Ryu Itou 糸龍

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Ryu Itou is the son of Chishio Itou and Kaede Arakaki, born outside of Nova Scotia alongside his twin brothers Rei Itou and Ran Itou. Ryu was almost the runt of the litter; with Rei being further smaller and weaker than him. Whilst he survived the first few months of life along with his brothers, he along with Rei, were exiled from their pack at the time on the basis that they were too weak to contribute to the pack.

Cillian BrĂ¡daigh

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Date of Birth

11th November 2011




Birth place

Around Southern Quebec






Mate None
Rank Seigneur
Co-Rank None




  • Species: Predominantly wolf like in his appearance, his dog heritage shows a little in his legs and slimness of his tail.
  • Fur: His pelt is coarse and short, somewhere between the dense, soft pelt of a wolf and the short, hard fur of his dog mother.
    • Optime Hair: When in optime form, the Wolfdog often styles his hair with whatever natural wax or stick substance that is around and works, creating a rather voluminous and spiky look, separating his hair as much as possible into it's respective colour groups to further give himself a unique appearance.
  • Facial Features: His face is that of a wolf completely.
  • Build and Size: Ryu is small and slim built, appearing rather androgynous although not as feminine or small as Rei. More leg then anything else, Ryu's limbs are incredibly notable and delicate looking.
  • Humanization: Average. View Accessories for further details.


  • Fur:
    • Predominantly Bison Hide, flecked with darker and lighter patches of grey and cream.
  • Markings:
    • Face markings and streaks through the cream are Sirocco; rings under his eyes and nose strip being dominant markings.
    • Back back markings are Cape Cod, extending slightly down the back of his hind legs.
  • Eyes: Iron grey.
  • Optime Hair: A combination of Donkey Brown, Schooner & Desert Storm, with lighter markings on his right side.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Both black.


Iron (#ced3d5)
Desert Storm (#f1f0ef)
Swirl (#d6cfca)
Bison Hide (#bfb29a)
Donkey Brown (#a09278)
Schooner (#938c89)
Sirocco (#747979)
Cape Cod (#333636)


35 lbs (16 kg)
22 in (56 cm)


When in Lupus form, Ryu appears simply like a smaller wolf; his pelt is a mix of grey and cream, the pattern distinctly wolf like and wild.

145 lbs (66 kg)
33 in (84 cm)


Gaining bulky around his neck and legs, Ryu is heavily built at the front although still manages to look somewhat in proportion.

155 lbs (70 kg)
5 ft 6 in (162 cm)


Standing a little below average height, he appears genderless with little muscle tone or distinction. Limbs appear elongated and delicate.



  • Piercings: None, although he may have gotten some during his time off board!
  • Tattoos: None, although he may have obtained some by now!
  • Scars:
    • Currently, none.


  • When in optime form he wears a tattered pair of black/grey cargo shorts that are worn and full of holes.
  • Like the rest of the male Itous, Ryu was given a metal necklace upon his birth, his mother having learnt of the family tradition through Chishio in idle conversation.
  • A belted pair of Tantō; Ryu is particularly lethal with the weapons.
  • A sling bag. He keeps an assortment of herbs and items within.



Something Here, Something Here, Something Here & Something Here

If one where to see him from a distance, or at a glance, it might be said that he's a passive fellow; somber and sedate besides a sharp tongue and the occasional dry remark. Ryu is seemingly but a cool and quiet natured audience, distant, one easily inclined to the natural ambiguity of disciplined actions and little speech. He draws some enjoyment from playing upon, and honing in on the weakness of others, possessing a particularly keen eye for rage and greed, though he's hardly impervious to anger himself. Only direct strikes upon a few things call it forth; being reminded of his own physical disparity, rejection, and familial shame. With these occurrence he becomes thoughtlessly vengeful with wrath, seemingly slower to anger than siblings and only lashing out at the pinnacle of his rage, but with a fury no lessened because of this. His anger is the sort to fester and simmer bitterly, and grudges are, more often than not, maintained with an almost obsessive fervor.



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Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling

  • Outlook: Optimistic/pessimistic?
  • Expression: Extroverted/introverted, dominant/submissive?
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Failure, mockery, powerlessness


  • Power, control, progeny


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Family: Itou


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Drawn to Kaede's pack by it's name and the humour he found in it, Chishio approached the pack and encountered one Kaede Arakaki; the female behind the name of a pack. Kaede was a very distant decent of a Japanese Wolf x American Wolf at some point in her history, her parents choosing to give her a Japanese to reflect the distant heritage. Intrigued by a non-japanese female baring such a name, Chishio found himself intrigued by her and after his interest waned he left, Kaede discovering she was pregnant shortly after his departure.

The litter was born, 11/11/11 and much to the horror of Kaede, two of the three pups; Rei and Ryu were born runts and exceptionally weak bodied. After months of dedicated care, the two runts succeeded in fighting of the worst of their diseases and problems and began to live normal lives. Then their home pack decided they were too weak, exiling them for their incapacity to be efficient hunters; unwilling to leave the two alone, Ran followed with them and the three began to seek out other family members from the information their mother provided them.



  • November: Born last of his litter, both Rei and Ryu were weak bodied runts.
  • December: After a month of touch and go, Rei and Ryu's health began to look better and better.


  • February: Finally it appeared that both Rei and Ryu were past the worst of their initial health problems, both pups beginning to gain more weight, as well as being more active each day.
  • March: During the middle of a play fight with Ran, Rei received a small injury that bled profusely; one of the first indications that he had blood problems.
  • July: Upon reaching what was considered adulthood by their pack, Rei and Ryu were exiled on the basis they were nothing more than a drain on the families resources
  • September: Following their mothers words, they sought out the settlement Kaiho Suiiki?, established by Asuka Itou & Hideki Itou; the place their father had informed their mother, that they would be able to find family there; arriving shortly after Ren, Miwa, Aphrodite? and her mate Akihiro had left for Japan.
  • October: Settling in, the large gathering of Itous began to bond and grew familiar with each other.
  • December: Rin Itou leaves the family home.


  • February: Rin returns back to the family home.
  • March: Ren & Miwa returned back to the family on his own and began to live with them once again.
  • May: During the dead of night, Aoi Itou and Alaki begin to argue, resulting in her father having a mental lapse and killing Aoi, leaving her body beside Ren as the he slept. Miwa Itou, who witnessed the events, wakes the children and all of them leave. Ren, Miwa and Ryo heading of to find Tsubasa and Peregrine, whilst Rei, Ran, Ryu and Rin head of for parts unknown.
  • June: With only scarce belongings, the group of four resorted to theft; although something went wrong, resulting in the group scattering.
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