likes: Relaxing, Excitement, Fighting, Reading, her Father.
  • Dislikes: Nosy people, criminals.


  • Salvatrice is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol; it only takes a small amount to make her tipsy and loosen her usual iron control over herself. As such, though Salvatrice is fond of alcohol - particularly finer wines and brandies - she is cautious of it and drinks very rarely, usually only in trusted company or alone. She has never tried any other harder intoxicating substances and is rather wary of them.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Moineau, Ortega


Familial Relations

  • Leonardo Auditore Her father is the most important figure in her life; she strives to be everything he wants, even the expectations he does not voice aloud. This causes her conflict, however, because she also wants to be herself and live her own life, which she fears would disappoint him deeply and lead to him cutting ties with her. Rather than lose him, she compromises herself and lies (using a false name to hide her actions from him).
  • Vedetta Auditore is her only full-blooded brother, and her closest sibling.
  • Tennyson Knight her younger half sibling, she isn't particularly close to him and finds it difficult to find common grounds to relate to him.
  • Iniga Airò is her mother, last seen in Maine when Salvatrice was five months old. Now an adult, Salvatrice regrets leaving her mother and hopes that Iniga found a mate who loves her, unlike Leonardo.

3.2  Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • Rizzo Grassi-Knight is her stepmother, last seen in Italy. Salvatrice was always polite and respectful to her, but lacked an emotional connection, and doesn't miss her.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: None.
  • Friendly: Sapient
  • Enemies: None.
  • Murders: None.

Combat Log

  • Win: None.
  • Draw: None.
  • Loss: None.

4.  Skills and Inventory

Dabbler > Apprentice > Competent > Skilled > Expert > Master

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Salvatrice is mostly a self-taught fighter, learning the art of swordplay through experimentation and practice on the streets of the city. Since then she has expanded her skills through collaboration with other mercenaries and short stints under various tutors, while refining her existing skills through strict practice.
  • Swordplay (Expert): Salvatrice is an adept swordswoman. She uses her speed and precision to turn her size into an advantage and is devilishly hard to land a solid blow on.
  • Throwing knives (Skilled): With quick reactions and solid perception, Salvatrice is skilled at throwing knives. She can throw with either hand, and is skilled enough to use them for hunting and to consistently land hits with her off-hand in a fight, though her accuracy suffers.
  • Daggers (Competent): While not her weapon of choice, Salvatrice is somewhat competent at using her knives as melee weapons; certainly moreso than her attempts at unarmed combat. She has trouble adjusting to the loss of range compared to her sword though, and her knives are usually a weapon of last resort.
  • Unarmed (Dabbler/Unskilled): Salvatrice is near hopeless at unarmed optime combat; she's familiar with the forms and movements of some unarmed fighting styles but can never quite make the theory work in practice. In her bipedal forms she is slightly better, but still below average.
  • Salvatrice's techniques for fighting larger, stronger foes generally rely on mobility. She struggles against stronger foes if caught flat-footed.
  • While inventive and able to adapt on the fly, Salvatrice is rather straight-laced about her fighting and will purposefully miss opportunities that might seem dishonourable unless she is desperate.
  • Salvatrice has a passing familiarity with various forms of weaponry; enough to make a solid hit with most weapons she lays her hands on, if not use them effectively in an extended fight.


  • Education and Learning: While neither particularly intelligent nor unintelligent Salvatrice has somewhat of a scholarly streak to her, finding reading a pleasant way to pass the time.
  • Literacy (Expert): Salvatrice is a fluent reader and writer of both English and Italian texts. She is a slow writer, but her handwriting is an impeccable cursive.
  • Writing (Apprentice): Like many avid readers, Salvatrice harbours a desire to produce her own writing. She lacks confidence to really make anything of what creative works she tries, though her journal is rather fluid and enjoyable to read if you can sneak it away from her (albeit heavily censored just in case it falls into Leonardo's hands).
  • Salvatrice tends to get very absorbed when reading and/or writing things that interest her. She is particularly fond of fantasy fiction, and diaries/journals written by explorers and travellers.
  • Salvatrice owns a beautifully preserved Dip Pen which she is very fond of. She also seems to be almost physically incapable of writing with it without staining her hands and arms with ink.

Crafts and Arts

  • Education and Learning: Whether in an attempt to build up and support her ladylike persona, out of necessity, or through genuine interest, Salvatrice has dabbled in various crafts and arts.
  • Singing (Skilled): Salvatrice has a pleasant voice, and is a decent singer to match her violin playing. Her singing voice is generally in a higher voice, suited more to slow songs, but she can also sing folk music or a sailor's shanty reasonably well.
  • Violin (Competent): Another pursuit taken up to mask her swordfighting and give Salvatrice an excuse to wander the city, though in this case Salvatrice actually took to the skill and enjoys it. She can perform decent renditions of several songs - a mixture of classical music and some more lively tunes picked up from sailors - read and write music, and can usually make something resembling a tune when freestyling. Salvatrice enjoys playing the violin and finds it a good way to calm herself, though she doesn't get as much time to practice as she would like.
  • Clothesmaking (Apprentice): Salvatrice knows her way around a needle well enough to repair her existing clothes, and to make simple clothing like ponchos and cloaks.
  • Salvatrice is a better singer in Italian than English.


  • Physical Conditioning (Expert): While her frame is small and lacks much natural strength, Salvatrice makes the most of what her body can offer. She has excellent stamina and coordination, and while still weaker than many, she is stronger than her size would suggest.
  • Movement (Skilled): Salvatrice is skilled at all sorts of different forms of movement, from running down targets through rough terrain to scaling old human buildings to swimming through rough waters, her work as a mercenary and vigilante have required her to be competent in many different environments.
  • Hunting (Competent): By no means a particularly skilled hunter or tracker, Salvatrice is competent enough to feed herself while travelling alone. She typically hunts smaller game with simple traps and thrown knives.
  • Horse Riding (Competent): Salvatrice is a reasonable horse-rider. She isn't comfortable with anything too complicated like fighting from horseback, but she can keep her balance when travelling at speed.


  • Perception (Expert): Bodyguarding and escort jobs were amongst the most common that Salvatrice took on while she was taking on Mercenary work, and so she has developed this skill. She is extremely perceptive to small movements around her, the body language and tells of others, and has an excellent spacial awareness of things behind her.
  • Low Speech (Competent): Salvatrice is more or less fluent in equine low speech, though she struggles to understand the specific dialect that many horses in North America speak as her own horse is European in origin.

4.2  Timeline


  • January: Salvatrice Airò was born in Acadia National Park, Maine. Her birth was intended to save the faltering relationship between her parents, but instead put more stress on their loveless flaws. Salvatrice quickly gravitated toward her father and big brother, childishly blaming her mother's temper for their unstable home.
  • May: Iniga and Leonardo's fights escalate into physical altercations, resulting in Leo eventually deciding to leave; tired of her hysterics and demands of him, and knowing full well he couldn't provide her with what she wanted. Salvatrice and Vedetta bid farewell to Iniga and leave her behind.
  • June: Leonardo and his kids return to his homeland of Italy. Vedetta and Leonardo take up physical labour, doing odd jobs within the port to support their family. Salvatrice shifts for the first time, and combats homesickness and culture shock in the merchant city.
  • July: Leonardo moves his family in with Rizzo Grassi-Knight, a new romantic interest. Rizzo became a female role model replacing Iniga, but Salvatrice comes to realize she takes after her mother's temperament more than she ever knew. She channels her passionate temper into secret fencing and swordplay in the streets of the city. She knows this is not what her father wants for her, and strives to be a proper lady when he and Rizzo are home.


  • February: Tennyson Knight and Desiderio Auditore were born. Salvatrice was happy to have little brothers, but was soon alienated by Rizzo's insistence on the Knight Clan traditions. She grows even more self conscious of her resemblance to her mother's demanding and hotblooded disposition, fearing her father would leave her behind as he had Iniga, or that she would one day be moved to strike and scar those she loved. She did not understand that Leonardo couldn't love Iniga or Rizzo because of their gender, not their flaws.
  • June: Leonardo, along with all four children, left Italy and sailed back to North America to find Sebastian, Leo's estranged brother. Rizzo stays in Italy, but bids them to seek out her brother Jazper so that he can give Tennyson and Desiderio a place among their heritage. Salvatrice is eager to return to the wilderness, but quietly determined not to give up on her swordsmanship.
  • August: The family arrived in Nova Scotia; Tennyson and Leonardo seek to join Casa di Cavalieri. Desiderio changed his mind and remains with Vedetta and Salvatrice, who explore the area and strike out as loners until their father's return. Salvatrice regains her confidence away from stifling city life, and takes up fencing again. She sees a chance to make her own life here which she couldn't have in Italy — this is when she decides to adopt a false name, Lucina.
  • November: A chance encounter with Hati Catori leads her to Cour des Miracles, but when her father does not return to her, Salvatrice elects not to stay in the area long.


  • Living under the name Lucina, Salvatrice spends the year on her own and does not join a pack. She takes some mercenary work and otherwise lives off the land, drifting along the coast as far south as Freetown. Unofficially she hopes for word of her mother - if Iniga still lives in Maine - but does not learn anything concrete.


  • Her family in Sapient suffers a loss; the youngest, Desiderio, is murdered at a diplomacy ball.