Niir Ráksha

Niirshadeen voir Ráksha-Rákesh

Niir, by Alex
Date of BirthJune 26, 2008
Age> 2 years
Subspecies½ Coyote × ¼ Wolf × ¼ Husky

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Joining dateJanuary 13, 2010[1]

Niir Ráksha (fka: Niirshadeen voir Ráksha-Rákesh) was a member of Inferni in January 2010.


After several years of birthing nothing but dead litters, a sorrowful mother was finally given a daughter just before the death of her sickly husband. A singularly beautiful and tiny daughter was given to her, who was a blessing and a miracle in every manner of speaking. But the mother’s jealous and barren sister was furious with the live birth and no longer felt a connection with the sister who had previously been just as cursed as she. In rage and jealousy, she killed her sister and took the child as her own; though out of guilt, she did name the pup after her true, deceased mother. The cruel coyote-bitch and her submissive husband raised the girl, but she was a strong-willed woman, and could not particularly stand how weak and small the child had been born. She trained and taught the darling babe as best she could, often resulting in violence in the name of the gods in order to get the child in peak performance. Shortly after her first birthday, the child ran away, not once looking over her shoulder. Over the past few months of traveling alone, she has been exploring religion with nomads and keeping in smart touch with her skills as a small warrioress and resourceful girl, enabling her acute survival on her own.


Niir treats the whole of the world as if it is but a dream, yet paradoxically one that can cause her intense pain. Wary, though contingently relaxed in the eyes of her brethren. Her deepest feelings are enigmatic, dispassionately unattached, but at the same time passionately involved and spiritually alive. Niir is quiet and mystical, mostly unreadable and closed off to those she deems too blind to know her any better. Her youth is not to be confused with naivety, for she understands things far better than she often intends to let on. There are secrets behind those cold pools of crystal—an underlying wealth of power, love and grace thinly attributed by the spirit of her deceased mother. It is as if a beautiful, mature and very sweet persona not her own actually lives behind the eyes of young hybrid, making her seem far beyond her years and the unkindness that she was raised with. She has been shunned by wolves plenty for her lineage, but does not conform to the way they treat her. Complete with a perpetual look of innocence, she was taught by her "mother" to be strong-willed and confident; the only lessons, as well as the fire to fight, that she actually took from her vile past.



An abusive mother and a scatter-brained father, both of whom she would rather forget.




Niir is a very slight creature; small, silk-furred and slender with a tender air of unpracticed grace. A svelte figure, spry and youthful body riddled with sleek curves. The majority of her pelt is a muted dark gray, her guard hairs frosted blue-black in randomized places. Her fur fades to a silvery-gray hue when reaching her face, chest and undercarriage; and due to a very small portion of her ancestry, some aspects of her appearance are slightly doggish, i.e. her rather boxy muzzle and the long flow of fur at her ears, elbow and tail. Unmarred aside from a very thin scar starting just beside the base of her right ear and ending cleanly against the far edge of her right eye. When shifted, she stands but a few inches over five feet and suffers little change aside from the now-visible tattoo ranging just below her naval, and the flow of wild and wavy dark hair cascading from atop her head. Summing up her particularly exotic build and genuine athleticism are a pair of black-rimmed, ice-blue eyes—wide glassy pools of searing emotion.


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