Rei (糸零)

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Art by Felidre@DA

The result of a fleeting relationship, Rei is the youngest son of Chishio and Kaede. Born a sickly runt, Rei grew up in a rather sheltered and spoiled manner; doted on both by his mother and his over protective older brother Ran. However, this lifestyle was short lived. Deemed a nuisance and drain upon the packs resources, he along with his middle brother Ryu were exiled, with Ran following them of their own free will.

Upon their mothers parting advice, they sought out their Itou heritage, quickly getting drawn into the games and infighting their Japanese relatives are so fond of playing. Upon the death of their cousin, Aoi, Rei and his siblings fled, eventually getting separated. Unable to survived for long on his own, Rei joined Cercatori d'Arte, hoping that by remaining in one place that his siblings would find him.

It was as a member there that Rei met Alder, the two becoming fast friends and Rei developing a crush upon the noble male, leading to him striking out on his own and moving to Cour des Miracles to be closer to the subject of his affections. The two became fast friends and then lovers, having their first litter with the aid of a surrogate, Rei and Alder are fathers to Acacia, Argan, Silverbell, Walnut and Willow.

Rei died [M] on the 12th of December, committing planned suicide [M] with Alder at his side, after suffering from an unknown disease for some time.







  • Date of Birth: 11th November 2011
  • Date of Death: 12th December 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Log Cabin, Cour des Miracles
  • Mate: Alder
  • Pack: Cour des Miracles (21st April 2014)
  • Rank: Count (22nd Dec 2014)
    • Co-Rank: Medic (22nd Dec 2014)
  • Pronunciation:
    • 'r ai'
    • 'ee - t oh'
  • Nickname: 'Chibi'
  • Epithet: 'The Runt'
  • Etymology:
    • "zero" - Japanese
    • "thread; yarn; string" - Japanese


  • None



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Cour des Miracles members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Rei working in the pack gardens, trying to revive and tidy up the place.
  • Alder and Rei living together in their little cabin.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: What species is your character? Which do they resemble most? Is it apparent they are a hybrid by looking at (smelling?) them?
  • Fur: What kind of fur do they have? Long? Thick? Short? Wavy? Purple and dreadlocked (no)? No color info over here.
    • Optime Hair: What about their Optime hair? Remember, no color over here.
  • Facial Features: What does their face look like?
  • Build and Size: Are they tall or short? Lean or chubby? How do they carry themselves -- confidently and proudly, or humbly and unassured?
    • Lupus: What does their Lupus form look like? I guess you could stick a Secui section under here.
    • Optime: How about Optime?
  • Humanization: Describe the level of humanization your character has, e.g.: Often wears Accessories.

Reference Sheet


Cape Cod (#384443)
Casal (#2b6e5c)
Iron (#dfe2e5)
Submarine (#b4bec4)
Gray Chateau (#9a9fa2)
Shark (#242525)
Zeus (#1d1917)

1.2  Forms


20 lbs (9 kg)18 in (46 cm)
Hugging tight to his form, his pelt highlights the males thin body, making him appear more feminine the masculine, his ribs show a little and his legs appear fragile and delicate. His fur is only ample in the area around his neck, in particular the back of his neck.


115 lbs (52 kg)28 in (71 cm)
Unlike other secui, Rei simply looks like a more healthy lupus then anything, although his legs appear even more fragile in this form since they are elongated. The fur around his neck darkens and becomes more brittle to the touch.


130 lbs (59 kg)5ft 4in (163 cm)
Small and delicate, his optime form is feminine and androgynous, curves where there should be solid lines of muscle. The hair around his neck that was brittle and knotted turns into a mess of long dreadlocks, wild and untameable.

1.3  Other

Medical Notes

  • Weak Immune System: Prone to picking up common diseases and struggles to fight them off. As such he doesn't accept anything of strangers, avoids contact with others, all food is cooked and he suffers from a near compulsive need to clean himself excessively.
  • Fragile Bones: Not only is Rei exceptionally small compared to his siblings, his bones are weak and can easily take damage or fracture. As such, he requires a greater amount of calcium in his diet although he is not aware of this fact.
  • Mild Haemophilia: Rei suffers from 'Haemophilia A', which is an inherited deficiency where the blood struggles to clot, due to a lack of clotting factor VIII. Rei possess around between 25–40% of normal levels of active clotting factors and as doesn't suffer too much in everyday life. Bruises can cause internal bleeding and cuts and scrapes bleed for a prolonged period of time. He can suffer from common bleeds in his joints, muscles and digestive tract. Scabs also are prone to re-opening and bleeding again.


  • Like the rest of the male Itous, Rei was given a metal necklace upon his birth, his mother having learnt of the family tradition through Chishio in idle conversation.


  • A 'scavenged' pair of shorts from one of the wolfdogs mysterious trips, they are worn and torn all over.
  • a simple triangle scarf adornes his neck.


  • Speech: Rei's speech is soft, with a slight stutter at times. His voice is subtly high for a male; similar to a feminine sounding low tone - almost sultry at times.
  • Scent: Itou (Rain / Damp Earth / Ironwood), Floral (Swamp Rose) and Mixed Herbs
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Overly feminine gestures; although he is adamant that he does no such things.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Rei often appears highly timid and nervous around strangers. He has knee jerk reaction and generally responds badly/aggressively when a stranger tries to touch him or gets too close.


2.  Personality

The Medic, Beware the Nice Ones, Self-Deprecation & Neat Freak

Cautious of anything unknown, whether it be a simple object or a stranger, Rei is perhaps a touch sheltered and ignorant of the world, having spent much of his life in solitude or in the company of family alone. Many things that are common sense to others, are completely new to him; his sheltered youth has also left him with a rather spoilt attitude, which resulted in him being used to others providing for him. Hesitation shadows his every move and every thought, stemmed from a fear of disease and injury; to strangers his actions may appear as if he is disinterested or plain cold, such responses are nothing more than to keep others away from him.

Despite his fragile, delicate appearance, Rei is still masculine at his core; he has a huge amount of pride, a need to prove himself and his capabilities, as well as a desire to look after others. Unable to fight or display power in any quantity, Rei is an avid medic, constantly learning and expanding upon his skills. With a patient within his care and something to fix, Rei’s confidence grows, the runt stubborn, bossy and generally disgruntled.

Rei has been known to show a strong sense of justice, a belief in right and wrong, in heroes and villains. Stubborn, he can grow fixated over things and is prone to not watching his words at times, opting to vocalize his thoughts rather than confine them, so long as he is amongst familiar company or particularly worked up over a matter. Like much of his family, he does have a short temper, which explodes in screaming and shouting, never physical violence; always one to flee, rather than fight if things seem like they are about to get rough, in an attempt to avoid damage to his body. This said, the washed out merle has been known to often go of on his own, often stumbling his way unknowingly into trouble.

Organization and hygiene are also key controlling factors to his nature, since he is almost at an obsessive compulsive disorder level in both areas. Personal hygiene is a big deal to him and those who are unclean are treated with horror and disdain by him.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: A list of single or few-worded interests: e.g., horses, animal husbandry, leather-working, hunting, howling, running, jumping, playing, begetting a vast number of progeny, etc.
  • Dislikes: A list of single or few-worded dislikes


Drama-Queen, Dependent, Innocent, Stubborn, Childish

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Nervous/Hesitant/Scared
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil


  • Disease: Due to his weak body and limited immune system, Rei greatly fears diseases of any kind.
  • Blood: Blood from animals & canines, himself included, makes the male feel light headed. Since blood, to him, never means something good.
  • Lack of hygiene: A total clean freak, he has a obsessive compulsive disorder about being clean and his stuff being clean.


  • Self Preservation: Due to his constant state of sickness, Rei makes a point to provide for himself and protect himself, not wanting others to coddle him.
  • Family: Whilst the vast majority of them do his head in, he is exceptionally protective and loving towards family members.


  • Packs: Whilst he has no strong dislike of a pack, he is aware of packs that his family have bad blood with.
  • Species: Currently Rei possess no biases towards species.
  • Non-Luperci: Whilst no a huge deal, he doesn't understand non-luperci and views them as unnatural.
  • Gender: Finds touch or affection shown towards him by a female distasteful and uncomfortable.
  • Color: Like most Itous, Rei is inclined to dislike pure white wolves and is grateful for his black markings.
  • Sexuality: Due to his upbringing, Rei views every type of relationship as natural and good.
  • Age: Currently Rei possess no biases towards age.


  • Kinsey 6: "Exclusively homosexual"
  • Homosexual: Women are 'icky' to him and their appeal completely lost on him.
  • Nervous Approacher: Exceptionally shy about feelings and sex.

Rei has never allowed himself to form close ties with anyone else and struggles to come to terms with attachment to others; it intimidates him and he fears rejection, so rarely pursues any emotion.


  • Cautious: Substances have a greater effect on him and his body, making the Itou less inclined to partake any substances. If and when he does, it is in small doses, within a controlled environment with someone he trusts.
  • Self-Medicate: Often he takes various herbs and concoctions in an attempt to self medicate.


  • Atheistic: Does not believe in god(s) and finds the concept of gods a waste of time/is disinterested in religion as a whole.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Itou

3.2  Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • Alder: Rei's roommate, best friend and lover. Rei has a romanticized concept of Alder, which has turned into a deep routed, although not by any means realistic, affection and hero worship.
  • Ran Itou: His older brother whom has always been there for him; his protector, his best friend, the one who provided for him and kept him alive. Ran is Rei's touchstone, the person he goes to for everything and anything.
  • Ryu Itou: The middle sibling, Ryu has a love-hate relationship with Ryu, although he finds that Ryu is easier to convince to agree to a dumb idea then Ran.
  • Mara Savoy through a variety of encounters, the pair hit it off and began to form a strange and at times questionable friendship.
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Minor Relations

Combat Log

  • Win: None.
  • Draw: None.
  • Loss: None.

4.  History

Drawn to Kaede's pack by it's name and the humour he found in it, Chishio approached the pack and encountered one Kaede Arakaki; the female behind the name of a pack. Kaede was a very distant decent of a Japanese Wolf x American Wolf at some point in her history, her parents choosing to give her a Japanese to reflect the distant heritage. Intrigued by a non-japanese female baring such a name, Chishio found himself intrigued by her and after his interest waned he left, Kaede discovering she was pregnant shortly after his departure.

The litter was born, 11/11/11 and much to the horror of Kaede, two of the three pups; Rei and Ryu were born runts and exceptionally weak bodied. After months of dedicated care, the two runts succeeded in fighting of the worst of their diseases and problems and began to live normal lives. Then their home pack decided they were too weak, exiling them for their incapacity to be efficient hunters; unwilling to leave the two alone, Ran followed with them and the three began to seek out other family members from the information their mother provided them.

4.1  Timeline


  • November: Born last of his litter, both Rei and Ryu were weak bodied runts.
  • December: After a month of touch and go, Rei and Ryu's health began to look better and better.


  • February: Finally it appeared that both Rei and Ryu were past the worst of their initial health problems, both pups beginning to gain more weight, as well as being more active each day.
  • March: During the middle of a play fight with Ran, Rei received a small injury that bled profusely; one of the first indications that he had blood problems.
  • July: Upon reaching what was considered adulthood by their pack, Rei and Ryu were exiled on the basis they were nothing more than a drain on the families resources
  • September: Following their mothers words, they sought out the settlement Kaiho Suiiki?, established by Asuka Itou & Hideki Itou; the place their father had informed their mother, that they would be able to find family there; arriving shortly after Ren, Miwa, Aphrodite? and her mate Akihiro had left for Japan.
  • October: Settling in, the large gathering of Itous began to bond and grew familiar with each other.
  • December: Rin Itou leaves the family home.


  • February: Rin returns back to the family home.
  • March: Ren & Miwa returned back to the family on his own and began to live with them once again.
  • May: During the dead of night, Aoi Itou and Alaki begin to argue, resulting in her father having a mental lapse and killing Aoi, leaving her body beside Ren as the he slept. Miwa Itou, who witnessed the events, wakes the children and all of them leave. Ren, Miwa and Ryo heading of to find Tsubasa and Peregrine, whilst Rei, Ran, Ryu and Rin head of for parts unknown.
  • June: With only scarce belongings, the group of four resorted to theft; although something went wrong, resulting in the group scattering. On his own, Rei begins to seek out a pack to join, within the general area that was their destination.

5.  Post Log

5.1  2013

Summary of year will go here.


  1. And forget what the good book said
    Lost and alone, he decides to seek shelter and asks to join the first pack he encounters: Cercatori d'Arte, where he is greeted by Lowry Lykoi.
  2. All the moments in time pass by me
    Waking up in Thornbury, Rei begins work on his house, with help of new pack mates Drahnor Wolfe VI and Leviothan Moonbreaker.
  3. Cause angels got a lot to lose
    Browsing the pack gardens, he begins to figure out what stock is available for him to work with and bumps into Myrddin dir Rhiannon.
  4. Drifting astray, with your hand in mine
    With the remainder of his evening, he takes a walk outside of Thornbury and meets Faolan Kido.
  5. White as the snow.
    Hearing a yell, Rei goes to investigate and treats an injured Esmeralda Collins.
  6. and keep my eyes above the waves
    Cercatori D'Arte and Casa di Cavalieri are of to see Vinátta. Rei boards the ship!
  7. life's a game made for everyone
    Arriving atVinátta, the foreign pack is hosting a feast, which Rei attends.
  8. Take my day, and flip it around
    Wandering around the foreign pack, he encounters a Andira Coeur.
  9. easy come, easy go.
    Returning back to Cercatori D'Arte, he sees a new resident, Aspirin moving in across the Locale.
  10. these wings were meant to fly
    Out and about, he sees Skye Collins packing to leave on a trading trip.


  1. A friend these days is hard to find
    Meet and greet with Aduladi Ehn.
  2. I think in decimals and dollars
    Meet and greet with Micah Sunrise Lykoi.
  3. the dog in the garden row is covered in mud
    Lowry Lykoi returns to Cercatori D'Arte.


  1. Still the same, pursuing pain
    Ren, Tsubasa and Miwa reach Cercatori D'Arte and seek refuge within the pack and treatment from Rei Itou.


  1. The city sleeps and we're lost in the moment
    Meet and greet with Gehenna Asylum.

5.2  2014

Summary of year will go here.


  1. Choose your last words
    Out seeking bats, Rei is attacked by a badger and saved in a timely manner by Alder.
  2. I've seen hotter Hells
    Still out looking for bats, he aids a injured Genova Mal.
  3. I'm caught in a pattern and I can't escape
    Much to his surprise, Alder turns up on Cercatori D'Arte borders to return Rei's lost bag.
  4. illusion of choice
    Skye Collins calls a meeting of the present members of Cercatori D'Arte, to discuss Anathema and a change in membership.
  5. I lost the will to try
    Rei bumps into and catches up with Micah Sunrise Lykoi.


  1. do not forget what we cannot forgive
    Rei finally learns about Lowry Lykoi's death.
  2. Put my heart in your hands.
    Encountering Esmeralda Collins, the two catch up some.
  3. muffled in the snow
    Out in neutral lands he meets Nero Napier, from Anathema which instantly makes him cautious.
  4. As high as the tree that holds me
    Meet and greet with Ares Knight.


  1. When I fall to pieces, be there
    Seeking companionship, Rei heads over to Cour des Miracles to find Alder and ends up staying there for a few days.
  2. [M] It starts with pain, followed by hate
    A nightmare hits Rei, waking him and Alder up.


  1. As long as stars above you
    Back in Cercatori D'Arte, Rei is returning home with some herbs when he encounters Skye Collins
  2. Selling our souls for no reason
    Keeping alder's words in mind, Rei decides to leave Cercatori D'Arte and seeks to join Cour des Miracles. Greeted by George Tibalt, Alder and accepted by Silvano Sadira.


  1. It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea
    Trying to integrate himself into the pack, Rei tries to join in the pack festivities.


  1. Ask me, and I'll take you there.
    Just as he begins to adjust to living with Alder, Areru and Yutaka wreck havoc.
  2. my soul is painted like the wings of butterflies.
    A storm is brewing and the pack is calling. Heading to the scene, Rei arrives to discover the queen has died.
  3. mighty rod and weal
    Rain still fills the pack lands, the runt heading out to the ruined gardens to work and keep himself occupied, meeting Mara Savoy.
  4. You get your hands in it
    Alder returns to the cabin soaking wet and filthy; which is completely unacceptable.
  5. [M] Look what the Cat dragged in
    His discussion with Alder is interrupted by a familiar call from the borders. Ran and Ryu have found him!
  6. Flowers be my Friend
    Going about his usual work, Rei comes across Maciel Lopez, who offers to help him.
  7. Everything and Nothing
    Rei offers medical assistance to Mara Savoy, who had been bitten by an alleged thief.
  8. What if I was nothing
    Alder and Rei have a very domesticated discussion about what their plans are for the day.


  1. A spoonful of sugar can make it sweet
    Out in neutral lands, a horrible flirt turns his attention onto Rei.


  1. I just want to tell you so you know
    By chance he finds a heavily injured Grace Revlis just off the borders. Asking for Alder's assistance, they bring her back to the hotel and start treating her wounds.


  1. Where you gonna crawl when your fantasy is through?
    A yell of pain draws him over to Kerrian Demos, where Rei offers medical assistance if it is desired.


  1. who are you?
    Persisting with his work out in the gardens, despite winter being upon them, he answers the questions sent his way by the curious Eugene Sadira.
  2. The city sleeps and we're lost in the moment
    Gehenna Asylum and Rei cross paths.
  3. It all changed on that day. Sadness and so much pain
    Seeking allusive roots and herbs, that sometimes still last in the depths of winter, he encounters another medic by the name of Morty.
  4. You'll see stars when you wake
    With Alder's assistance, he continues in his pursuit to treat Grace's wounds.
  5. [M] Notice Me Senpai
    Mara Savoy gets Rei rather drunk, discussing his woes with his lack of relationship with his roommate Alder.
  6. I've been drinking
    Stumbling home drunk, thanks to Mara Savoy, he confronts Alder... or at least. He would if the world stopped spinning.
  7. We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves
    Moving around the estate, he is drawn over to Skoll Haskel, who is clearly in need of medical assistance.

5.3  2015

Summary of year will go here.


  1. Been to hell and back again
    Still attempting to treat a reluctant Grace Revlis, their argument attracts the attention of Aithne Marino.


  1. Believe
    Out in the gardens, Pascal Sadira stops by.
  2. No shadows here
    Valencia Catori comes baring gifts, wishing to thank him for helping her brother recently. Unfortunately, this results in a rather jealous Rei.


  1. Like a moth to the flame
    Going about his work of collecting herbs and medical supplies, Tennyson Knight approaches, questioning him bluntly.


  1. Tell my love to wreck it all
    Heading outside of his usual domain, Rei explores the pack lands some, encountering Linden Aatte.
  2. My lover's got humour
    Still irritated over Valencia Catori's visit. Rei sulks and tries to set Alder up with her.


  1. In the valley of the shadow
    A pack meeting is called, discussing the actions of Inferni and other pack matters.


  1. annegare i nostri peccati in oro
    Rei joins Silvano Sadira to collect some seeds for toasting.

5.4  2016

Summary of year will go here.


  1. annegare i nostri peccati in oro
    Rei joins Silvano Sadira to collect some seeds for toasting.