Paquette Benoît Fauchelevent

Paquette is the daughter born of Euphrasie Fauchelevent and Brujon Benoît's second litter, making her a first generation member of the merged Benoît Fauchelevent family of Australian Shepherd dogs. She is fluent in French and has a fair grasp on Japanese and English from her travels.

Paquette Benoît Fauchelevent

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Date of Birth

DD Month 2007




Birth place

Tampa, Florida



100% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)


100% Australian Shepherd, Cardigan Welsh Corgi






Mates Orochi Kanshinjou Kenji
De Gama (Mon YYYY - Mon YYYY)


To be expanded on by adopter. She is generally characterized as kindhearted, to the point of naivety. She loves children, most of all her own. Paquette speaks French as her primary language, and has a fair grasp on Japanese and English. Orochi Kei Kazuma was her mate (though she was oblivious to his extramarital affair, and is now separated from him). She tends to be good-natured and hard-working, whether performing her duties as a servant to the De Gama family or acting as nursemaid to her brothers' kids, she rarely complains.


She was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, in 2007 along with her littermates Claude and Gringoire. When they came of age, the trio decided to travel and see the world. They accept a fourth companion, a wolf named Din, although the brothers soon grow enamored with her and fight for her affections. Gringoire mysteriously disappears one night, leaving Claude to claim her as his mate. Din gives birth to three pups, but grows bored with parenthood and leaves them behind. Céleste, Laurier, and Pierrat are largely raised by Paquette, since Claude grows dark and troubled over losing both Din and Gringoire. She easily adapts to the role of mother, and tries to compensate for Claude's emotional distance.

When her brothers' children are grown and leave for their own travels, Paquette comes to the realization that she wants her own family. She boards a ship and sails overseas, looking for a fresh start. She speaks more French than English and intended to go to Europe, but due to a miscommunication and a terrible storm, finds herself blown all the way to Japan with no way to get back. Paquette grows sorely homesick and cannot comprehend any of the language, but finds a home in Osaka with a local dog clan of samurai that take pity on the foreigner. She works chores and begins to earn her keep with the De Gama family, and in return, they tutor her in Japanese. It is there she meets Orochi Kei Kazuma.

Paquette falls head-over-heels for the Akita warrior, and he obligingly takes her to bed. Kei did not intend for the encounter to go any further than one night, but Paquette becomes pregnant and could not be happier that she will finally have her own children. Whether it is out of pity, a sense of duty, or growing affection, Kei decides to move in with her and help her raise the children. She gives birth to Riku, Sora, and Sakura in 2012, letting their father name them according to his Japanese culture. Later on her mate comes home with an infant he named Kenshin, claiming the child to be an orphan. Paquette is happy to adopt the boy and treats him just like her own (oblivious to the fact that Kenshin is Kei's son from an affair).

Early in 2014, several servants including Paquette are sent to accompany higher-ranking clanmates on a trading mission. She was not privy to why she was chosen, and tearfully promised her mate and children that she would see them again once the mission was complete. Unfortunately for Paquette, the jealous and powerful mother of Kenshin bribed the merchants to bring her along and abandon her. Paquette found herself as far as Freetown with no way to return or contact her family. The irony was not lost on her — once upon a time she wanted nothing more than to return to the United States. Struggling to remain optimistic, Paquette holds out for the hope that her adult children might seek her out one day, and in the meantime is forging a new life.

Family: Benoît Fauchelevent


To be expanded on by adopter; suggested appearance pictured. Paquette is an Australian Shepherd dog, tempered with a small percentage of Cardigan Welsh Corgi. She most likely carries a merle pattern, which she passed on to her litter. She may or may not have a bobtail, as the tailless gene is prevalent in her family.

Concept art by Miyu!