Rikaine del Veir

Rikaine del Veir

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Date of BirthApril 16, 2008
Date of DeathApril 16, 2019
Age11 years


Familydel Veir
Birth placePieco pack, British Columbia
Subspecies50% Interior Alaskan Wolf
50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf

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Joining date
Previous Rank(s)

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Joining dateApril 16, 2008
Previous RankPuppy, Subordinate
SignificanceBirthpack, member

Rikaine del Veir is the son of Quinnia Sper and Vaelen del Veir. He was born in to the Pieco pack in British Columbia, but was exiled and fled to 'Souls.

He died in April 2019.

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1.  History

1.1  Pack Information

Rikaine was born in the Pieco pack in northern British Columbia. In Pieco, the wolves scorned the luperci and created a fake haven for themselves. They scorned their instincts and fought for their privacy from the other nearby wolf packs. In Pieco, they claimed a large swath of land and were defended by a lower caste of soldiers. These soldiers had been raised from birth and trained to defend Pieco with their lives. Particularly notable soldiers could eventually marry into Pieco, but this was rare and a source of motivation for the other remaining soldiers.

Rikaine was born into a fairly standard family. Although there was a sense of nobility in his pack, it wasn't strictly defined. The system of government was highly decentralized because the actual number of wolves living in the pack was low. Since the swaths of land was so large, wolves made their dens far away from one another. They met only to hunt and only did this within their territory. Rikaine was a standard hunter: it was an instinct accepted in his society. However, other instincts, such as physical contact, were scorned. The wolves loathed physical forms of submission and therefore, preferred the only form of submission to include lowering the head, eyes, and tail; and in more extreme cases, exposing one's belly. However, licking the muzzle of one's superior was considered highly offensive.

Pieco society was highly structured despite its decentralization. Through a complex system of ethics, values, and mores, the idea of piousness dominated one's life.

The group collectively made decisions and decisions were binding. Punishments usually included something demeaning, such as physical contact with a soldier. Soldiers were trained to understand the values of Pieco, but distinguish that while such behaviour was to be coveted, they were not clean enough to adhere to this rigorous set of morality. So, if one had committed a crime, they would be sent to live with the soldiers. For particularly heinous crimes, one would be exiled from the pack. The pack, knowing that their methods were different from those around them, understood that properly-conditioned wolves would not be able to survive outside and would likely perish. They saw the outside packs as unworthy of entrance into Pieco and therefore, being banished from the pack was the highest punishment because it likened the banishee to the status of non-pack wolves. Essentially, it meant they were worthless, baseless, and useless.

Childbearing was seen to be one of the greatest sacrifices a wolf could make for the pack. Sexual urges were repressed. Since the wolves of Pieco were actually luperci (but also scorned this ability), they did not have the same monthly cycles of heat/ reproduction as normal wolves did. So, female wolves were trained from birth to repress any urges they might have. Male wolves were trained to ignore their own. Homosexuality was also discouraged because sex for the sake of sex was impious. Mates were chosen by the group to develop strong physical traits (therefore, mates were assigned). They would only mate for children and only once or twice in their lifetime. A small litter of puppies was considered a blessing. Childbearing was only seen to be acceptable when demanded by the group. Therefore, rape was the worst crime a packmember could commit and the punishment was hobbling (such as mutilating the victim by way of destroying their eyes or making one leg inoperable) and then banishment.

1.2  History

Rikaine fled from his pack during a revolution led by the soldiers against the inner circle of Pieco. But before these events, Rikaine had been banished to live with the soldiers after taking pleasure in sex. When he was there, he foolishly explained how well the wolves inside lived and how they profited from the soldiers' hard work. He was eventually allowed to return to the inner circle of Pieco, but word got out that he had mentioned things to the soldiers. In a very secretive society, this was a huge allegation and he was charged with treason. He was to be exiled from the pack when the soldiers attacked. He got caught up in the fray and the soldiers thought he was a part of the Inner Circle, while wolves of the Inner Circle thought he was one of the soldiers. Rikaine didn't know where he stood and had to fight off attackers from both sides. Since the Inner Circle loathed to get their paws dirty, they were able to use soldiers still loyal to them to fend off the revolutionary soldiers.

He was attacked and believed to be dead:

When I came to myself, monsieur, I was in a position and an atmosphere of which I could give you no idea if I talked till to-morrow. The little air there was to breathe was foul. I wanted to move, and found no room. I opened my eyes, and saw nothing. The most alarming circumstance was the lack of air, and this enlightened me as to my situation. I understood that no fresh air could penetrate to me, and that I must die. This thought took off the sense of intolerable pain which had aroused me. There was a violent singing in my ears. I heard—or I thought I heard, I will assert nothing—groans from the world of dead among whom I was lying. Some nights I still think I hear those stifled moans; though the remembrance of that time is very obscure, and my memory very indistinct, in spite of my impressions of far more acute suffering I was fated to go through, and which have confused my ideas.
— Le Colonel Chabert

The pack moved on without him and he tracked the pack down two years later. It had taken him just over one and a half years to recover from his wounds and another half a year to track down his pack. Pieco moved northeast, to the border of Alberta and the Northwest Territories to what was once called Wood Buffalo National Park. Once he returned, no one believed that it was him -- and refused to believe it. As a traitor and a pervert, he was no longer wanted in the pack. Moreover, his wounds were so gruesome that no one wanted to be around him because they were so disgusting. He discovered that his previous mate, Galennia, had been assigned a new mate after he had been declared dead. He was chased out of the new pack and eventually found his way to 'Souls.

1.3  Threads


2.  Personality

Very moralistic, with a strong disposition to authoritative rule, Rikaine has little concept of individualistic notions of the "self". He is very ideological and judgmental.


GalenniaLoved her very much, sad he had to leave her. Bittersweet memories.


PiecoAlthough he once loved his pack very much, he is horribly conflicted and does not know whether to hate or to love them (and their morals and values).


Soldiers of PiecoRikaine believes that their actions were unwarranted and maintains that as the lower class, they should have been subservient and compliant.

3.  Relationships

Rikaine has complex and mixed emotions about different groups. Although he strongly believes in the ideals and morality of the Pieco pack, he feels betrayed for being cast out. He does not think his actions were wrong and thinks that his exile was unjust. Nonetheless, he resents them and can never return because his pride demands he forsake them.

3.1  Family

Members of Pieco did not know his parents, as puppies were removed from their parents shortly after their birth. Although Rikaine has very vague memories and is quite certain who his parents were, mostly from deduction, they did not raise them and he does not see 'parents' in the same way another might. He does not realize that he has a brother, Hasau del Veir, who was born shortly after the chaos of the revolution.

  • Spir + del Veir

Immediate Family

  • Parents — Quinnia Spir and Vaelen del Veir
  • Littermates — Hasau del Veir
  • Former mate — Galennia Haan

Sizing Chart





107 lbs
(48 kg)

32 in
(82 cm)


154 lbs
(70 kg)

38 in
(96 cm)


180 lbs
(82 kg)

5ft 11in (71 in)
(180 cm)

Prefers lupus form.

4.  Appearance

Rikaine is a somewhat large wolf. His physique is likened more to that of a strongman.

His coat is dominated by dark, earthy tones. The uppermost layer of his coat is a deep english walnut brown and below is a blueish ebony clay blue-grey. His underbelly, neck, and chin are a grey. Sprinkled throughout this are varying shades of grey. His eyes are a pale gold sand.

His head is a massive knot of scar tissue; however, this is mostly covered by thick fur. With close inspection, or when the wind shifts his fur, massive scarring is visible, where he sustained considerable trauma to the head during a fight.