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  1. the thistle and the burr
    Narcissa attends her first Last Supper.
  2. digital ash in a digital urn
    Cissa and Drew dance together at the last supper.
  3. m- our passion play has now at last begun
    Narcissa and Andrew consummate their mateship to be.


  1. come and find me in the dark now
    Narcissa sees her brother Saint after a long while, but their reunion is soured by her brother's choice of companion.
  2. pour one more and drink it up, but don't choke
    Narcissa and Andrew hold their wedding feast.
  3. m- the bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn
    Drew and Cissa sleep together after their ceremony and feast, neither of them particularly have a good time.
  4. it don't matter where you bury me
    Ankh's funeral pyre is held.
  5. things falling apart
    Drew presents the family's new slave to his wife.
  6. now weighs a forest on your tongue
    Alejandra lets out one of Narcissa's dresses.


  1. blonde hair and rosary
    Cissa and Drew talk about their inpending parenthood.
  2. m- wipe it off, that purgatory grin
    Helena poisons Cissa in secret.
  3. m- lost, and crushed, and cold, and confused
    Narcissa miscarries her first litter.
  4. before it strikes it's roots and strangles everything
    Narcissa trains, and receives tutoring from Idrieus.
  5. figure it out
    Brocade shows Narcissa around the barracks her husband built.
  6. don't talk of the costs, with a mouthful of wasps
    Cissa and Till have a terse conversation.
  7. but you feel the current pull you in
    Narcissa trains, and Kamari comes across her and makes conversation.
  8. you'll follow me back with the sun in your eyes
    While pilfering her father's home, Narcissa is joined by Julius.
  9. you're just making it harder for yourself
    Narcissa sharpens her blade and is later joined by Khael.


  1. your prince's crown cracks and falls down
    Narcissa meets her young great aunt while training.
  2. you're a silvertongued, jack-boot thug
    Cissa taunts Julius into sleeping with her.
  3. forty six & 2
    Narcissa and Drew move into their new home.


  1. you can't move with your feet tied
    Narcissa meets Evelyn on the beach.


  1. Use two sticks to make it in the nature
    Narcissa meets Kaeli's children.
  2. [M] those who do hear cannot again return home
    Narcissa helps capture those 'responsible' for the Crone's murder.


  1. [m] unsullied Eunomia, glory of the Puritans
    The Trial is held.
  2. m- the fire that ran after the horses
    NArcissa comes into heat and her and Andrew make the best of a bad situation.
  3. m- twelve paces without a head
    Narcissa 'seduces' Julius.
  4. bull's eyes and targets
    Narcissa takes stress out on Allspice.


  1. m- what was flesh and blood became plastic instead
    Narcissa and Andrew avoid a tragedy.