Rémy Lebeau

Rémy is a master thief from the swamps of Louisiana, and current member of Inferni.

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Rémy Lebeau

by Kiri


Aly, Mel

More Info

Forum Profile


Date of Birth

August 4, 2008




Chaotic Good







a handsome man






Birth place

Louisiana, United States




62.5% Dog
37.5% Texas Plains Coyote




Current pack Inferni
Current rank Tiro Bellum


Inferni (14 January 2012 - 5 July 2012)

1.  Appearance


  • Bourbon (#BA6F1E) pelt.
  • Armadillo (#433E37) muzzle, the nape of his neck and shoulders, back.
  • Hairy Heath (#6B2A14) Optime hair.
  • Tabasco (#A02712) eyes -- they reflect light in Scarlet (#FF2400).
  • Thunder (#33292F) skin.

Though a hybrid, first glance would suggest that Rémy is closer to a dog than anything else. He is barrel-chested and well muscled, with a boxy, massive head and square jawline. His shaggy pelt, tail, and pointed ears are the only proof of any hybridization. Likewise, his fur colors itself after his Cur-dog lineage and lacks the mixture of shades found in coyote pelts, remaining mostly one solid color. A melanistic mask is accented by equally dark ears and a “cape” along his shoulders and back, which forms an amorphous pattern until tapering out above his hips.

Rémy's build leans heavily towards his dog heritage. One can really see the coyote in his ears, pelt, and bushy tail--otherwise, it's hardly there at all.

1.1  Genetics

The hardiest dog breeds make up Remy's bloodline. He is largely Canaan and Black Mouth Cur, with smaller traces of Rotweiller, Pit Bull, Malinois, Anatolian Shepherd, and German Shepherd.

1.2  Forms




75 lbs (34 kg)
28 in (71 cm)

150 lbs (68 kg)
35 in (89 cm)

180 lbs (81 kg)
6 ft (182.8 cm)

Rémy's lupus form is stocky, but lean and well-muscled. His fur is shorter than a true coyote, and if not for his pointed ears, he'd likely be mistaken for a dog.

In his Secui form, Rémy is heavily muscled and almost resembles a mastiff. It is slower and heavier than his other forms and puts added stress on his hips, which is why the shape is so rarely taken.

Optime form presents a well-built, tall shape. His body is evenly proportioned and well-defined. His fur is shaggy only in certain areas, and especially short around his torso. His hair is long and unkempt, and often held at bay by a bandana or ponytail.

1.3  Other


  • Left Haunch: Collection of scar tissue that looks similar to a bite from a very large animal.


  • Cloth bandana
  • Leather trench-coat.
  • Leather belt with pouch.
  • Necklaces:
    • Alligator tooth on catgut.
    • Loa Oshun pendant on adjustable cord, usually worn short around his neck.
    • Prayer beads, typically looped around his right forearm.

2.  Personality

One doesn’t need to be around him very long to recognize that Rémy is bursting with charisma and charm. He has a magnetic personality. His displays are often laid-back to the point of bordering silliness, but under this is a fierce temper lingers. This is most apparent when his loved ones are in danger; Rémy shows a recklessness that borders insanity.

2.1  Demeanor


  • Rémy is an extrovert in all senses of the word.
  • A history of living on the run has turned Rémy into a compulsive liar.


  • Fears: Voodoo/hoodoo, slavery, death, blindness.
  • Motivations: Security, entertainment.
  • Traits: Charming, thief, cheater, liar, witty, self-described ladies man.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • "Strong individualists marked by a streak of kindness and benevolence."
    • "Believe that life has no grand plan, but each creature's spirit is essentially noble and good."
    • "Never want others to suffer because of their actions, except those who are evil or deserve to suffer in their eyes."
    • "Will take actions to aid others during times of crisis, even if unprofitable to do so."


  • Species: Tends to be more aggressive around wolves.
  • Sex: Rémy is fairly certain his duty in life is to ensure every lady is happy. He is all about defending their honor and will avoid fighting women entirely, though he'll certainly defend himself.


Rémy is sexually ambiguous; he flirts with everything. He tends to gravitate towards people as outgoing as he is, and this is especially true for women. Once he's smitten with someone Rémy goes to extremes, though his behavior might come off as obsessive or stalking, if one were to look at it the right way.


Rémy brews his own moonshine, a grain-based alcohol that is sometimes flavored by fruits. He enjoys all sorts of substances but is most commonly found with this or the ample-provisions of marijuana Inferni has to offer.


Rémy is respectful and fearful of voodoo/hoodoo. He is superstitious in this manner and has several quirks that must be followed, including a sometimes gruesome ritualistic chicken slaughter. Rémy also got real into Buddhism after taking up his life on the run, and follows these lessons in his day-to-day life.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Roselle Gauthier: During a routine trip to The Outpost, Rémy happened to come across a pretty woman being harassed by Machidael Lykoi. He intervened on her behalf and their shared language made them fast friends. She is his primary contact with Cour des Miracles for trade.
  • Max was something of an adopted son.

3.2  Family: Marceaux

Note: Rémy was kidnapped from his biological family when he was a child. He has no memory of them. The name LeBeau is of his own choosing, in the attempt to hide his identity; he previously went without a surname.

  • Mother: Urilla Marceaux (née Gauthier)
  • Father: Elliot Marceaux
  • Siblings:
    • Same Litter: Etienne Marceaux

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Rémy’s speech in true to his origins, and is a thick Cajun English. He tends to give everyone nicknames and alternate between them. Rémy often displays southern hospitality that may (or may not) be genuine.
  • Scent: Spice, blood, woodsmoke, marijuana, alcohol, Inferni.

4.1  Residence

4.2  NPCs

4.3  Abilities


  • Combat
    • Primarily, Rémy’s main weapon of choice is a thick length of solid wood. He is a master at staff combat, and does not hesitate to reinforce his dominance of the subject.
    • Mixed-martial arts was one of Rémy’s pastimes in the south, and as such, he’s formidable while unarmed.
    • Knife skills, including throwing knives, are second nature to him.
    • Rémy is an excellent swimmer, due in part to his webbed toes.
  • Theivery
    • Despite his broad-shoulders and loud mouth, Rémy was raised, first and foremost, as a thief. He is capable of being completely silent (more or less) and knows various means to muffle and hide his own scent.
    • Sleight-of-hand is one of his primary talents, ranging from pick-pocketing to card-tricks.
    • Rémy has a set of tools to pick locks and is well versed in the matter.
  • Cooking: Basically Rémy is an Iron Chef.


  • Mouthy, to the point of outright provocation.
  • Horses; doesn't want anything to do with them.

4.4  Inventory


Rémy loves trading, especially if he gets to talk to someone new.

  • Offering: Moonshine, tobacco, marijuana, prepared food, use of his horses, combat lessons, "favors".
  • Accepting: Alcohol, drugs, spices, rare ingredients, chickens, pigs, goats, voodoo/hoodoo trinkets and charms, "favors".

4.5  Inventory

Carried Items

  • Leather bag : Obtained in Louisiana.
  • Dagger : A large and fairly sharp kitchen knife, obtained from the Winter Festival.
  • Staff: A thick and well-oiled solid wooden staff.
  • Throwing Knives: Set of five. He has nicknamed each of them after the five poisons.

Home Items

  • Big pelts x10: Used for bedding.
  • Candles x20: Only usually lights one or two when indoors.
  • Matches x 120: A prized find from Freetown (which was promptly stolen).

5.  History

Rémy was born just outside of New Orleans in Louisiana, alongside his brother Etienne. He was kidnapped when he was an infant and raised under an assumed name. For many years Rémy made his living as a thief and mixed-martial artist, gaining a reputation for both—as well as for being a ladies-man. After scrapping around with a group of young boys like himself (including his BFF Gavroche Benoît?), Rémy got into a bit of trouble. Fearing for his safety, he changed his name and fled north. Though he stayed in Freetown for a time, Rémy’s paranoia got the better of him and he went looking for somewhere else to live. A snowstorm knocked him off course and by chance, he found Inferni’s borders.

He’s been a constant figure since then, serving as a scout, chef, and teacher in the finer arts of stick-fighting. Rémy participated in the Boreas Conflict indirectly, serving as a guard for those who could not fight.

5.1  Timeline

Early Life


  • January: --
  • February: At the end of the month, the Boreas Conflict begins.
  • April: The war continues.
  • May: --
  • June: Ezekiel de le Poer passes on Inferni's leadership to Myrika.
  • July: --
  • August: --
  • September: The Hurricane strikes Nova Scotia, dealing damage several parts of the territory.
  • October: Repairs are done to the territory after the hurricane.
  • November: --
  • December: Vesper and Zalen discuss a friendly relationship between New Dawn and Inferni, and Vesper visits Cercatori d'Arte to set up trade relations for bows with Leviothan Moonbreaker. She also catches a horse with a lot of help, and names it Tigana.


  • January: --
  • February: Most of Remy's free time is dedicated to following Myrika around without her knowing, worried for her well-being.
  • March: While working on the Greenhouse, Remy begins to teach Vesper the basics of Buddhism.
  • April: Enkiel leaves Inferni, citing his fears of danger following him. Though this results in an argument between the pair, Remy helps him move to the Wentworth Valley?. He spends the end of the month with the pair, bogged down by heavy rains.
  • May: Despite Enkiel's protests, Remy heads back to Inferni during a lull in the rain. Heavy winds catch him off-gaurd while on the mountain, and Remy is severely injured during a fall. He manages to take shelter in Gampo Abbey. For the next month, he survives by eating his food reserves and scavenging meals. Midnight stays with him, though at his request does not go for aid.
  • June: After recovering, Remy makes his way back to Inferni. He runs into Wraith along the way, though lies about the severity of his injury (claiming a "sprained ankle").

5.2  Threads



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