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  • Full Name: Níndari Coara
  • Nickname: Nín
    • Origin: Qenya
    • Pronunciation: nin-DARE-ee
    • Meaning: 'river-maid, nymph'
  • Date of Birth: 02 March 2022
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus


  • Family: Coara, Nartholiel
  • Birthplace: New Caledonia
  • Species: Wolfdog hybrid

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OOC Assumptions

  • Salsolans may assume...
    • Hearing that she's originally from New Caledonia — and joined Salsola right before NC disbanded
    • Seeing her with Marina or around the Ruins
    • Noticing that Nín is very interested in integrating into Salsolan culture and learning all that she can

Níndari is a member of Salsola.

Born in New Caledonia, she is the daughter of religious zealots Rand Coara and Vodeva Nartholiel and (half-)sister to Elemmírë. Her early life was relatively nondescript, but when Nín reached shifting age, her mother and sister left for Caledonia's Portland outpost, the Citadel, leaving Nín alone with her father, who had long suspected her to be his only true daughter — and, unbeknownst to her, a vessel for her namesake.

As she matured, Rand's behavior grew more and more erratic and uncomfortable, though she kept quiet about his abuse, feeling as though she had no where to turn if her only remaining kin was ripped away from her. Spurred on by a vision from his Goddess, the Priest launched a campaign to wrest power from the Valar and take New Caledonia for himself. To Níndari's horror, her own father wanted her to lead by his side as his wife. Mortified, Níndari finally stood up against him, and in her rage, finally [M]put to rest the demon that had plagued the Realm for so long; and, in turn, began the chain of events that led to New Caledonia's disbandment.

Traumatized, Nín fled to the Thistle Kingdom and was saved by a friend she had made at the Call to Court. After telling the Mafiosi everything she knew, she was granted amnesty and made a Salsolan proper. She is determined to learn all she can and prove her worth to the crown — and distract herself as much as possible from the life she left behind.

but this thing that lives inside of me
will surely rise and wake, and wake, and wake, and wake, and wake
and his seed that bleeds right through to me
and it comes to grab and take, and take, and take, and —



Níndari’s fickle, cagey antics could easily be traced back to her youth and inexperience — some would say she had just only learned how to live, now that she has been blessed the gift of shifting by the gods – but it is a capriciousness that she is unlikely to grow out of. At any given moment, she can either be fearlessly bold and outgoing, or she will withdraw and clam up, entertaining the whims of nothing and no one. In rare instances she may experience bouts of hypomania followed by stints of depression, though these cycles are sporadic at best, nor does she entirely realize that they are occurring.

Without a doubt, she has inherited her father’s flair for the dramatic and his eloquent, if not occasionally manipulative, oratory skills. She smiles a tad too much and too widely, with a self-satisfied slant to her maw, usually hiding her true emotions behind her striking gaze. A strict childhood has given way to daredevilish behavior in order to rebel against the life of piety that her parents have set before her, and Níndari will often resort to extremes if only to witness the shock and awe of her audience. It is a gall that, more times than not, has landed her in trouble, but careful maneuvering of her caretakers has the girl just barely skirting out of any real consequences — for now, at least.


A hybrid through and through, the river nymph’s lineage is difficult to determine at first glance — though it is clear that she is dog above all else. There are subtle influences of her wolf blood in the thickness of her coat, though there are scarcely indicators beyond this. Her long ears are folded back, her tail is long and feathery, and her bruise-blue fur sports a healthy sheen. Naturally (perhaps concerningly, to some) thin, Níndari is but a wisp, and it would seem as though a mere gust of wind could whisk her away at a moment’s notice. As she is freshly shifted, there is obviously still room for growth; but Nín will always be tall and leggy, though her silky fur somewhat disguises this.

From a distance, Níndari very well could be mistaken for her father, though her pelt is overall a darker iteration of his own. Slate bleeds into cadet gray, then to denim blue, before finally bleaching into an off-white at her extremities and underbelly. Embracing her newly acquired optime form most frequently, her silver-gray hair is worn long and unadorned, though occasionally Elemmírë can convince her into braiding it like their ancestors before them. Where her coat is rather dull and drab in coloration, her eyes shine a piercing blue, a trait passed down by her mother.

*colors may be exaggerated in artistic depictions

6 ft 1 in (185 cm) / 180 lbs (81.5 kg)43 in (109 cm) / 115 lbs (52 kg)29 in (73.5 cm) / 65 lbs (29.5 kg)


by Mandi by Gen by Gen


Familial Connections

* as far as Níndari is aware, she and Elemmírë are full-blooded sisters; however, in reality, they are half-siblings as they have different fathers.

  • Her relationship with Rand was strained, confusing, and extremely uncomfortable. Wildly possessive of his daughter, Rand was nurturing, if not stern, as a father figure, but his behavior slowly descended into depravity once Níndari shifted. She still has nightmares about him and has been left with trauma that she feels ashamed to speak of except with those closest to her.
  • Nín feels as though Vodeva abandoned her to the wiles of her father. Though she misses her and Elemmírë terribly, she can no longer wait for them to come save her. She assumes they are both still living at the Citadel and has entertained the thought of visiting them, though for now, her focus is on forging a new life for herself in Salsola.
  • She was just getting to know her brother, Lorien, who her father forbade her from speaking with, and as never met her other half-siblings, Gwenninûr and Lothric. Upon first meeting Lorien, she thought herself better than him as she was the sole object of their father's affection, but as time went on, Nín began to envy Lorien's complete lack of regard in Rand's eyes. She has no idea of his whereabouts but thinks of him occasionally.

Notable Relations

  • Marina Amaranthe has taken it upon herself to become Nín's unofficial Sponsor after joining Salsola, teaching her everything she knows about her birth pack. Níndari is often exhausted by Rini's bottomless well of positivity, and she thinks the doggish woman naïve for wearing her heart on her sleeve. Nevertheless, Nín tolerates her company, perhaps a touch more than she is willing to admit. They are currently roommates.
  • Nín first met Syrus de le Ulrich at the Call to Court, where he was visiting the Realm with a Salsolan caravan. Annoying, stubborn, and not afraid to stand toe-to-toe with Nin's prickly disposition, she has every reason to dislike Syrus and write him off as a hopeless buffoon. And yet, they have forged something of a relationship, one fraught with banter, teasing, and a miasma of fuzzy, nauseating feelings that Níndari tries not to dwell on.
  • Angora Valentine, initially known to her as Asphodel, met Nín when she was still a Page in New Caledonia. She idolized Asphodel's transient lifestyle and thought it romantic — though the illusion was shattered when Níndari discovered she was actually a Salsolan hailing from an affluent family. Now in the Thistle Kingdom herself, she is cautiously venturing into a new sort of "friendship" with the Valentine, wary of Angora's unyielding ambition.
  • Positive Acquaintances: Nickodemus Sparhawk, Percival Parhelion
  • Negative Acquaintances: