Nadia Ulfa

Nadia Ulfa is a member of Cercatori d'Arte. She is a non-Luperci.

Nadia Ulfa

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May 3, 2011






100% Great Plains Wolf



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1.  Appearance

Nadia Ulfa, a female Great Plains wolf that was originally from northeastern tip of the Nebraskan border weighs in at 73 pounds. She is smaller than the majority of her species – reaching only 4’9” feet long from tip to nose.

Her upper coat consists of an ashen and a sandy tan as little flecks of creamy white fur splotches through her hind legs. Her soft undercoat is made up of tawny hues that can be most recognized on her muzzle. A sandy-coated mask frames her face, her ice blue eyes accentuated by the light colors of her pelt. She has a little blotch of gray on the bridge of her muzzle, looking as if someone had used a paintbrush and slipped the gray across her multicolored muzzle. She has white socks on the left front leg. Her tail is a patchwork of dark grays and earthy tans that leads to a pure black tip at the end of her bushy tail. One ear is usually quirked to the side and the other at full mast- it often gives her a curious expression, as her pale eyes are usually full of curiosity and a little bit of mischief. She has a few two scars on her body that can be visiably seen- one small line on her back right leg and a small bite mark on her ears from a early childhood fight that got to heated. Her tail is usually swishing back and forth in a playful manner despite her timid nature she is easily amused and can become quite the trickster. She walks lightly, her movements quiet the majority of the time and usually has her head tilted down.

2.  Personality

Nadia has been known in the past to be a prankster, but due to the attack on her pack, she has become a bit more reserved. She has a tendency to stutter, struggling with certain words as her vocal chords refuse to cooperate. She happy by nature, easily amused which can be seen by the low swish of her tail when in participating in a enjoyed activity or near people she’s comfortable with. She is a little Naive to objects that humans had left behind, curious but cautious about the new founded objects. She at times can be full of energy, easily excited over something as small as a hunt. However, she is slow to trust strangers, often skirting around the edges of pack lands in her travels, she longs for a home, and somewhere she can belong. She wants to prove that she is worthy of respect and love. However she falls short on social skills, easily flustered in conversations when she is unable to get her point across, she wants to trust others. She is afraid to be hurt again- afraid she will not be able to protect others. But once someone gains her trust she opens up, it’s a slow process but once she’s opened up the girl can be a down right pain with her jokes and high stung energy. She gets attached to pups, having a strong maternal instinct and loves to play with the children. She easily opens up to pups- playing games and pranks on them. She makes a good babysitter, though feels slightly hollow when she finally has to depart from the adorable balls of fuzz. She is slightly wary of Luperci- despite her brothers being said shifters it was the luperci pack that attacked, making her cautious of them. She doesn't hate them, Nadia just isn't sure about them.

3.  Biography

Nadia’s mother, Stacia Craven was of the White Cross Pack of the Thunder Valley. The remote valley was founded high in the Nebraskan highlands near the northeastern border. She was on her way to meet a delegate of the Stahili pack that lived within the lower region of the Valley when she fell into labor. Finding herself unable to continue her trek through the quieted woods, she found herself in a cave on the Stahili pack borders. She gave birth to six pups, half dead from still birth- Stacia had tried and tried for pups but it seemed that she was not supposed to be a mother. She let out a howl, a call for someone –anyone to come and find her weakened body. However, the chill was too much for the weakened mother, whom had passed on shortly after giving birth to the smallest of the litter. Malak Ulfa, just barely into his adulthood had been on perimeter duty that chilly spring day, perking his ears when he heard the faint call. The black wolf let out a howl of his own- letting out a Summons for his father to come quick. He trotted along the border of their territory, pausing when the smell of blood flooded his nose. Cautiously the young male entered the small cave- finding a dead mother and her wailing pup. The luperci had shifted to his two-legged form, picking up the runt. The sound of hooves had caught his attention. Cradling the pup he exited the cave to greet his father. The Beta had taken the pup from his son’s arms. After Malak explained what he thought happened, they gave Nadia’s mother a proper burial. Claude decided to take Nadia in, naming her after his mother and had given her to his mate whom had given birth just days before.

Nadia grew quickly, despite the fact that she was still the smallest between her three brothers. The female had a speech issue, something was wrong with her vocal cords. Oblivious to this the girl was playful and mischievous, playing pranks on her brothers. She loved her family, and her oldest brother babied her just a little. He was very protective of his little sister. However, as her brothers grew they seemed to notice the favoritism. They began to play cruel tricks on her, jostled her, and made her feel… unwanted. Her brother would reconcile her – they never meant it, that they just played too roughly. Their Luperci forms were bigger than she was, and she was confused as to why she was unable to change like her parents, like her brothers into a two-legged form. She began to isolate herself, going for long walks through the river valley. Spending time in the forest where she would sit in silence and stay deep in thought for hours. Nadia knew she was different, and she did not mind. Malak would come to visit her by the river –where she would usually sit to think. The seasons changed and during this war was boiling among the other tribes. Over the years, The Stahili pack had been losing more and more territory to more advanced packs. Their alpha was losing the gain he had with the other leaders. They demanded more land, more from the less luperci-populated pack. It was the day that Nadia and Im –her eldest brother- whom had decided to venture out on pack lands that was the catalyst to it all. The Alpha of the White Cross tribe demanded a mate for his eldest son, stating it would unite the packs and make them stronger. She had stumbled upon a small group of scouts from the latter’s pack when she and Im had went to the gorge. The Alpha’s son Rido had caught her scent. The scent that smelt so much like her mother, hidden heavily beneath her own family’s scent. He had gone back to his father stating that Nadia’s family had stolen her. It sparked the violence, the war that had been festering beneath the surface for so long.

The fight started at night, blood spattering against the snow crested ground. Luperci fought against wolf, brother fighting against brother. Through it all Nadia had hidden, that was until her brother Malak had pulled her and Marko from their beds and out into the forest. The howls of others sending a chill down her spine. They had gotten to the gulley, the only way in and out of the valley when they were ambushed, Marco was taken down by a large male, a flash of fangs as Nadia watched her brother’s life force slip away. Malak stayed behind as she and ran- leaving the behind them the stench of death and crimson see

4.  Family

ParentsStacia Craven & Claude Ulfa
Adopted-Mother — Isis Ulfa
Siblings — Malak Ulfa, Marko Ulfa & Im Ulfo