Ran Itou (糸蘭)

Ran is the son of Chishio Itou and Kaede Arakaki, born outside of Nova Scotia alongside his twin brothers Ryu Itou and Rei Itou.

Ran Itou (糸蘭)

by Kitty



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Date of Birth

11 November 2011




Birth place

Around Southern Quebec


Wolf dog

50% Canis lupus (Wolf)
50% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)


50% Eastern Timber Wolf
50% Dog




Mate Characters
Pack Super Awesome?
Rank Omega


Mates ?
True Sankuchuari (Nov 2011 - ?????)



  • Optime Hair: Cod Gray (#11100E), highlighted with Friar Gray (#838381)
  • Eyes: Iceberg (#CDECEF).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Cod Gray (#11100E).
    • Lighter Friar Gray (#838381) patches.
    • Island Spice (#FFFBF0) and Cloud (#C5C3BF) as minor patches or markings

While both of his brothers are small and fairly androgynous, Ran is anything but: He is almost the epitome of physical masculinity. He is tall, standing over 6 feet tall, with broad shoulders and chest, a slightly tapered waist, and almost bulging arm and leg muscles. He works hard on his appearance, keeping himself in shape so he can look after his smaller brothers, especially the fragile Rei.

His fur is a mixture of short fine, and long silky. It is short on his face and paws, lengthening on his ears, cheeks, mane, and body, but it is the longest on his tail and legs. His legs are feathered, with the long fur at his ankles and wrists almost obscuring his paws. His coat is a dark 'blue' merle, predominantly covered in a grey-black with dark grey and silver grey gaps. The lighter silver grey is his base colour, with both darker grey's being his marking colours. He also has a few white splashes on his coat, including the vaguely orchid shaped blaze on his forehead. His most defining markings are on his face, with the left half being covered in a large black patch that mottles over his snout and forehead into the lighter grey that covers the right side. His oddly shaped blaze sits almost in the middle of his forehead. The dark colouration of his face makes his icy blue eyes stand out all the more.

Build and Species

Ran is an even mix of wolf and dog, taking the short fine fur on his face and paws from his dog mother, and his longer fur from his wolf father, although the long fur is silky rather than coarse. His body is also the optimum mix between the wolf and the dog of his parents; he has taken the strong, muscled aspect from both wolf and catahoula leopard dog.

His muzzle, ears and tail betray his dog heritage with his muzzle being blunt and broad with visible jowls typical of his mothers breed. His left ear is folded over and his right is upright and more pointed than that of a wolf. While his tail is thin, long and whippy but disguised by the silky fur that drapes from it.





80 lbs (36 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

130 lbs (58 kg)
32 in (81 cm)

230 lbs (104 kg)
6ft 5in (77 in) (195 cm)

He is a large and heavy wolf, towering over both his brothers. His long body fur is soft to the touch but is usually tousled into rough tufts all over, only laying smoothly on his legs. His leg fur lengthens into long feathers on all legs. his tail is also long furred but he often cuts it shorter for convenience.

A hulking, beastly form. Muscles ripple across his body in Secui, but his longer fur hides it, making him look 'poofy'. His mane becomes thick and clumpy, often forming spikes of clustered fur. The feathering on his legs obscures his paws completely and his tail fur thickens like his mane. His floppy left ear stands almost erect in this form, only the tip flopping over.

His shoulders and chest are broad, his waist tapering in, and his leg and arm muscles are well defined. He chooses to maintain his mane and hair in a shortish fauxhawk style, the fringe often falling between his eyes and obscuring his blaze. When he can find it he uses a thin layer of beeswax to hold his hair up.



  • Piercings: Small silver hoop slightly to the left of the tip of left ear, 3 silver studs in the outer rim of right ear, black tongue bar, silver eyebrow bar in right eyebrow.
  • Tattoos: None yet
  • Scars:
    • None yet


Ran is a firm follower of the old punk style, he likes to accessorize in this fashion: spiked studs, safety pins, leather, chains and patches.

  • Like the rest of the male Itous, Ran was given a metal necklace upon his birth, his mother having learnt of the family tradition through Chishio in idle conversation
  • Bracelets? not yet
  • Rings? not yet


  • Black cloth vest with a few rips and holes held together with safety pins. Kind of like This
  • Ripped black jeans that fit snugly to his thighs. The calf portion is ripped off, making them 3/4 length. He has adorned them with chains.


Spoiled Man-child - impulsive, demanding, brute-force

Dominant-Aggressive - Takes what he wants by force, never backs down, often hostile.

Larger than life - loud, always up for 'fun', boisterous

Rude - purposefully invades personal space, insults others, curses a lot.

Good Brother - Loyal only to his brothers, cares for them a great deal, looks after them above all else.


  • He is very sure of himself and carries himself with confidence and a touch of arrogance.
  • He is a tad narcissistic and it shows.
  • Though concerned with appearance he is vulgar and brash, generally loud and crass using lots of swear words and rude gestures.
  • Gives off an air of danger.



  • Likes: Family, keeping in shape, sex, piercings, anarchism, punk
  • Dislikes: Order/organisation, authority, normality, weakness.


  • Confident
  • Cocky
  • Arrogant
  • Rebellious
  • Vulgar
  • Outlook: Realistic with a dash of pessimism.
  • Expression: Dominant and VERY Extroverted.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil


  • Weakness - He is proud to have been born the only 'regular' sized one of the litter, and has worked upon his strong base to get to where he is now. He is terrified of losing that strength.
  • Looking Bad - Ran is vain. He likes to look good (in his opinion) so he fears not looking his best all the time.
  • Losing Family - He has tasked himself with caring for Rei and Ryu as they are so much smaller than him, failing at this is his biggest fear. This also extends to other family members.
  • Becoming Normal - Alongside his strength and his looks, Ran is proud of his Rebellious, anarchistic punk attitude. He never wants to be conventional or normal as he sees this as a serious flaw.


  • Family - This is pretty much his sole motivation, and then it's mostly focussed on his two brothers Rei and Ryu.
  • Physical Betterment - He does something every day to increase his strength so he can look his best and protect his brothers to the best of his ability.
  • Physical Pleasure - Ran loves to feel good and he will go out of his way to do so, whether this be through drink, drugs or sex.


  • Packs: He is aware of the packs that his family has bad blood with and will avoid them.
  • Species: He sees dogs as equal to wolves and all other canines as slightly inferior. Wolfdogs are the greatest in his eyes.
  • Non-Luperci: He cannot understand why Non-Luperci even exist anymore, surely everyone wants to be Luperci? Right? Why wouldn't you want to look this good?
  • Gender: He sees females as inferior. They are weak and only useful for a good time.
  • Color: Dislikes pure white wolves.
  • Sexuality: Sees all types of relationships as good and right, though favours males to females.
  • Age: Adores kids. Sees those who abuse kids as monsters that need eradicating. Though is scared of having his own children in case he screws up.


As Owen Harper once said of Captain Jack Harkness - "He'll shag anything with a postal code." Ran sees beauty in others regardless of gender, though his misogyny leads him to favour males as relationship material. To him females are good for bearing pups and being a good lay, he has no desire to stay around them all that much afterwards. His affections may also extend to family members, to him the Itous are the most attractive Luperci around and why shouldn't he want to sleep with them?


  • Alcohol - Will drink at any chance he gets. He enjoys the freedom of being drunk, though prefers not to drink around Rei as he can become a little violent and unpredicatble.
  • Marijuana - Isn't a huge fan of the green as it makes him feel weak and powerless.
  • Tobacco - He likes to smoke when he can get his paws on cigarettes.


  • Atheist - He doesn't believe. He prefers to believe in himself.


  • Speech:
    • Husky, gravelly, rough.
    • Masculine and confident.
    • Often mocking.
  • Scent:
    • Itou - Rain/Damp earth/Ironwood
    • Personal - Musk, beeswax, alcohol and cigarette smoke.


Key Relations

  • Rei Itou: Ran is especially protective of the weak, and fragile Rei. He treats Rei as if he were made of glass. Rei is possibly the only other person that Ran is gentle with.
  • Ryu Itou: Ran's brother, whom he loves and cares for very much. He shows this by protecting the smaller male, though is not as gentle with Ryu as he is with Rei.

Family: Itou

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Drawn to Kaede's pack by it's name and the humour he found in it, Chishio approached the pack and encountered one Kaede Arakaki; the female behind the name of a pack. Kaede was a very distant decent of a Japanese Wolf x American Wolf at some point in her history, her parents choosing to give her a Japanese to reflect the distant heritage. Intrigued by a non-japanese female baring such a name, Chishio found himself intrigued by her and after his interest waned he left, Kaede discovering she was pregnant shortly after his departure.

The litter was born, 11/11/11 and much to the horror of Kaede, two of the three pups; Rei and Ryu were born runts and exceptionally weak bodied. After months of dedicated care, the two runts succeeded in fighting of the worst of their diseases and problems and began to live normal lives. Then their home pack decided they were too weak, exiling them for their incapacity to be efficient hunters; unwilling to leave the two alone, Ran followed with them and the three began to seek out other family members from the information their mother provided them.



  • November: Born last of his litter, both Rei and Ryu were weak bodied runts.
  • December: After a month of touch and go, Rei and Ryu's health began to look better and better.


  • February: Finally it appeared that both Rei and Ryu were past the worst of their initial health problems, both pups beginning to gain more weight, as well as being more active each day.
  • March: During the middle of a play fight with Ran, Rei received a small injury that bled profusely; one of the first indications that he had blood problems.
  • July: Upon reaching what was considered adulthood by their pack, Rei and Ryu were exiled on the basis they were nothing more than a drain on the families resources
  • September: Following their mothers words, they sought out the settlement Kaiho Suiiki?, established by Asuka Itou & Hideki Itou; the place their father had informed their mother, that they would be able to find family there; arriving shortly after Ren, Miwa, Aphrodite? and her mate Akihiro had left for Japan.
  • October: Settling in, the large gathering of Itous began to bond and grew familiar with each other.
  • December: Rin Itou leaves the family home.


  • February: Rin returns back to the family home.
  • March: Ren & Miwa returned back to the family on his own and began to live with them once again.
  • May: During the dead of night, Aoi Itou and Alaki begin to argue, resulting in her father having a mental lapse and killing Aoi, leaving her body beside Ren as the he slept. Miwa Itou, who witnessed the events, wakes the children and all of them leave. Ren, Miwa and Ryo heading of to find Tsubasa and Peregrine, whilst Rei, Ran, Ryu and Rin head of for parts unknown.
  • June: With only scarce belongings, the group of four resorted to theft; although something went wrong, resulting in the group scattering. On his own, Rei begins to seek out a pack to join, within the general area that was their destination.



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