Océane Aston

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art by Kiri

Océane Aston is the daughter of Tayui and Haku, and sister to Noir, Attila and Claudius. She was born in AniWaya on December 31, 2008, and was a member until July 2009, at which point she disappeared to follow her wanderlust. During her journeys she became caught in an old hunter's trap, at which point her spirit guide, Aedus, appeared to her and helped her. She was eager to return home and arrived back in AniWaya in 2011, to discover her brother mourning the loss of their murdered sister, Noir. Unsettled by the news among other reasons, Océane departed just as soon as she arrived, traveling abroad for many months before she came across and took shelter in the Sonnerie gypsy pack in early 2013. There, she kindled a romance with Domovoi Tarasova. Eventually, this lover leaves on a personal revenge quest against an entity of his past, and Océane follows until she realizes she is pregnant. Abandoning him to his own devices and convinced to never see him again, Océane traveled to Lac Sakami to give birth to her children, Amorette Aston and Olivia Tarasova. She left the pups with Francine Taylor, a longtime member, and had her promise to raise them for her and give them a good life. Before she could know her children Océane began another journey back to her birthplace, hoping to establish a new and fruitful life for herself there.

She arrived in AniWaya in late 2013, and was eventually pursued by Amorette and Olivia, who joined AniWaya to live with her as a family. Only two months later Domovoi also appeared at the borders to join the tribe, previously discovering and following Océane a few weeks earlier. He received information that the children were his own, and after Océane confirmed as much, their relationship became very estranged and complicated. Eventually, Amorette left to follow a darker future in Anathema and Domovoi vanished, assumed dead due to his self-deprecating tendencies. Spiraling into a darker depression, Océane left her birthplace once again, expecting never to return. She traveled to Lac Sakami and became a fire-keeper and dancer, remaining there for several months until she was urged by her spirit guide to seek advice from a healer on her sudden-onset fatigue among other symptoms. She was told that she had a disease called Leukemia, and that there was no cure or treatment, but the healer could not give her an estimated time to live. Océane immediately left to return to Nova Scotia to find closure with her family, the time on her clock ticking by.







  • Date of Birth: December 31, 2008
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: None
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Loner
  • White mare.
  • Spirit guide. Takes the form of an albino king cobra.



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1.  Appearance

1.1  Fur and Coloration

Arctic genes are most clearly seen in Océane's fur. Her coat is thick and soft, thinning out slightly during summer months so she appears less bulky and more slim. Rarely does she ever find herself to be cold. Her fur is primarily a solid Metallic Bronze (#443017), a perfect likeness to milk chocolate. A dorsal stripe that stretches down the arch of her spine to the tip of her tail is a dodged Pavlova (#D8C796). This color is also covering her paws, and accentuates her ears, muzzle, and around her eyes. Shifting up through Optime, her hair is a deep Nero (#241200), highlighted with faint streaks of Lisbon Brown (#433924). Her hair reaches to her lower back when it is not pulled into rugged braids. Océane's eyes are certainly the most striking feature upon her, a bright Silver Tree (#77BFA1) that resembles the perfect medium between green and blue, or "seafoam", and contrasts starkly against her dark coloration.

1.2  Build

As her arctic genes accredit to her, she is large in build between all three forms. Her limbs and legs are the most powerful upon her, and has surprisingly fast and accurate dexterity with her fingers. Grace and prestige in movement is her downfall, but like her mother, her strides are confidently placed with strength and calculation. Her limbs in Lupus give her the ability for agility, while in Secui it is the broadness of her chest and shoulders that make her looks the most intimidating (but in Secui her agility decreases considerably), and in Optime her sheer height towers above the rest. It is clear that power lay in her figure; and she can be frightening enough in the rare moments that she uses aggression. Despite limited combat knowledge, it is not difficult for her to inflict damage. Her thick winter coat makes her appear bulkier than she really is- legitimate curves lay beneath her fur, but the only way they can be seen is during rain or a cleaning when it sticks to her body.


1.3  Lupus

1.4  Secui

1.5  Optime

98 lbs (44.5 kg)
37 in (94 cm)

155 lbs (70.3 kg)
49 in (124.5 cm)

225 lbs (102 kg)
7ft 1in (85 in) (215.9 cm)

Lupus is most commonly used for traveling long distances (without companion) and hunting, for lack of any Optime hunting abilities. Here Oce sports long limbs with lean muscle.

Secui is rarely used, usually only in moments that conflict or power are needed. Her broad chest and shoulders suggest the very real strength and potential damage that is so easy for her to inflict. Her fur spikes along her scruff, and lengthens around the rest of her figure, making her appear larger than she actually is.

Preferred Form. This is the form that Océane is usually found in. Her height is dominating; usually her head can very easily reach the branches of trees. Curves are slightly more imminent here, though still mostly hidden beneath arctic fur. Naturally, her hair is wavy, even kinked when she removes her braids. When it is free it reaches to her lower back, though it is commonly found in a rugged and careless braid or two. Long bluejay feathers are almost always found behind her ears or weaved into braids. Natural hair example. Common hairstyle/braid example.

2.  History

Océane was born in AniWaya in December 2008 and resided in the pack until July of 2009. She always expressed an interest go explore the outside world, even when she was too young to leave the tribe. She disappeared in July 2009 and returned in January 2011.

Her last adventure proved to be a little more than what she bargained for when the female found herself trapped in an old human hunter's trap, long forgotten. With no way to get out of it, Oce most certainly would have starved if her spirit guide had not arrived and helped her. Since that experience, Oce traveled back home and found her brother, Claudius , mourning the loss of their sister, Noir. Just as soon as she arrived Océane departed again, this time for a much longer and more thrilling journey.

After living life as a loner and exploring the unknown for two years, Océane seeks shelter from the Sonnerie Gypsy pack in January of 2013. Among the gypsies she meets Domovoi Tarasova, whom she kindles a romance with.

Art by Miyu
A series events leads to a more intimate relationship between Dom and Océane. Soon after, Domovoi leaves on a mission of revenge on Kharma. Later she discovers she is pregnant, but instead of telling Domovoi she leaves her unstable lover for her family in Lac Sakami. She gives birth to her only offspring Amorette Aston and Olivia Tarasova halfway through her journey. Once her and the pups are strong enough to continue, Océane leaves her daughters with Francine Taylor of the pack, making her promise to keep her secret and provide them with a happy life there.

September of 2013 Océane returns to AniWaya, to find that all of the spirit guides have fled. Oce's spirit guide is able to shed light on the subject, revealing an unsettled and angry spirit savaging the packlands. AniWaya moves to a new territory soon after this revelation.

In late February, Océane's daughters show up at the edge of AniWaya and join their ranks. Fraught with guilt of abandoning her daughters Océane stumbles blindly upon the old flame Domovoi , who also happens to be the unknowing father of her daughters. The meeting is awkward and tense at first, but Océane flees it once echoes of old intimacies resurface. Domovoi follows her trail, and finds himself at the borders of AniWaya, where he meets Claudius . He is informed he is the father of Océane's suddenly appearing children, and despite denying the fact he joins AniWaya to protect what is left of his family. Océane and Domovoi had scarce few conversations, and when they did, they became either heated arguments or tear-jerking confessions. Emotions were too tangled and uncertain for either of them to move forward or back with their feelings that obviously persisted for one another, even in the moments when they saved each other's lives. The departure of Amorette to Anathema and the event of Olivia becoming a leader in AniWaya led Domovoi to depart from the tribe in January of 2015 without even a goodbye, uncertain he would ever return. Océane spiraled into a darker happiness now that she had lost Domovoi and one of her daughters while the other became increasingly distant. While she continues through the motions of everyday life the actions now have little meaning, and she spends increasingly large amounts of time away from the tribe in search of something to distract her.

3.  Personality

Best described as an individual who marches to the beat of her own drum. Believes in having a divine purpose for her existence, although doesn't necessarily realize how or why, but has a feeling it has to relate to fire keeping and fire ceremonies. Most likely the most curious person anyone will come across, for anything and everything is fascinating to her, and is more apt to becoming a listener than an active talker if good conversation comes her way. She follows strict guidelines of freedom to do what makes her and those around her in positive spirits. Very adventurous, and looking more from life than the average 9 to 5. Sometimes her adventures could turn into risky situations, and sometimes she can unwind to the point where it makes her look naive and immature, but is simply living in the moment of matters and doing what makes herself feel happiest.

As she's matured she has grown slightly more level-headed and manages to think her actions through most of the time. She still has a fire in her eyes and despite her adult age she brings youth and light where she walks. Curiosity has never lost her, and she still finds herself taking stupid risks to discover new things, which have led her both to glorious adventures and danger alike. She is doubtful her spirit will ever be dulled.

4.  Skills

  • Firetending (Journeyman) — as a former fire-tender in AniWaya, Océane is adept at making and maintaining fires.
  • Dancing (Journeyman) — as a part of her fire-tending duties in AniWaya, Océane learned some of the traditional Cherokee dances and continues to practice them avidly.
  • Navigating and Tracking (Master) — as an avid explorer, Océane knows how to pinpoint her location anywhere she may be and can easily navigate to places she has been before though use of the stars or direction of the sun. It is unheard of her ever becoming lost.
  • Animal Husbandry (Apprentice) — Océane knows a great deal of practical knowledge for caring for a horse, but is interested in learning more about animals in general.
  • Language (Quebec French) (Journeyman) — She speaks French, which she learned from her mother and aunt. Through further studies she can more fluently speak Quebec French as her second language.

5.  Relationships

Key Relations

She is a strong independent woman and don't need no relationships. D<

  • Claudius Aston/Attila Aston: Océane's brothers are the closest family she has. Though she feels she has more of a connection with Claudius, she admire's Attila's strong will and his willingness to be there for her. They bonded more closely after their sister, Noir's, murder by their father. Through Oce's rapid disappearances and reappearances her brothers have been the only constant family she can count on.
  • Amorette Aston/Olivia Tarasova: Océane's daughters and sole offspring. Despite her absence for a large part of their beginning lives, Océane is fiercely protective of her children and is actively trying to mend and grow their relationship. Unfortunately, Amorette's departure to Anathema in pursuit of her own love leaves little room for the mother-daughter relationship to develop, and Olivia's role as an AniWaya leader causes her to become increasingly distant. Océane fears she has lost any opportunity to forge a strong relationship with her daughters, though she still attempts to create one, albeit in vain.
  • Domovoi Tarasova: Océane's old flame and the father of her daughters, Amorette and Olivia. Océane left him after their brief romance in Sonnerie, leaving him with no knowledge she was pregnant with his children. After finding her in AniWaya, along with unresolved feelings and the fact she kept a rather large secret from him, their relationship is uncertain and complicated. After his departure from AniWaya in early 2015 Océane has since begun to harbor regrets about not trying to put their issues to rest and move forward and fears he left to kill himself and that he will never return.

Family: Aston, Sadira, Soul

Happy family by Frost

For more information because Oce has just too much family, see the Aston, Sadira and Soul families.


6.  Companions

6.1  Spirit Guide

Océane encountered her guide Aedus on one of her adventures. Aedus takes the form of an albino cobra snake, resembling the smoke rising from a fire. ...Read more on this NPC's mini profile!

6.2  Equine Companion

Evadne is a feral mare Océane discovered amid an orchid field one afternoon in a rural valley located very South of 'Souls. ... Read more on this NPC's mini profile!

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