Николай Во́лков, son of Nikita Volkov.

Family: Volkov, Russo

Heritage: 50% Wolf, Tundra & Russian, 50% Dog, Greenland Dog & Chukotka Dog, with traces of Siberian Husky.


Large, burly wolfdog. Heavy in bone, solidly built, thick coat, broad features. His legs are long, his chest is deep, with his body narrowing just slightly at the waist, and he is very tall. Nikolay is strong and masculine, built for heavy lifting and hard work. His hands are rough and calloused, his body muscular. His eyes are sharp yellow, almond shaped and obliquely set. His muzzle is short and wide, and coupled with his short, well-furred ears he almost has a bear-like appearance. His coat is primarily white and cream, with a light agouti mask and cape. His tail is plumed and hangs limp when at rest, but raises into a curved sickle shape when excited. He carries a shipbuilder's axe, crafted with a kraken motif. Wears cargo pants and carries a seabag. His voice is deep and thickly accented.