Orlean McAdam

Orlean McAdam

By Jordan
Orlean M., by Daniel
Name MeaningCanadiana blues
Name OriginSong: New Orleans is Sinking
Date of BirthOctober 17th, 2018
Age< year
Subspecies50% Coyote
50% ''German Shepherd mix'
Birth placeNewfoundland
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This is a spirited Canadian tough-boy with an up and at em, pitter patter attitude.


His parents were total d-bags, so basically him and his little sis farted off somewhere into the backwoods like two peas in a big pod for a while. Then Steph met someone who she thought she loved, and it was here in Newfoundland, where more dispute took place. So again the McAdam twins got the eff outta dodge, the two of them traveling south.


A bit macho man stoic, but also a good joke at the right time. Orlean can be a handful at times, but he's the all round good-natured guy unless you wrinkle his dart or step on his toes. He is a firm believer in respectful reproach, because manners are important, even when you're peeved about a spilled drink. Definitely a softy, but shuddup you didn't hear that. Orlean probably squints more than he actually talks. Big closeted gay.



  • Parents — -
  • SiblingsSteph McAdam - Orlean's gorgeous, purdy-eyed sister, if you look at her the wrong way Orlean will break your nose. Or something attached to your body, it really doesn't matter.





Orlean McAdam looks essentially like a short-hair coydog with German Shepherd markings and features. He has a primarily golden brown coat, with dark markings. He has long pointed ears with soft edges. His eyes are a pastel orange, like a semi-ripened tangerine. He has coyote facial structure, and a hybrid body shape, but his tail is a bit fluffier being on the doggish side.

As for his stature, Orlean is a rather mute 5'10 feet tall, but his medium build boasts some hidden torque. Total farm boy all his life, but still an average looker, Orlean is stronger than he appears to be. His hair is typically trimmed to a short, manageable length that looks very plain. But the man don't care about no hair. Or does he ;;)