Sébastien Boucher

Sébastien Boucher

by Titmouse



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Date of Birth

04 July 2010











Birth place

Bayou du Chasseur?


60% Northeastern Coyote
40% Common Gray Wolf




Current pack Inferni
Current rank Tiro Bellum

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    2.   1.2  Modifications and Accessories
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1.  Appearance

Bass is a pretty princess yes he is. (I swear I'll update this shit <___>)

Clad in only three shades of dark brown, Bass and his siblings have a very simple appearance, which makes telling the boys apart a little harder if you haven't memorized their habits. With piercing eyes the color of blood, they look quite intimidating, especially Bass, who is the largest and bulkiest of the three. For Bass and his brother, their teeth all have a "rotting" appearance complete with dirty yellow colors, an unintentionally sinister look for them. The reason for this discoloration is quite unknown, possibly because of the local cuisine they grew up with. Bass himself dresses in a white wifebeater and overalls with the pant legs torn to the length of shorts and dyed a very dark blue color. He may, if he so chooses, to go without the clothes for hunting and camouflage purposes, where he sometimes covers himself in mud and moss and attempts (not always successfully) to wrestle alligators or crocodiles.

His possessions include a compound crossbow with a forest camo, complete with a rack for bolts on the underbarrel as well as a belt for extra storage, a confederate flag blanket, and a rosewood banjo for when he decides it's "time fer a good ol' fashioned hoedown". Other than that, he is almost always found with either a bottle of liquor in his hand (no doubt brewed by his sister) or a rolled cigarette in his mouth (also probably provided by his sister).

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Rarely used
  • Secui: Sometimes used
  • Optime: Heavily used

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

2.  Personality

The youngest of the Boucher triplets, Bass is most notably the least intelligent, usually speaking simply and with many grammatical errors. More often than not, half of his sentences are composed of slang words native to the bayou on which he and his siblings were raised. He has limited reading skills, though most of his words are spelled wrong in a child-like fashion and with rather horrendous penmanship. Even though he may be the dumbest, it doesn't take away from the fact that he is certainly an avid huntsman and wrangler, his specialty being the alligator of course. The banjo is his musical instrument of choice when playing with his siblings.

He takes after most of his family in that he dislikes the idea of homosexuality, seeing it as disgusting or just plain weird. Bass has the tendency to not really like being around anyone not raised on a bayou, the culture difference making it hard for him to socialize since all he talks about is hunting alligators or some other potentially deadly creature. He is a huge fan of "dangerous" challenges and will likely be dumb enough to make a far fetched bet that he can do whatever is deemed impossible or incredibly dangerous. These moments tend to be preceded by the phrase "Y'all hold m'beer".

3.  Relationships

To be updated eventually

4.  Family

To be updated eventually.

Immediate Family

5.  History

Born in Bayou du Chasseur, LA alongside two triplet siblings, Buckshot and Voodoo, Sébastien was the lastborn in the litter of three. Strangely enough, he has the most normal name out of the three, although that changed pretty quickly with the adoption of the nickname Bass. The three of them had a tendency to either cause their parents some amount of grief or be regular nuisances to their neighbors. Each of them had their niche of expertise, Bass' notably being the brawn and huntsman, apparently letting his brother and sister have his share of brains. Their parents, both coyote mixes themselves, instilled quite a lot of ideas into their impressionable little heads, most of them being conservative and ignorant. Because of this, Bass and his siblings share mostly the same views on many subjects. As they got older, they still stayed together even with all their differences as siblings. The triplets decided to move further north after flooding and other factors reduced the prey population in the area, not bringing their parents with them. Their familial ties have kept hem together, despite the massive amount of bickering that goes on within the trio. Codependency essentially got them all the way to Nova Scotia.