Sólieri Stormbringer

Sólieri Stormbringer is the only daughter of Lilin Soulstorm and Saul Stormbringer, the founding leaders of Vinátta. She was therefore born and raised in Vinátta, and remained loyal to her father after her mother abdicated rule and left their family in the spring of 2013. In early 2014, however, Sólieri was abducted by Machidael Lykoi — and despite the best efforts of her family, she was never found.

Sólieri Stormbringer

by Kiri



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Date of Birth

19 Sept 2012





Sól = 'sun'




Birth place





56.25% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
18.75% Arctic Wolf









  • Optime Hair: Tacha (#d9ba5f), highlighted with Sundance (#c7ae5e)
  • Eyes: Kashmir Blue (#48618F).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Driftwood (#a9944b)
    • Underbelly, legs, chest and muzzle Gray Nickel (#c4c4bf)

Art by Alaine

Sólieri holds a much lighter colouring than her brothers who are both draped in more earthy brown tones more typically associated with the Stormbringer family. A blanket of Driftwood (#a9944b) settles over her body, covering up most of the Gray Nickel (#c4c4bf) undercoat that breaks up this colour. A mask of husk settles on her face; fading around her eyes and across her cheeks but otherwise leaving the bottom half of her face a much lighter shade.

Alongside the golden brown on top, her paws are dipped in varying degrees of blonde; her front paws are coloured slightly more than the back paws. Sóli has inherited the typical Stormbringer eyes, though hers are a darker Kashmir Blue (#48618F). Although unafraid of rough and tumble play in her younger months, Sólieri's fur is soft and clean most of the time with longer silky wisps around her elbows and thighs when in her Lupus form. Her fur often starts to crimp slightly when drying and towards the base of her back, the fur becomes quite dense and crimped.

Build and Species

A child of two full blooded wolves, Sólieri displays the typical markers of one herself. The smallest of her siblings despite the full blood she has, Sólieri is by no means stocky. Like many of the males in her family including her brother, father and uncles, her strength is in wiry muscles and slim aerodynamics. There is a much more feminine quality to her posture, a delicate gait taught by her Aunt. While she isn't tall in any of her forms, she is sleek and powerful with obvious agility if not a physical strength that others in her family have. Despite her small stature, it can be noted that the girls legs make up most of her height and her body is not particularly long.





75 lbs (32 kg)
28 in (70 cm)

131 lbs (46 kg)
33 in (87 cm)

160 lbs (80 kg)
6ft 2in (72 in) (179 cm)

Slim and sleek in her lupus form, Sólieri has inherited her mothers build and takes after the typical wiry muscles of the males in her family. Considered fairly small in her lupus form, she is delicate and graceful without appearing to be weak. Full of energy, the girl retains agility and speed where others might have strength. Most of Sóli's height lies in her legs; although considered small she is not stocky and compact like some others.

A rarely used form but thankfully a little more bulky than her lupus form. She doesn't gain too much height, just five inches but her Secui form is perhaps the form she considers most powerful because of the added bulk. The fur around the back of her neck gets longer and a little lighter although no curls begin to show at the semi-mane she gains. She typically gains muscle mass around her shoulders, chest, neck and hips when she shifts.

Although the female is still growing and going through the stages of puberty that make the most changes to her Optime body, there is no denying that she is a beauty. Her light brown fur mostly covers her back while the gold on her legs lengthens to cover a lot more of her arms and legs. A soft and feminine body is apparent even if she is short in stature. Light blonde curls cascade over her shoulders and will likely grow down her back in waves, while a short fringe of blonde sits across her forehead.



  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars: None.


  • Sólieri has worn the customary Frithr necklace given to her on her Ausa Vatni and welcome into the pack. The following rune beads sit on either side of the miniature Thor's Hammer, to display her accomplishments in the pack.
Celebrate a Norse Holiday


  • A bright blue halter-topped dress, made for her by her Aunt Shiloh.


There is no denying that Sólieri is a headstrong and determined young girl. Unlike her oldest cousin, she does not appear particularly interested in femininity and instead prefers romping around, wrestling and playing with her brothers, cousins and the rest of the pack. A mischievous young girl, she likes to play pranks on her brothers and she doesn't appear to have much of a conscience in that regard. Fearless is definitely a word used to describe the girl accurately and she can become excitable and playful very easily. As a child, Sólieri is shaped primarily through her interactions and will constantly change.



  • Likes: Roughhousing, her brothers and cousins, her parents, Norse stories and stories in general, being outside.
  • Dislikes: Boring pups who won't play.


Excitable, fearless, knowledge-hungry

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, Dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral


  • Nothing


  • Her family, fun


  • Packs: Sólieri is only aware of Vinátta so far and has no opinion on others.
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: None
  • Gender: Sólieri does not yet understand the intricacies of belonging to two distinct genders.
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None
  • Age: None


She's a baby... no sex for her!




Sólieri is a firm believer in the Norse Religion of Vinátta and will grow into a devout follower of the old ways.



  • Volume: Often loud and brash, as the girl has little understanding of noise control.
  • Pronunciation: Still a little lisped but otherwise developing into normal speech.
  • Accent: None specifically.


  • Vinátta: Salt, Pine Needles, Wood Shavings
  • Stormbringer
  • Personal Scent: Unknown


Key Relations

  • Saul Stormbringer: Sólieri's father and probably her favourite parent. She loves her father very much and heeds his warnings and advise.

Family: Stormbringer, Soul, Sadira, Nasphrite, Dawnrunner

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Currently he has no dead or inactive relations.


  • Sóli lives with her parents and her brothers in the Stormbringer household in Jordheim. Currently she still shares a room with her brothers and the three regularly sleep in a heaped bundle of puppy fue.



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Born to Saul Stormbringer and Lilin Soulstorm in Vinátta, alongside her older brothers Lund and Rúni.

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