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Nidarash is a mixture of wolf three sub-species and a border collie. How did that happened? See her story. She's not a very open and friendly person. At first there is high chance she'll try to ignore you if you come to her. But hey, if you won't get discouraged by that she may even be a decent companion after all. She's not especially grumpy and pessimistic either. She just likes her privacy a lot. She's an explorer who will never loose her way and will always find a way home, who can make a shelter out of nothing and guide you through the moorlands during the most foggy day in the year. She likes new things and hates stagnation.






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  • NPC Name (blue roan mare)
  • NPC Name (blood bay stallion)



  • Introducing her to Anathema territories, culture and customs
  • New pals always welcome - best is someone who likes to travel just like her
  • Someone who would remind her constantly of her past

Anathema members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing her somewhere when just walking and checking out the territory

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: She looks mostly as an oddly colored Mckenzie Valley Wolf with slightly longer ears than you would expect and a longer, more silky fur.
  • Fur: Longer than that of a wolf and just a little more silky, nicer in touch. She also has bunches of fur sticking out under her ears.
    • Optime Hair: She likes to keep them clean and practical. She has something like a longer mane but it's still a fur, not a human-like haircut. Her hair are starting just a little bit over the top of her head and reaching between her arm blades.
  • Facial Features: The muzzle is long and rather thin and in her Secui form she has longer fur on both sides of her cheekbones.
  • Build and Size: Nida is rather bulky body-type wise, she's not very tall. She's not chubby but neither she's slim.
    • Lupus: Her lupus form is rather small but strong built. She has the shortest fur in this form. Her ears tend to flop a little when she's walking. When in Secui form she's bigger and her fur is longer.
    • Optime: She's rather short, having about 5'5". She sometimes behaves and moves oddly in this form.
  • Humanization: She's almost not humanized at all. All she wars is a cloak and a bag since all she needs she can extract from nature. She's not connected to things - when something reaches it's expiration date or breaks she just throws it away and makes a new item.


  • Fur:
    • Warm dim gray on the back
    • Tan on the underbelly
  • Markings:
    • Cinnamon ears, top of the muzzle and tip of the tail
    • Ivory muzzle and throat with white blaze reaching over her eyes
    • Dark grey dapple spots on her cheeks and both sides of her body
  • Eyes: Bright blue
  • Optime Hair: Same dim grey as the back of her neck in lupus form
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Merled - pink and dark grey


Dim Gray (#696969)
Tan (#D2B48C)
Cinnamon (#D2691E)
Ivory (#FFFFF0)
Light blue (#B0C4DE)
Light pink (#FFB6C1)
Almost black grey (#292929)
Dark grey (#4A4A4A)

By Despi + Katie!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Some minor scars hidden under her pelt.
  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos:
    • This one her her left shoulder blade.
    • This one on the inside of her right wrist
    • A and that one on her left ankle


She don't have any items that would connect her in any way with any spiritual belief or with her past.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • None.


  • Cloak


75 lbs (34 kg)
25 in (63 cm)


Nida doesn't like to use this form often as it's smaller and thus more vulnerable than the other two. It has it's perks as she's capable of sneaking up unnoticed and fitting into small places in lupus form.

185 lbs (84 kg)
37 in (93 cm)

Secui (Preferred)

She loves her Secui form. It's strong but swift, fitting to almost any situation. It's not easy to knock her out of her feet in this form as it's extremely stable and well balanced. The only flaw is, she cannot hide as easily and will make a lot of noise moving i this form.

191 lbs (87 kg)
5ft 5in (65 in / 165 cm)


Her Optime form is small but bulky, which makes her rather oddly looking and not very attractive for most of the males. She has bigger breasts and wider hips than most of the luperci females. She consider this form very uncomfortable and clumsy. But you would be surprised by what she can create with her hands in terms of art.


  • Speech: She speaks in plain language without any unnecessary phrases. She has no accent, but her voice is deeper than that of an average female. When struggling with strong emotions her language can break into sort of slang.
  • Scent: She smells mostly of forest and dirt, but for skilled nose she has also a soft musk of human-ish scent lingering on her fur.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: In Optime form she's somehow clumsy, and tends to keep her body language at minimum.
  • General Posture and Body Language: She's almost always backed off, also she sometimes keeps her hands crossed.


2.  Personality

A brief (1-3 paragraphs) personality description goes here. It'd probably be best to write this last, since you should pull key traits out of the rest of your information and then put it here. This section is good to stick in your forum profile as their "Personality" section.

2.1  Ideals


fearless, carefree, eccentric, imaginative

  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Sociability: introverted
  • Expression: submissive
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral


  • She strives for adventure
  • But she also needs a place to come back to


  • Something: Being tied to one person/place, unable to move and explore
  • Something: Having to hurt others


  • Packs: None at the moment.
  • Species: She's not very fond of 100% dog luperci, although she is able to hide it
  • Non-Luperci: She loves non-luperci. In fact, if she could choose she would be one of them. She never asked to be born like this!
  • Gender: None.
  • Color: No.
  • Sexuality: She's open to that but prefers females, since in her past she have had hard periods with males and considers them aggressive.
  • Age: She doesn't like children. She thinks they're loud, reckless, mean and a complete waist of time.


She was originally heterosexual, but after she was abused sexually she turned to bisexual. She's not confident of her sexuality and will avoid the topic as long as she can. She has to be treated very gently to open up in front of someone but after that she's a very fierce and creative lover who will do everything to satisfy the other half. Her libido is not very high, as sexuality is a tertiary side of life for her.


  • Likes: exploring, experiencing new things, sunsets, birds, non-luperci wolves, matrial arts, tattooing
  • Dislikes: human objects, too humanized luperci, over-thinkers, horse meat,


She tried some "drugs" in her past while being with the gang, but nothing very strong. She sees substances as a distraction from real problems and people who take them as weak. She feels sorry for them.


Describe your character's spirituality. What do they believe? Do they believe in (a) higher power(s)? Do they perform rituals? What do they believe after death? Do they have a creation myth? Maybe this section is long enough to require more space.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: None

  • Mother: Reyina - a grean plains wolf and border collie mixture, ortus luperci
  • Father: Hakari - a red wolf and mackenzie valley wolf mixture, verto luperci
  • Siblings: None that she know of.
  • Half-Siblings: ----
  • Children: ----
  • Cousins: ----
  • Extended: ----

3.2  Relations

Key Relations


Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


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  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

Skill 2

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  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
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4.2  Inventory


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  • Offering: what kind of stuff does your character trade?
  • Accepting: what do they want?



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5.  History

5.1  Achievements


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