Pinedrop Moineau

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  1.   1.  Appearance
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  3.   3.  Family: Moineau
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Pinedrop Moineau was a lone wolf from Mer Bleue and a person of little consequence.

Pinedrop Moineau

by Raze


Date of Birth

21 June 2010




Birth place

Mer Bleue






1.  Appearance

Pinedrop is a large wolf. His thick fur, patterned with the typical timber wolf streaks and flecks, hides a tough and muscular build. He has a handsome face prone to soft, smug smiles.

His fur is a mixture of Roman Coffee (#7B5B45) and Chicago (#5A5855) with lighter Swirl (#D4CFC8). He has Copper Canyon (#7D3614) eyes.

2.  Personality

Pinedrop is the dominant male of his litter, his natural strength and charisma giving him an edge in life. He can charm the metaphorical pants off almost anyone -- and physically bully the "almost" into what he wants. Unfortunately, his ego made Pinedrop a bit of a jerk; he was patronizingly kind to others for his own aim. This mellowed out a little as he aged, and he became more open to altruistic acts.

3.  Family: Moineau

4.  History

Pinedrop and three siblings were born to Summer Moineau and mate Blackhaw Brier in the summer of 2010. Born in the wake of a winter famine, the puppies were nonetheless doted on and given the best start in life the little family pack could. Among their babysitters were aunt Wren and yearling cousins Jérôme and Finch Moineau, who played with and provided for the youngsters.

An illness struck in September of that year when the pups were only two months old. Their mother Summer fell ill and died, and the smallest pup, Bluebird, soon joined her. Wren and her two offspring departed to avoid the sickness. Blackhaw was left to raise the children as their sole parent, though his twin nephews (Flax and Feverfew) helped him.

The children grew and developed. Pinedrop established dominance over his siblings, though Blackbird chased him off a time or two, claiming a sort of high position in the hierarchy as the pack's only female. Submissive Tansy was left to be the omega.

They learned to hunt, to fight, and when they reached seven months were chased out of the pack -- a natural phenomenon without malice. Flax and Feverfew had found mates and wanted room to raise their own families, with Blackhaw as the pack's elder. The trio left the pack together, though soon separated to have their own misadventures.

Without the social hierarchy he was used to, Pinedrop had to quickly adapt to being a "nobody", rather than the boss of a puppy-pack. Utilizing his size and charm, however, he made it okay in life. He mellowed out by the time he reached his prime, and stayed in New York for a while, where he sired some puppies for a mated pair of females. He died of tularemia.