Rivage Figueroa

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  • We would prefer an experienced 'Souls roleplayer to take on this character (no new players for this one, sorry!)
  • We anticipate sensitivity and respect when roleplaying aspects of this character.
    • Exploration of gender identity and aspects of stress-related trauma should be played tactfully and not utilized for shock value purposes.
  • Character must stay in Del Cenere Gang indefinitely.
  • Character has the following intended personality:
    • Pragmatic, straightforward, and unwilling to mince their words
    • Aloof and has difficulty with their own vulnerability, and is prone to overcompensation and competitiveness; but is not overtly unkind
    • Tough and opinionated. Circumspect.
    • Suffers from aspects of PTSD from past traumas. This may exacerbate their frequent exhaustion, stemming from childhood weakness and illness.
  • Character has the following intended skillsets:
    • Combat Training (Unarmed & Player's weapon of choice)
    • Logging & Carpentry
    • Ferrying

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Profile Forum Profile Adopt Me! Rivage Figueroa
by Despi

Player: You?
Creator(s): Dale, Despi
Nickname(s): River, Riv
Birthplace: Knockemstiff
Date of Birth: 2 Jan 2019
Sex: Male

  • Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them

Species: Hybrid (Luperci Ortus) 1

Rank: Rank

  • --

Animal NPC:

  • --

OOC Assumptions
Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • ... Having general non-specific conversation - "Hi, how are you" type conversations.
  • ... Up to Adopter!

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  1.   1.  Synopsis
  2.   2.  Appearance
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Relationships

1.  Synopsis

Rivage Figueroa (ne. Seth Figueroa) grew up as many young boys had - spending much of their time bickering, wrestling, fighting, and lauding undeserved bravado to jockey for the admiration of their peers.

Born into the pitifully small community of Knockemstiff, Ohio, Rivage was born to a great number of siblings shared between Spanish immigrant, Desiderio Figueroa, and Eliza Black. The household was crowded with squabbling children - all congregated beneath a singular roof; There was always want, need, and gaping deficiencies when it came to the teaching and care to the youngest of the bunch. With the sheer volume of litters bore in her life, Eliza frequently relied on parentification (the act of children rearing children) to manage her brood, or was otherwise frequently indisposed to drink, tobacco, or work, and bouts of stress and irritation. This litter proved her last with the whelps' frequent bouts of health problems, and an infection of her own - when Rivage and their litter was hardly weaned, Eliza passed on from mastitis, leaving older siblings, Desiderio, and Uncle Régulo to continue on without her.

Even with many eyes abound, siblings of all ages managed to slip through mortality's cracks - be it ailing health, injury, accidents with the family's profession in river driving, or other circumstances which took them, the loss of family while young hardened Rivage to the nature of life. These were lessons - serious ones - which they brought with them in many aspects of their life as they grew. While Rivage never picked up on their father's native tongue, they took to the trade of logging and river driving well post shift, and handled it with care. In the dead of night, however, a few months after Rivage's first birthday, Desiderio and Régulo vanished away into the night, and left the emotionally stunted children stranded to their own devices.

Having grown distant from their siblings and jaded by the impermanence of relationships, Rivage set out into the world, taking up with a mercenary band and honing the combat they had dabbled in when it came to competing with siblings into a more practiced art. It wasn't until this point that they had much of an opportunity to explore aspects of their own identity, nor ideals; and, after a violent collapse of the mercenary band, Rivage abandoned their prior life, shed their name, and began anew in an effort to heal and make peace with themselves.

2.  Appearance


Broad-shouldered and built with the veneers of strength; however, the illusion falls flat given their utter lack of endurance. Prone to frequent bouts of exhaustion, Rivage was born a runt, and grew up frequently ill, and only overcame the likes of this through bull-headed determination that came with maturity. No longer so driven to compete and prove their past folly and misgivings towards machismo, Rivage has let herself grow softer and focuses less on high-stress and high-maintenance musculature for the comfortable and sustainable, and sits and a middling weight with just a little cushion.

They border on the more feminine edges of androgyny, but overtly flowery and dainty fashions overwhelm her sensibilities and fluster her.

  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Calculated movement. Frequently needs to take momentary breaks, however, and is quick to tire.
  • Posture and Body Language: Solid and strong - like an oak. Unflappably confident.
  • Scent: Agarwood, meadow sweet, tobacco flower, sage
  • Scars: Severed tail. Gouges on right forearm, tattered left ear, claw-mark scars and nicks on the right side of her face. Thickly calloused hands.
  • Gear
    • Clothing: Simple, and practical. Not averse to nudity.
    • Accessories: Bandanas to serve as headbands - silver earrings (six total, four studs and two hoops). Appreciates simple jewelry and colorful beads, though is prone to losing such objects.
Palette and Build
Fur Palette
(#2E2E2E) (#7A5439) (#696953)
(#9E9E8A) (#D3D2C0)
Eyes, Scars & Nose
(#4B6879) (#393029) (#121010)

45 lbs (20.5 kg) — 25 in (63.5 cm)


110 lb (50 kg) — 40 in (101.5 cm)


180 lb (81.6 kg) — 5 ft 11 in (71 in) (180.3 cm)

By Despi

3.  Personality


Up to the Adopter - however, per our Contract section, the character is intended to have the following personality:

  • Pragmatic, straightforward, and unwilling to mince their words
  • Aloof and has difficulty with their own vulnerability, and is prone to overcompensation and competitiveness; but is not overtly unkind
  • Tough and opinionated. Circumspect.
  • Suffers from aspects of PTSD from past traumas. This may exacerbate their frequent exhaustion, stemming from childhood weakness and illness.

Assertive and expressive, alert and wary, there is a heavy weight to this character's being. Their words are as blunt as a stone club; their emotions are so present that they radiate into a room. They don't need to speak to make their message clear - a glance or motion are enough, most of the time. Aloof and philosophical, the severe expression they always carry hides an idealistic heart. They are stern and slow to trust others, but they believe in a better world and one's personal honor. They want to be hospitable and generous despite their frigid moments, and value open-mindedness. They can affectionate in their own tough way, and are loyal and truthful to a fault. Compromise isn't an option when it comes to their beliefs and morals, but otherwise, they are very willing to debate and barter. They are quietly aware how hypocritical they are in their more judgmental moments.

The character is intended to have the following skillsets:

  • Combat Experience (weapon of adopter's choice & unarmed)
  • Logging and carpentry experience, and some experience in ferrying.

Despite her father being from Spain, Rivage never learned Spanish - and only seems to know small slang terms or nicknames like 'perrito'.

  • Demeanor: Guarded, apprehensive, down-to-earth
  • Speech: Borders on midland and southern US dialects, subtly twanging; frequently drops g's on verbs and shortens phrases per Midwestern phrases (ex. moun'n for mountain | goin' for going | coulda for could have) and e's regularly take on intonation of 'i' (ex. pen and ten become pin and tin)
  • Sexuality: --
  • Outlook: --
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Chaotic Neutral leanings.
Shall not kill the innocent, though it can't be helped if the innocent are injured by accident or from their own folly.
Shall not lie, for lies are addictive and a terrible habit to get into.
Shall pursue pleasure, but their conscience is fairly good at reining them in before they go too far with the idea.
Shall help the needy, but sometimes it comes with a lot of reluctance and grumbling on their part.
Shall not betray others, but it can't be helped if others perceive something as a betrayal when it was never meant to be. Specific wording exists for a reason!

4.  Relationships

Immediate Family (Black, Figueroa)

Unknown relations indicated by *

  • Mother: Eliza Black
  • Father: Desiderio Figueroa
  • Siblings:
    • Older: Lillian, Chantelle, Alice, Ibrahim, Lewis, Marcel, Keaton, Lachlan, Scarlet, Kane, Calvin
    • Littermates: Mitchell, Joel, Eugene, Esther, Shane
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None
Extended Family
  • Aunts & Uncles: Régulo Figueroa, Paula Black *, Arabella Black *
  • Cousins: :) Likely a few~

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1 34.375% European Jackal, 25% Northeastern Coyote, 12.5% Plains Coyote, 12.5% Dog (Landrace breeds, shepherd, cattle dog, collie, et al.), 6.25% Iberian Wolf, 6.25% Eastern Timber Wolf, 3.125% Italian Wolf