Rizzo Grassi-Knight (ADOPTABLE)

Rizzo is currently up for adoption.

Please contact Melissa if you are interested in adopting her.

Rizzo Grassi-Knight was born to Ares Knight and Bella Grassi, and is an illegitimate member of the Knight clan. She is the half-sister of Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, and mother of Tennyson Knight and Desiderio Auditore.


  • Eyes: Driftwood (#B47B44)
  • Fur:
    • Lighter underbelly, tail tip, paws and face markings are Catskill White (#E9ECF4)
    • Coat ranges from Heathered Gray (#BBA793) to Twine (#C48C54)
    • Brindle markings and mask consist of Merlin (#3C3732) to Shark (#191A1B)


Rizzo was born to Ares Knight and a mongrel dog by the name of Bella Grassi. Due to her dog heritage, Rizzo and her mother were kept a secret from the Knight Clan out of fear that the traditionalist pure wolf clan would cull the child. Rizzo was taught about the Knight Clan's traditions and religion by her father Ares, before she grew into adulthood and left to explore Europe and find herself. After her mother's passing, Rizzo was surprised to learn she had a sizable inheritance, and settled in a high class merchant city in Italy to claim the abandoned Grassi estate.

Over time she garnered the affections of a working man from a noble family, Leonardo Auditore, and conceived a litter with him. She was happily able to pass on her cultural heritage to her wolf-dominant sons, Tennyson and Desiderio, and acted as stepmother to his older offspring, Vedetta and Salvatrice. She financed their sea voyage to seek out her long lost half-brother Jazper Knight, in hopes that they would be able to reclaim a spot among the Knights that was taken from her due to her dog lineage. However, Rizzo remained in Italy, sensing that Leonardo did not truly love her and did not want her to come along.

Family: Knight


Rizzo's lineage is half Scottish wolf, half mixed breed dog, but she draws much of her looks from her Italian mother. Her appearance is why she could never join her ancestral home in Scotland, but she has come to embrace her mother's European aristocracy instead, and carries herself with assured classiness worthy of a cotillion. She is comfortably wealthy in Italy and can afford fine garments and jewelry to accentuate her femininity. Her light brown fur is brindled with dark stripes, and a dark mask cloaks her muzzle and eyes. This contrasts with the "Irish white" pattern that marks her paws, tail tip, underbelly, chest, and nose stripe. Her eyes are a friendly brown that appear a warm orange in the sunlight.