Nahele Helaku

Nahele Helaku

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Name OriginNative American
Date of Birth26th April 2008
Birth placethe Great Tribe
Current packAniWaya

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This Guardian accompanies Wemantin and Shadi, a group of three who accompany Maska, sent by Chief Achak Aatu to aid Maska in his work in AniWaya. He is known for marksmanship with a bow and is fiercely loyal/close to Wematin (like a right hand man). He holds the same rank as the others, Galonv Adagatiya, and dons the black cloak characteristic to the rank. Mottled brown and tan fur with ochre eyes.

1.  Appearance

There is something of a nondescript air about Nahele that the warrior takes great advantage of. Being coloured so that one may move through the trees and the underbrush without being seen has always been a bonus for the stalker. While he has always been large in stature and muscle mass, his coat gives him the camoflague enough to be stealthy and silent in the world around him. Coated in tones of eathy brown, ash grey and subtle creams, there is never really a definite description of where one colour starts and another one ends. His coat is constantly changing, although there are some points where they is a consistency that means he is not wholly unable to be described. A dusty brown makes up the base of his coat colour, while darker and lighter browns highlight his hips, elbows and groin. The insides of his legs are lightened to an almost cream colour, while the outsides take on a dark tone of brown so that they often look striped. A lighter cream brushes the hairs around the very bottom of his chest, while the rest of his chest consists of varying shades of brown, ash and cream. The underside of his jaw and a scant amount of his cheeks are a stark white. The uppper side of his muzzle is a brown, leading to a face mask of intermixed brown and ash- more brown on his eyes while ash grey surronds them. His forehead is painted with the same mottled brown/grey that his face is, leading all the way up over his head, coating his ears in the peppered mix. The colouration continues all the way down his body, mottled browns and greys camoflaguing his body. His tail follows the same pattern, tipped in a rough white. His eyes are a dull gold in colour.

Nahele is always clothed in the black cloak given to all Guardians of his rank. It is hard to tell what he wears beneath the impenitrable cloak, but if someone were to get in they would find only rough canvas trousers and not a lot else. Nahele carries an elaborately decorated knife belt hung low on his waist, adorned with a large hunting knife and pouches of various useful items, including a pouch full of arrow heads. Across his back is his most prized possession, the giant bow and a quiver of arrows fletched with swan feathers. This bow is laveshed with a lot of Nahele's love and attention, as well as his time.

2.  Personality

There is something of a traditionalist about Nahele that was perhaps the reason he was promoted to one of Maska's Guardians in the first place. The most obvious reason was for his chosen path of a warrior would be his determination and skill with a bow. While never described as purely aggressive nor impulsive, Nahele is a follower of orders. Fiercly loyal and not a little protective of his closest friends and master, he sees the immediate tight knit of the Guardians with him as his family. Or perhaps Shadi and Wematin are considered family. Maska is regarded as something above and beyound the bonds of family and there is a certain idolisation in the male that he tries to keep hidden. Deteremined and loyal in everything he does, there is a certain amount of perfectionism about him that executes in everything he does.

3.  Spirit Guide - Hania [Spirit Warrior] ;; Margay Hania [Spirit Warrior] ;; Margay Hania is surprisingly very similar to Nahele. While some spirits guides are the opposite of their luperci, or act as their conscience, and are almost always the opposite sex, Hania is none of these things. A male for starters, manifesting in the form of a margay cat. He is a wise and often sarcastic guide, who doesnt like to see his advice questioned. He is fierce and contributes a lot of the bloodlust for the relationship. Perhaps a little too bloodthirsty sometimes, Hania is likely to encourage Nahele into the path of violence. He cares about Nahele and wouldnt see him hurt, it just happens to be a more primal nature that drives him. Never without a dry comment or a sarcky comment, Hania doesnt often hide himself as others do. He prefers to be seen and heard amoung those who are familiar with spirits.

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