Andrew Winthrop

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Andrew Winthrop

Andrew by Owl
Date of BirthMay 11th, 2014
Age6 years
SubspeciesCoywolf (50% Red Wolf/50% Coyote)
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeNorthern Virginia -- Homestead
Current packDel Cenere Gang

Previous Packs


Joining date


Joining dateJanuary 2nd, 2017
Joining RankTirones
Most Recent RankMagister

Andrew (Redtooth) Winthrop (fka Greygrief) AKA Mr. Sassypants with a southern drawl.

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1.  History


As winter wound to a close and 2014 was still in its infancy, Redtooth's mother, Mary Winthrop, spied something she wanted. A hand crafted winter coat, made from the pelt of a bear. A creature of vanity, Mary's mind was set -- but she had nothing to trade, save for the meager crops she grew. She offered the coyote merchant what she could; a portion of her harvest. Tobacco. The coyote refused, believing he could get more for what he offered. Mary left, saddened by the fact that a deal could not be struck.

She returned a few weeks later, in season. She offered the coyote an offer that he was hard pressed to refuse. A barter with a traveling coyote merchant was made, and it resulted in Mary's unplanned pregnancy. The coyote, with nothing left to sell, traveled on in pursuit of new wares.

Redtooth was born that May, along with two other brothers. His given name was Andrew, but he favored the nickname his mother gave him when he began to lose his baby-teeth. Redtooth. Red for the blood that caked each tooth that fell from his mouth. It stuck for no other reason than the fact that Andrew thought it sounded cool.

Red and Co. spent most of their adolescence working the soil on their mothers plot, cultivating tobacco. When the time came, after the harvest, Redtooth felt it time to strike out on his own, so he left his brothers and mother behind with nothing more than a small pack of tobacco slung over his shoulder and a tattered jacket to keep him warm.

As if he was following the cold, he traveled north toward 'Souls.

Post 'Souls:

(Late December, 2016 - January, 2017)

Redtooth first meets Nyx in an old, flame-kissed forest. They talk for a while and she takes him back to Anathema to try and recruit him. He stays with the Anathemians for a few days, but during this time, Redtooth meets Vicira Tears in the dampwoods. She tells him about Inferni, and that it is a home for those of coyote descent (which appealed to Redtooth, because he wanted to live with his own kind). He then had to choose between the two packs: Anathema and Inferni. The Anathemians had shown him nothing but kindness and hospitality. Redtooth even went so far as to even hook-up with one of their members: Lust Lykoi -- but none of this was enough to keep him from joining the coyote clan.

He joined on the second of January, 2017. Unbeknownst to him, the pack he just joined was engaged in a war with a faction of wolves who called themselves Boreas. They had a long history with Inferni that Redtooth was ignorant of. Initially, he shrugged off the outside threat and went about his project of repairing the collapsing floor of the D'Neville Mansion's sitting room without thinking anything of it. However, as war-time tensions rise, Redtooth was asked to accompany the Aquila, Vesper, on what was supposed to be a simple scouting mission. They were ambushed by Boreas wolves and Redtooth took an arrow to the thigh. Under his watch, the Aquila was kidnapped.

An injured Redtooth returned to Inferni and the arrow was removed from his thigh by Fang. Now, hobbling around with a bandaged leg and a crutch, Redtooth quickly found that the crippled-life is incredibly boring.

(February, 2017)


2.  Personality

Ascribing himself to a sense of optimistic nihilism, Redtooth tries to keep a positive outlook on life, but not without a heaping helping of darkly cynical sarcasm. Life is hard, and he knows it. Redtooth also knows that he is ill prepared for life on his own. Quick wit and a sharp tongue are his only weapons in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world.

Despite his cheery demeanor, nothing escapes Red's scathing commentary. His offbeat sense of humor keeps him sane, but it sometimes gets the best of him. Redtooth doesn't have much of a filter, and he tends to say whatever he thinks is funny at the time -- usually at the most inopportune moments. No subject is off limits

He's not really the best at reading his audience, and can sometimes come off awkward and clunky in casual conversation. Sometimes, when sufficiently frustrated with his clumsy social fumblings, Redtooth can come across as a jerk due to his heavy reliance on sarcasm and his desire to be funny. Deep down, all Redtooth wants is to be liked by others, and he feels if he can make them laugh, that they will like him in turn.

Redtooth is just an awkward kid with a heart of gold, looking for friends and acceptance from his peers.

2.1  Ideals


Redtooth is kindhearted, strong-willed, witty, a party animal, and an all around fun guy to be around.

  • Outlook: Optimistically nihilistic
  • Sociability: Extraverted to the point of being obnoxious.
  • Expression: Typically, some dumb smirk.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Acceptance -- Redtooth cares a bit too much about what other folks think about him. He wants what everyone else wants: to be wanted, to be loved.
  • Material things -- Having grown up in a small farming community, Redtooth lived a relatively impoverished life. Now that he has a taste of material wealth, Redtooth wants more.
  • Furthering his craft -- Unlike most things in life, Redtooth takes his work seriously and he wishes to constantly push the boundaries on what he makes.


  • Rejection -- Redtooth will try and talk a big game, but his deep-seated fear of being rejected by his peers will sometimes curtail Redtooth's actions.
  • Death -- Redtooth is a nihilist. He believes in nothing. Red thinks, when somebody dies, they just cease to be -- which is something he finds deeply unsettling.


  • Packs: Currently, Redtooth doesn't really know much about the packs in the area apart from Anathema and Inferni. Both have got some pretty nice folk.
  • Species: All canines are fair game to Redtooth: equal, but he is most comfortable around his own kind, coyotes. He thinks those of the same kind should stick together. Segregationist tendencies.
  • Non-Luperci: Redtooth has no issue with those who can't shift. But he does view Non-Luperci as less civilized for it.
  • Gender: His jokes may sometimes come across as sexist, but Redtooth isn't really one to comment on gender politics.
  • Color: As far as color goes Redtooth doesn't really care. However, he finds himself more attracted to darker colored canines.
  • Sexuality: What somebody does with their dangly bits is of no concern to Redtooth.
  • Age: Old folks are boring. Children are terrifying.




  • Likes: The smell of pine sap, tobacco, playful banter, and getting blasted on whatever intoxicant he can find.
  • Dislikes: Kids, commitment, and boredom


Redtooth will smoke or drink anything, and everything, that he can get his hands on. He smokes tobacco like a chimney and is usually found with a lit cigarette between his lips. He enjoys drinking in social situations and he sometimes partakes in smoking weed if it's around. He ain't no square.


Atheist. Redtooth doesn't really have anything against religion in general, he just doesn't believe in it himself. He's a nihilist, so he doesn't really think anything happens for a reason. Everyone's just flailing around in their own mess. But unlike those who cling wholeheartedly to their belief system and their sense of purpose, Redtooth doesn't see this existential void as a bad thing. In fact, he finds life's lack of purpose to be freeing. It allows him to be the master of his own destiny.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

4.  Skills

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  • Cultivating crops (most notably, tobacco)
  • Carpentry, construction, and maintenance

5.  Appearance

Redtooth is a scrappy, unassumingly plain canine of mixed descent. He takes after his father, a traveling coyote merchant, in both physical build and facial features. His face is narrow and his features are sharply angular. His eyes are also those of his father: a deep muted green. They are, however, particularly not striking. A short mop of messy black hair tops his head in his Optime form.

From his father, Redtooth inherits the body type of a common coyote. Red is small in all forms, but his size (or lack thereof) is most notable upon shifting into his Optime form. His stature is that of a gawky teenager -- unwieldy in every way. He stands at roughly six feet, two inches, but his constant slouch betrays his actual height. The rest of his body is lean, but in no way is he toned. Redtooth is a man of rag and bone.

In coloration, Red resembles his mother, an aptly named red wolf. His agouti coat is dappled with earthen tones that follow a gradient down from his dark russet saddle to his cream underbelly. His coat is short, which leaves Redtooth susceptible to the cold. In his Optime form, he typically dons an old, tattered forest green polyester jacket that he bartered for to mitigate the worst of the cold. .

5.1  Luperci Forms

Text about forms. Eg: which they prefer.



Optime (Preferred)

Pixels by Dragontear

6.  Notable Threads


December -- 2016

  1. The Knife
    Redtooth meets Nyx and agrees to return to Anathema with her.
  2. Dark Side of the Moon
    Upon arriving to Anathema, Redtooth meets the locals.
  3. There's a bad man in everyone, no matter who we are
    After accidentally spilling his tobacco into the snow, Redtooth meets Vicira and she tells him about Inferni.

2017 Threads


  1. [M] I tried to be the lover of your nightmare
    Redtooth and Lust do the nasty.
  2. Love what you can till it dies
    With what Vicira told him still fresh in his mind, Redtooth leaves Anathema to join Inferni.
  3. Picked over by the worms and weird fishes
    Redtooth moves into his room in the mansion. He makes a fool of himself over blankets.
  4. Could I? Should I?
    The morning after moving in to the mansion, Redtooth meets Tacet and her animal companions (and makes jokes about eating them).
  5. Taking their time right behind my back
    Redtooth begins his task of fixing the mansion's collapsing floor by marking a tree to chop down. He meets Brandy in the process and asks her if she's seen any unsavory types (Boreas wolves).
  6. Turn me on to phantoms
    Redtooth and Vicira flirt. Redtooth begins to feel things.
  7. Sense & Sensibility
    Redtooth takes measurements so he can begin repairing the border archery stands.
  8. Rejoice, you'll never make it out alive
    Redtooth returns the tree he marked with tools in hand. The pine tree comes crashing to the ground and Redtooth meets Antioch.
  9. [M] Forget about your house of cards
    After a long day of working the pine tree he felled into workable lumber, Redtooth unwinds by the fire and smokes a joint with Dove.
  10. Asylum
    In an attempt to find the hot springs, Redtooth finds Cypher trying to repair his house. Redtooth lends a hand.
  11. [M]Credulous at best, your desire to believe in angels
    Along with Cypher, Redtooth is tasked with protecting the Aquila in a scouting mission. His bowels get the best of him, at the team is ambushed as Redtooth takes a shit in the woods. Redtooth takes an arrow to the leg without even getting a chance to wipe and the Aquila is kidnapped.
  12. To Love and to be Loved
    Redtooth limps back to Inferni with an arrow stuck in his thigh. Fang pulls it out and Red screams like a bitch.
  13. We might die from medication, but we sure killed all the pain
    Bored with sitting around and letting his thigh heal, Redtooth raids the storage room (much to Harosheth's chagrin) and he find's a lute. Redtooth quickly learns that he has little musical talent.