Nakir Barzakh

Nakir Barzakh

Date of BirthJanuary 6th, 2007
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Nakir joined Inferni in early 2010.

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1.  History

Nakir grew up in a small Canadian town mainly inhabited by coyotes by her mother, Jannah Halal, and her father, Mertek Barzakh. Her twin brother, Munkar, died shortly after birth due to complications. Her community was wolf hating, but tolerated Nakir's mother - who's blood was about 10% wolf, the result of rape in her family's history - because her hatred matched their own. This influenced Nakir's hatred of wolves; eventually she even began to hate the wolf in her mother and in herself.

When Jannah caught her daughter cutting her forearms with a clean and sharpened blade, the decline of their relationship began. Although Jannah loathed wolves, she was typically sympathetic towards hybrids that could not help their circumstance; the fact that Nakir was attempting to cut the wolf from her skin felt, to her mother, like a rejection of heritage and a direct insult. A physical fight between the two erupted and Nakir's knife cut a line from her mother's left eye to her lips.

With this action, Nakir had severed the ties with her parents and although her community would still accept her in their roster, the female no longer felt a connection. Taking only her knife and a scavenged army jacket, Nakir left in search of a new life.

2.  Personality

Nakir harbors an intense hatred of wolves; a fact that has led to some self-harming tendencies (due to her hybrid blood), although she would never admit to anyone its source. Her appearance is of high importance, being that she is a very sexual creature, and any self-inflicted wounds are never disfiguring. Although she gives it up to nearly anyone that asks, her heart is unobtainable and she is loyal to no one. Nakir will use anyone and everyone if she believes it will benefit her own personal goals.

3.  Family


4.  Appearance

Although nearly a full-blooded coyote, Nakir's fur is mostly dark gray with subtle black stripes (typically only visible in certain light), especially across her back. These stripes may have been tattooed, but Nakir steadily maintains they've been there since birth. Rusty reds and browns are very prominent in points on her form, especially her ears, tail and paws. A series of thin scars line the insides of her forearms. Her eyes are a startling ice blue, to the point of almost being white.

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