Parrish Dominion

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Parrish Dominion is currently a lone hybrid. He is the son of Antóin Dominion, born into a nomadic pack called Scaoil who can trace their origins to Ireland. Born a free-spirit who's only unwavering concern is for himself, as soon as the pack began to fall apart, Parrish fled with stolen supplies and a horse. Upon reaching Nova Scotia, he was pleased by the new faces and humanization of the surrounding packs, and now has decided these will be his new place, like the days of his childhood.







  • Date of Birth: 09 May 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Roaming Loner
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: None
  • Rank: —
    • Co-Rank: —
  • Pronunciation:
    • 'P-AER - ih-sh '
    • 'Duh-min-yuh'
  • Nickname: 'Parr'
  • Epithet: 'The Wild'
  • Etymology:
    • "near the church" - Old French
    • "sovereignty; control" - English
  • Family: Dominion?
  • Birthplace: Réimse Iolar
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Subspecies:
    • 75% Wolf (Labrador Wolf, Italian Wolf, Eastern Timber Wolf)
    • 25% Dog (German Shepherd, Tibetan Mastiff)


  • Brown draft horse.
  • A heavily trained dominant horse - takes after his owner in that he is a Jack of all trades, master of none.



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Pack? members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Coming soon.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General

Dark brown fur with sparing white markings (the biggest being something of a fat arrow marking upon his chest), Parrish stands at 6'2" in Optime, his preferred form. His only modification is piercings in his right ear, two small silver earrings filling the holes. He also frequently clothes, however rarely dresses up in a fancy manner. He prefers comfortable, nearly over-sized clothing - button-up shirts left unbuttoned and baggy capris are common sights.

Parrish is muscular and toned, but looks more bulky than he is due to his large amounts of untamed, rough fur. He carries himself in an energetic and bubbly manner - but there seems to always be something about him that gives him an unnerving edge. Whether it be the glint in his light red eyes or his fists clenching at his hips, he always seems off. Unhinged and wild.

But only ever so slightly, so perhaps it's better not to bring it up. Parrish himself sure doesn't seem aware of this. His dominant wolf heritage overpowers the features of his face and body, but the mix of larger dog breeds shows in the texture and poof of his fur. In Secui form, his fangs always poke out beyond his lips.


Coloration and Palette

  • Nose: Black
  • Paw Pads: Light
  • Claws: Black
General Colors
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Eye Color
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: One long streak down his back, but no others.
  • Piercings:
    • Two piercings in right ear - small silver earrings.
  • Tattoos:
    • None yet - though interested.


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Jewelry and Accessories

Kharma necklace Vesper necklace
  • something


  • something
  • something
  • and another something


xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

xx lbs (xx kg)
xft xin (xx in / xx cm)

Optime (Preferred)

maybe describe how often they use the form and don't forget to change their form preference


  • Speech: Irish accent, though will sometimes use outdated or odd lingo due to not actually being FROM Ireland, just being raised around Irish Luperci. Sounds like Colin Farrell!
  • Scent: i hope you have a smelly, smelly coyote~~
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: oh man what a weirdo
  • General Posture and Body Language: do you have an imposing bro? or a meek and mild mouse?

2.  Personality

Lovable Rogue, The Starscream, Because I'm Good at It, Egomaniac Hunter

Parrish is a messy hurricane of a personality, a roaring loud claim for dominance over any free land he walks on. He operates almost entirely on instinct and cunning rather than strict planning and intelligence. It will come as no surprise that he excels at many psychical tasks, and communicating with other animals - but falls short without instruction when it comes to humanized skills such as reading, writing, and building.

As boisterous and unafraid as he may be, at first meetings, usually Parrish is harmless. He keeps a tight lock on the temper within, and hates to resort to excessive violence when there are other ways out. Unfortunately, repressing these feelings of anger and bitterness in the long run does Parrish more bad than good - as it leads to explosive breakdowns and outbursts.

Like how many others can find themselves abandoning their usual morals when emotions run high, Parrish takes that to a new level when in an outburst. To him, empathy for others is a privilege - not a right. He can bury it away whenever he wants. Due to the way he grew up, one of Parrish's hatreds is being restricted. Freedom is a necessity, and as such he is noncommittal, rarely loyal to a cause or group - more commonly to a few choice individuals instead.

2.1  Ideals


Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Dominant, Arrogant
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil


  • Freedom
  • Power


  • Something: something something
  • Something: something something


  • Packs: None. This likely won't change - Parrish sees little value in directing hatred or love towards a whole community.
  • Species: None.
  • Non-Luperci: Thinks being a Luperci makes you stronger and gives you more opportunity, but doesn't really treat non-Luperci any different.
  • Gender: None.
  • Color: None.
  • Sexuality: Tends to not get along with promiscuous characters, viewing them as someone unclean.
  • Age: Elders should be taken care of and respected only if they were productive in earlier life.


Parrish doesn't give much thought to love of either kind, sexual or romantic. He has no gender preference, and likely will not make first moves - not out of shyness, but disinterest. Typically, however, he responds well to flirtation (as long as it isn't over the top). He views relationships as overall valuable, as any other good partnership would be. Highly attracted to anyone that makes a fantastic duo with him. He yearns for someone where they can work on their goals together, and get further in life because they have each other.


  • Likes: Horses, competition,
  • Dislikes: A list of single or few-worded dislikes
    • Maybe a BIG DISLIKE HERE


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3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Families

3.2  Relations

Key Relations


Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

Skill 2

  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
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4.2  Inventory


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  • Offering: what kind of stuff does your character trade?
  • Accepting: what do they want?



  • info


  • info
  • info
  • info


  • info
  • info

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


go get yo' catacombs template, son

This male comes from a pack of like-minded individuals. There was little diversity in his birthplace - despite the fact that discrimination or restrictions were a rarity. There was a heavy focus on agriculture and hunting for sport instead of survival (though there was plenty of that, too). Due to this, the pack had a tendency to chase off prey to other areas - this made them nomads, constantly running after prey and herding livestock in an endless game of cat & mouse.

But Parrish, like the other men in the pack, found this thrilling, a freedom that sated their ravenous attitudes. But as the elders that had founded the alliance began to die off shortly or simply become burdens after Parrish's birth, there was a decline in the quality of life within his birthplace. Many wandered off to live on their own, no longer seeing the pack as a significant gain over loner life.

This young hybrid followed in the footsteps of those before him one day, stealing supplies and a horse from the pack's stables and taking off in broad daylight. With his quickly-passing first years of life behind, Parrish wandered aimlessly towards Nova Scotia territory in search of new and exciting things.



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