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April 18, 2010






Coloring: She has a dark coat that appears black but with natural deep red, golden highlights that get lighter around the tips of her ears, tail and her mane area and back. From the point of her ears, tail the red and golden color is extreme and then gradually fades into her natural dark fur.
Eyes: Green Chartreuse. They appear iridescent- like. For her, they are the windows of the soul and are expressive.
Coat: Besides the dark black color itself it is very velvet like and shinny, reveling the red and golden tones.
Necklace: She has a Labradorite amulet with with a decorated bezel of silver strokes around her neck. It's a stone that reflects the light of dark blue to hints of golden yellow to light blue. It's attached to a leather chord adorn with bits amethyst and Smokey quartz. She made this herself and is very proud of it.
Ears: Her left ear has one silver hoop in the top, near the tip of her ear. Her right ear has two hoops on the lower part of the ear. The lower of the two hoops carries two feathers. One is a cardinal, one raven and one stripped red tail hawk feather.
Size and overall appearance: She is a petite lean hybrid with curves. Nyx posses larger ears and a longer and fluffier tail then most. This comes from her other, non wolf relatives.

  • Lupus: She is still petite yet with the indentation on her sides of the curves she posses in her optime form. This is her second form of preference
  • Secui: She's is still not as bulky in this from compared to normal wolves, but still larger then lupus. But she does have a larger mane going down her back. It is enhanced with more red and golden hues that go down to her tail.
  • Optime: She has shorter "hair" in the front, cropped shorter and layerd. She maintains a curvy appearance with leaner limbs. Most of the time she is in her optomin form because she needs thumbs when creating

Nyx wears more accessories then actual clothes. She wears fingerless gloves and carries a small leather pack on her belt. The belt has some rivets and studs to it and a small sash of deeper purple hangs off of it. The sash is decorated with filigree designs of black.

  • an ivory embroidered knife with labradoite and a few smaller knives with embroidered handles.
  • a simple healing ointment
  • tumbled stones
  • gris gris
  • few simple tools.
  • small pad and pencil to draw designs out.


Nyx is a highly creative spirit, she loves to create and express herself through her appearance as well as style. She creates jewelry and various thins with her small kit and few tools. She listens to her instinct and intuition in most situations. She pursuits her passions as they lead her to do many spontaneous things. She can come off as chaotic.

She's a sweetheart to others and is not prone to violence. She carries a friendly attitude and likes a good conversation. She will defend those close to her if necessary. She's also pretty outgoing.One thing that Nyx can't stand is rudeness. She doesn't like to take other's bull either.


She was born in France in her parent's wolf pack, Jinx. In this pack, they experimented with different arts even though the where more modernized, living mostly in Optime form. Even so, they still valued and taught their youth the skills to survive and hunt as a pack as well as alone.

She was was close to her mother, Kali, who was the Alpha female of the Jinx pack. Her father, Raza, as Alpha male, was hardly mostly out paroling the borders due to threats of other packs, therefore hardly seeing her.

In most of her childhood she enjoyed living a more in a more human like lifestyle. Growing to love jewelry she was taught how to render it from her mother. She also was taught other crafts such as carving and sewing. In making jewelry, she knows a lot about semi-precious stones. She's more on the art side and loves to create many things. She was still taught survival skills and hunting. With her sister, they would spar together but her sister was more of the fighter then she was. This proved itself useful when she came to Souls.

A tragic accident occurred one night where one of the outside packs invaded their lands and killed Nyx's parents. Her father tried to fight the leader but he died and the remaining pack members turned to loners or where killed. As for her sister, they where separated during the chaos that was happening.

After witnessing her parent's death, she managed to escape to Souls, the place her parent's told her was safe if anything should happen. There she hopes to one day find her sister for the slim chance that she may be alive. Now she is in the Anathema pack.

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