Nella Fantasia

Nella Fantasia

Nella, by Hannah
Date of BirthJanuary 30, 2005
Age> 4 years
LuperciYes (Ortus/Verto) or no
Birth placeLightpaw tribe
Current packUnknown

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Twilight Vale

Joining dateJune 24, 2008[1]


Joining dateJune 12, 2008[2]

Nella Fantasia is the adoptive sister of Deuce Rhiannon and was a Loner, and later a member of Twilight Vale.


Nella was born to Taliesin and Gwennyn back home in Ireland. She was the only pup born to them, and the last pup born to the Lightpaw tribe, which had re-loctaed to Ireland. When her father died, Nella was one year old. Her mother extracted a promise from her to go find Deuce and tell Deuce that her father was dead. Gwennyn died days after her beloved mate.

Nella kept her promise, and is seeking out her adopted sister. She's spent the last two years searching for her. She was killed by Conri Church.



  • Parents - Taliesin Dir , Gwennyn Fantasia
  • Adopted sister - Deuce Rhiannon


Nell is sleek and aristocratic. She's built to be bothe lithe and graceful. Her left eye is a pale green, her right eye is a pale blue. She typically wears a skirt and a top of some sort. Her fur is jet black, though she has a small white beauty mark on her face. She has no scars, and the only piece of jewelry she wears is a talisman her father gave her before he died.

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