Nikita Eirisa

Nikita Eirisa

Nikita Eirisa, by Alex
Name OriginNikita is a Russian missile weapon usable in Metal Gear Solid. Eirisa is from Erica, whose appearance Nikita borrows.
Date of BirthDecember 7th, 2004
Age3.5 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans ortus
Birth placeSomewhere in Newfoundland
Current packNone
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1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

Nikita's life did not start spectacularly. She was born alongside her twin brother, Stinger, to two nondescript coyote parents named Socom and Famas. Because of their small family size, they lived in solitude in the deep, cold woods of Newfoundland. While it was a life that was able to be scraped by with, it was not a good one. Nikita, the most headstrong of the family, set off when she was around ten months old and headed west.

She remained alone until she came across a city in central Canada. While the original name had long since forgotten, its inhabitants had named it New Haven for the protection and resources it gave them. The irony was that it was more a curse than a boon. The denizens of New Haven were addicted to its easy living, despite the plague and crime that run through it the wilds. But Nikita, desperate to find a place to live, set up to live there. Looking back on it, it was the worst decision she had ever made. She met a wolf named Patriot there—a towering and powerful creature, on his way to the top of the pecking order in New Haven. He took a fancy to her, and she believed she loved him as well. They partnered mostly for survival and misunderstood love. While acknowledged mateship wasn't really present in New Haven (as there were many children with Patriot's genes already running about), Nikita assumed that's what they were. She had two litters with Patriot—all sons.

Over the months, Nikita's eyes began to open to where she was. As much as it was home, it was also a trap. She found Patriot's brutal campaign for power was corrupting him (not that he was pure to begin with), and she was in grave danger due to his mood swings. After fighting with him for one final time, she left him without anything else said. She sneaked out of New Haven under the cloak of darkness.

She was nearing three years old when she met with Laurel Booth for the first time. As they were both vagrants, they hit it off well and began to travel together, joining and leaving packs when it met their whim. When Nikita was mid-way through her fourth year of living, they both founded the pack Esper Hollow in Bleeding Souls.

2.  Bleeding Souls History

'Esper Hollow

Joining date July 19, 2008
Joining Rank Leader
Most Recent Rank Leader
Significance She led stuff.
Co-Rank Warden

On July 19th, 2008, Nikita and Laurel founded the pack Esper Hollow, with Laurent Nakado, Jasper de le Poer, and Zephyr le Bach? joining them [1]. The usually-nomadic coyotes were setting a strange precedent for themselves, as they had joined several packs before but never created one for their own. It was a curious experience, but not unpleasant. The pack swelled to numbers exceeding ten members at one point, and they lived peacefully amongst the other packs of Bleeding Souls. One thing about their structure and admittance of members was their lack of caring about what species the canine was—as the leaders were coyotes and the population were wolves, there was a sense of coexistence and tolerance in Esper Hollow.

Nikita's stay was not particularly long—only a few months. The only truly pivotal instance that impacted her life was a romantic fling with Laurent [2]. Not only did it give rise to several troubling thoughts about her life now and her past, but it had other lasting repercussions as well...

On October 16th, 2008—only three months after founding Esper Hollow—Nikita confronted Laurel [3] about leaving to go face her own demons of the past. While she did not iterate them (as she had never relinquished details of New Haven and Patriot to Laurel), she knew she had to go back and face Patriot once and for all. It was a stupid and short-sighted idea, but she felt it was necessary. She left shortly thereafter.

3.  Post-Bleeding Souls History

Nikita returned to New Haven. When she returned to the place she had called home for so many years, she found it somewhat changed—for the worse. The inhabitants were controlled ruthlessly by a new group of "Enforcers", and their leader was Patriot. In the months that she had been away, the wolf that once held her heart in the palm of his hand had risen to control the entire city. As soon as she came in the perimeter, she was captured and escorted to the tyrant. After bitter words thrown back and forth, the two estranged lovers realized all that had changed. Patriot lay his decree: she would remain in New Haven for as long as she would live.

She was kept prisoner, but not uncomfortably. Given a fine room in a decaying skyscraper and fed regularly with food that wasn't putrefying just yet, she lived a good enough life, but a caged life. She was not allowed to leave unless escorted. She longed for her past life and for Laurel, but there wasn't anything she could do.

It was in these first weeks of captivity that she realized that she was pregnant. She mostly hid it, refusing to be seen by anyone for several days, but in the end she couldn't keep it hidden forever. When her children—two twin boys named Snake and Foxhound—were born, one day before her own birthday, there was no way that they could be kept secret from Patriot.

Nikita feared that he would have them killed because he knew that they were not his, but, in a twisted thought, he kept them alive. He told her that killing them would be a blessing. He wanted her to suffer by seeing her children reared by his ruthless minions—he wanted her to watch her children be corrupted as the others had. Her heart broken, she returned to her prison with her infant twins. The two grew quickly. The older, Foxhound, looked much like her—dark-furred with red and black mixed in with his coloring, and with green eyes more emerald than olive. Snake was the spitting image of Laurel (something that made her heart twist), though a serious kid nonetheless.

Not to go much into the story of their childhood (as that's more Snake's story), but she began to grow close to one of her own captors. His name was Gray, and he was one of her eldest sons. He was sympathetic to her cause, and, one dark night much like the first she had escaped, he helped spirit her away. She took Snake, her favored son, with her. Foxhound was asked if he wanted to go, as well, but he went straight to Patriot and told them of his mother and brother's escape. Betrayed by her own son, Nikita barely escaped with Snake. Gray was not so lucky. As they ran into the forests surrounding New Haven, they heard Patriot's Enforcers chase him down, and his tortured howls.

By some miracle, only days after their escape, Nikita and Snake met up with Laurel. The woman introduced her son to his father, though Snake seemed very confused about this new man and the father-figure he'd had before—Patriot. Despite Snake's flee at ten months of age (exactly the same as his mother), Laurel and Nikita lived happily once more together on the roam once more. Nikita declined going to look for her son. She thought it best if he sorted out what he needed on his own.

4.  Personality

She's tough, quick-tempered, and unforgiving—though that was largely a part of her created by Patriot. Otherwise, she is actually quite compassionate and warm, witty and humorous. Depends on which mood you catch her in.

5.  Relationships

  • Patriot (ex-mate)
  • Laurel Booth (mate? I guess?)
  • Snake, Foxhound (sons, by Laurel)
  • Rex, Ray, Otacon, Revolver, Gray, Zero, Sigint (sons, by Patriot)
  • Some friends in Bleeding Souls and around Canada.

As a general note about Nikita's feelings towards her children, she does not particularly like them. She believes that all the children she has are out of touch with reality and cannot function like normal wolves or coyotes. Each has their own issue. Rex and Ray (who are twins!) were virtual copies of Patriot (which was a sin in itself). Otacon could not see the world for what it was—he only saw a complicated web of logic rather than reality. Revolver ran away from home when he was almost too young to care for himself, and is presumed dead. Gray was one of Patriot's followers until a streak of good-will towards his mother probably landed him in his grave. Zero is a cold, evil bastard. Sigint, while cheerful most of the time, has been led astray by Patriot and now works for him. Even Nikita's favored sons (which means she actually loves these ones), Snake and Foxhound, have turned against her. Foxhound was quickly brainwashed by Patriot and is now his right-hand coyote, while Snake seems virtually devoid of human emotions and compassion. All in all, Nikita mourns for the lives she's brought into the world.

6.  Abilities, talents and skills

Nikita has the peculiar talents of wielding knives particularly well (she was known as one of the best knife-fighters in New Haven, and also performed knife tricks while traveling as a gypsy) and also playing the cello. Unfortunately, she left her cello in Esper Hollow when she left, as she expected to come back. So she merely plays whatever she can nowadays. She also seems unable to have female children!

7.  Appearance

For a coyote of such small stature, Nikita looks oddly formidable. Her thin limbs are nevertheless wired with muscles that give her a lithe grace that offsets her general roguish appearance. As per usual for coyotes, her fur is mostly a mix between silver-gray and sandy-brown, minus a darker brown saddleback. Her hair, which she keeps cropped short with the right side hanging over her eye, is the same color as her saddleback. She is most of the time in her shifted form, and wears clothes. She wears a tattered black tank top with gray bandages over it covering her midsection. She also wears a heavy leather belt with worn jeans that are missing a right pant-leg. One of her trademarks is a dark army green bandana that she wears over her light olive eyes. The other is a red-hilted dagger that she wears buckled at her waist at all times.

7.1  Luperci Forms

As per usual for most Ortus wolves and coyotes, Nikita prefers her Optime form for general living. She will either fight in it (as she feels her knife is more keen than any fang or claw), but will sometimes shift to her Secui form to fight. She uses her Lupus form for traveling.


She's a small, darkly-furred coyote thing with a bandanna and large ears.


She's a much more beastly coyote—though still somewhat small—with large fangs, claws, while still sporting her fashionable bandanna.


This one is described up in the first description!

7.2  Stature

Short, a bit stocky, and strong.

7.3  Eyes

Pretty olive green.

7.4  Scars

Not many, though some very faded ones on her arms and shoulders from past scuffles.

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