Nadir Lan

Nadir is a former member of Cercatori d'Arte.

Nadir Lan

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10 Apr 2012




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Southeastern Coyote mix

Coyote mix


80% Canis frustror (Southeastern Coyote)
20% Canis cagottis (Mexican wolf)




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Pack Cercatori d'Arte
Rank Trouper


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1.  Appearance

A rather athletic build with flexible agility. With endurance and stamina in constant use, she is frequently moving which enables her to live with light weight, infrequent meals, and tolerable adaptability to her surroundings. Her pelt consists of burnt colors, common to southern pelts, and tipped with dark greys in areas. Her mane in Optime form is woven into dreads that are mid-shoulder in length and routinely tied back by a sash. Threaded into the dreads are items, heirlooms, and treasures not limited to gold, cuffs, chains, and beads. She adorns herself in gold jewelry and dyed sashes, because as performer, she prefers to maintain an eye-catching appearance. Assuming dyes and jewelry are not easily found, her prized possessions are worn so that she can keep a close eye on them. Her eyes are a mahogany brown that settle into a white lower lid, and deep red top lid.

When preforming, Nadir may choose to wear a skirt or longer sash. This is to draw more attention and create a better appeal among bystanders. Casually, she is comfortable in lightweight sashes and skin-tight leather, or nothing at all considering she prefers to travel lightweight. She is partial to the warmer colored apparel.

1.1  Build and Species

Even while coyote, Nadir is still very moderate and small in build. She maintains a dancer's body through training and constant traveling, but her body type is rather slim. Her hips are slightly larger in Optime form. She appears very coyote when in Lupus form, showing her rusty and burnt colors. Her face is rather hidden by the thick tangles that are pushed to the right side of her face, or drawn back into thick dreads.

1.2  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: English Walnut (#473329), highlighted with Red Robin (#783421)
  • Eyes: Pueblo (#6E2910).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown (#C16f55).
    • Lighter Double Spanish White (#E7D5BC) under coat, Tan(#D5AD90) accents, and Whiskey (#cf9876) accents.
    • Bone (#E1D3C4) under eye, gradient muzzle and stomach and Rock (#4B3B35) on her back and tail tip.

1.3  Forms




<<<<<<< 60 lbs (27 kg)
48 in (121 cm) ======= 25 lbs (11 kg)
20 in (51 cm) >>>>>>>

<<<<<<< 79 lbs (35 kg)
60 in (152 cm) ======= 110 lbs (50 kg)
30 in (76 cm) >>>>>>>

110 lbs (49 kg)
5ft 1in (61.2 in) (155 cm)

Lupus form, unfortunately, is a very common staged used by Nadir. Often without consent, Nadir will shift into Lupus form after a nightmare.

Secui starts showing detail in hair, such as dreaded mane growth. She only prefers this stage when intimidating or hunting.

As a wolf who is fond of dacing, Nadir prefers Optime form in the light of day. In this stage, she adorns herself in jewelry and colorful sashes. She is a moderate body type with no extreme bustiness aside from slightly larger hips.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: Cuffs on both ears, rings on her left.
  • Tattoos: None as of now
  • Scars: No notable scars.

Accessories and Clothes

Nadir loves to dress herself in color. While on a casual day, she prefers next to nothing for notably light weight travel, but stylizes herself to draw more attention to herself, especially while dancing. She loves the shiny things and 'collects' valuable objects to clip onto herself.

2.  Personality

She is a gypsy, a vagabond, and a generally optimistic soul. She doesn't make a lot of time for interaction, unless it's the trouble caused by her endeavor to 'fend for herself', but is commonly known to strike up conversation on the streets. However, her day life is consumed by the traveling induced to perform in different areas. Nadir keeps a side to herself that is shrouded by trouble-making darkness and finds her mischief getting her into trouble. As she roams, she tries to cut ties to potential friends, aside from some trusted sources, and lives alone on the daily basis. Being on the short side, she is often mistaken as juvenile and is regularly mistreated. Sometimes, this attribute benefits her by letting her constant thievery attempts slide. Other times, it prevents her from gaining certain benefits, such as the purchase of weapons. However, size doesn't seem to be a controlling factor in Nadir's life, and she finds other ways to obtain what she needs. While Nadir can be friendly and bold, she often shies away from talking about herself. She ignores the spotlight and places her concern, attention, and acknowledgement to her surroundings. Due to this, she is naturally observant of other's actions and emotions and is able to effectively adapt to, and counter them. However, a serious side of her can vary from a good listener to a head-strong fireball. Nadir is very passionate. While she doesn't have many beliefs, she clings close to whatever moral(s) she possess. Her emotions can 'fly off the handle' when provoked in certain ways, making it difficult to understand her. However, her point of views or often solidly proclaimed and her actions occasionally speak louder than words.

2.1  Demeanor

While the opposite of Brisco, Nadir does have an easy going side. What isn't a controlling, self absorbed, boss, is a young Coyote girl who enjoys spending time with others. She can be relaxed, but generally prefers to maintain a spontaneous life-style that has her clawing out for adventure whenever opportunities arise.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Dancing, music, food, traveling, shiny things
  • Dislikes: Walking, crowds, authority


Optimistic, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling, playful, dwelling

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Somewhat Extroverted, dominant?
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Imprisonment, accidents


  • Control, Adventure, Showmanship, Rewards


  • Packs: Never likes the idea of being tied down, but will tolerate very loosely-tied packs with lax rules.
  • Species: Fearful of large, powerful, males and canines of power.
  • Non-Luperci: Generally treats all audiences with the same level of incompetency.
  • Age: Doesn't work well with pups.


While presumably straight, Nadir was raised in a very open-minded spiritual group leaning toward the hippy side of ideas. She is very optimistic toward sexual endeavors but has never met a female that has swayed her yet.


Her old troupe would definitely be inclined to enjoy the fruit of nature. They pass pipes, indulge in brews, and delight in hookah-type practices. However, Nadir doesn't find a necessity for them all the time. She will allow herself a drink with Brisco or a group pass of the pipe to help calm her.


While not constantly showing it, Nadir is actually very spiritual. She believes in a certain Romani religion based around superstition and inner balance. The belief if named Kuntari and centers around the fact that everything has it's natural order. Things that fall out of place, or appear out of balance, like Hens and Frogs, are considered bad luck. This can also contribute to parts of the body by becoming polluted. Nadir specifically believes in not breaking certain taboos so she is able to maintain perfect inner peace, in concern for her dancing and Briscos performance. While she is not visibly maintaining her religious side, she will subconsciously avoid certain superstitions and handle situations in an OCD manner.

3.  Interaction

  • Speech: Her voice has a bit of a turkish twist to her vowels, but her travels have adapted her to a pretty understandable high alto voice.
  • Scent: Smells of fire, oil, grasses, and metals.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Brisco Hoffman: Undeniably her best friend. She travels with him and performs with him. Though they've known each other for a long time, she'd never admit to liking his company as much as she does in fear that it would damage the playful bickering always in play between them. He is the calm water in her life that helps her stay away from bad influences and mischief.
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Siblings: Zenith Lan
  • Extended: She recalls having traveled with a few unattached colonies of Romani wolves. Like all Romani, they aren't especially tied down except for family, who Nadir doesn't seem to recall having.

4.2  Minor Relations

4.3  Former Relations

  • To be determined.

4.4  Residence

  • Brisco and Nadir have taken residence in a small stone house among the Locale in Thornbury. It contains two beds within one small bedroom area, as well as a tiny eating place with a table and a few counters. In the back room they have a small area that is similar to an above-ground cellar, or pantry, where they can store salted meats as well as less perishable items like grains and vegetables.

4.5  Abilities


  • Skill (Dabbler/Apprentice/Journeyman/Master): Nadir sharpens knifes and jewelry from bones to re-purpose parts of the body, as well as dances frequently as part of her and Biscos show. She is a renowned belly and exotic dancer.
  • Adaptability and Observation


  • Stubborn ignorance and emotional turmoil
  • Prone to causing mischief / getting in trouble

4.6  Inventory


Nadir doesn't spend much time trading, but when applicable, she will trade for food, oils, and decor.

  • Offering: Some gold and silver pieces, sashes, blankets, food
  • Accepting: Jewelry and dyes, Flammable oil, Performance tools


Category of Things

  • Your character has a thing.
  • Your character has a thing.

Category of Things

  • Your character has a thing.
  • Your character has a thing.
  • Your character has a thing.

5.  Achievements

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6.  History

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6.1  Timeline


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6.2  Threads


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