Nuki Rakezael

Nuki Rakezael

Nuki, by Kiri
Date of BirthDecember 13, 2007
Age> 3 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth place"End World"

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateFebruary 3, 2011
Previous RankPlebeian

Nuki Rakezael was not a nice lady. :[ She was a loner who gave Denali Reitzer? drugs, and then killed him and cut off his tail when he came to her for help. Then, just because she could, she joined Crimson Dreams, Denali's old pack. She tricked/trapped/injured Parker Sadira and eventually Savina Marino figured it out and they fought and Nuki left the 'Souls area entirely.


Pre-Souls History

Pre-'Souls History: Nuki comes from a continent across the ocean from 'Souls, a place she refers to as End World. The heart of a dense urban city, End World is the epitome of the post-apocalyptic metropolis. Before the virus the city's most prevalent source of income was the production and maintenance of nuclear power, but now that there is no one with the knowledge to maintain the city's plants, the fortification of the power plants has failed and leaked radiation into the atmosphere. This has caused the rapid destruction of the Luperci who tried to populate this city after the extinction of human kind. Most were unable to maintain sanity once the plant's toxins poisoned the air, and the city fell to crime as organized mafias and gangs rose to power.

Of course, every place has its occasional set of radicals that for some reason or another are not affected quite the same as others. This was the case with Nuki's parents. Both of her parents were relatively unharmed by the toxic air of End World, and maintained enough wit about them to stay out of the grip of the tyrannical gangs that reigned. They passed both their jeans and their cunning on to their daughter, and for three years Nuki managed to remain safe in the harsh world to which she was born. She kept close to her family and far from the spying eyes of the mafia. When she was in her second year, her mother fell casualty to the crime of End World, but her father and older half-brother still live.

Rumor spread through End World like the plague, entwining its tentacles through the dusty bars and speakeasies wrought throughout the city. The gossip spoke of a place that was like a paradise. Of course, it was not perfect, because not even a newborn in End World was naive enough to believe that, but it was a place without organized gangs or packs of any kind. Gripping to the hope of a better life, Nuki and her half-brother, Argul, set out for Nova Scotia to live in a place ripe with game and unpolluted by packs.

When she arrived, she was woefully disappointed...

'Souls History


  • January 10: Arrives in Nova Scotia, splits up from Argul, and quickly learns that this land is crawling with packs.
  • January 21: Murders a boy from Crimson Dreams named Denali.
  • February 2: Her instincts tell her something bad is going to happen and that she needs to seek shelter. In a stroke of “poetic genius,” she seeks membership in Crimson Dreams, just days before the Snowpocalypse.




  • Lupus: 150 lb, 43"
  • Secui: 270 lb, 50"
  • Optime: 240 lb, 6'7"

Nuki is a pure blooded Eurasian Wolf, Luperci by birth. The majority of her coat is sandy in hue with lighter cream undertones on her underbelly and muzzle. The cream shade trails up the back of her forelegs (or arms, in Optime), and is patterned like stockings on her hind legs, as well as traces the line of her tail and neck, completing a collar marking just beneath her jaw. A slightly darker tone colors the back of her neck, leading up to a point on her forehead. Starting at her shoulders and tracing down her spine is a deep, woody brown that runs the length of her back and tail, as well as colors the back of her rounded ears.

The hellion has glassy, deep crimson eyes that can shoot a piercing glare, or mimic utter sincerity depending on her need.

In Optime form she wears her hair fashioned into a loose mohawk. Her mane grows out during the shift into two colors, the deeper cream color and the dark brown that lines her back. She has allowed much of her mane to grow long, and what does not stand in the mohawk is worn in four braids. She does not always stick with the same hair style, though, and it is typical for her to comb or change her hair as she sees fit.

A product of her breeding, Nuki is a large framed Luperci. However, contrary to most Luperci, her Secui form is actually her bulkiest form, out-sizing her Optime form. In Lupus she is among the average-high weight class for her species, and in Optime the woman weighs approximately 240 lbs. and stands 6'7.