Myron del Norte

Myron del Norte

Myron, by Marina
Name Meaning'scented oil;perfume' - 'of the north'
Name OriginGreek - Spanish
Date of Birth04Aug2003
Subspecies98% Canis latrans microdon
2% Canis latrans thamnos
LuperciYes (Verto)
Birth placeSouth Georgia
Current packInferni

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Joining date07Mar2011[1]

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Myron del Norte is the relaxed friend of Talitha Lykoi, born in southern Georgia.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  2003-2004
    2.   1.2  2004-2005
    3.   1.3  2005-2006
    4.   1.4  2006-2007
    5.   1.5  2007-2008
    6.   1.6  2008-2010
    7.   1.7  2010-2011
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
  4.   4.  Appearance
    1.   4.1  Scars
    2.   4.2  Brandings
    3.   4.3  Piercings
  5.   5.  Extra
    1.   5.1  Speech
    2.   5.2  Beliefs, Ideals & Behaviors
    3.   5.3  Skills

1.  History

1.1  2003-2004

  • Myron is born alongside his siblings in the remnants of south Georgia.

1.2  2004-2005

  • Aethron finds Myron and their father, Klindro del Norte, in a compromising position; Aethron flips out.
  • Myron is jumped by Aethron and Sukries. The fight that ensues leaves both Myron and Aethron heavily wounded, and Sukries dead.
  • Myron flees his home, unwilling to face the judgment of his family members.

1.3  2005-2006

  • Leroy Vespir finds Myron hiding out in a cave system around Kentucky. After a brief argument, the two begin a sexual relationship.
  • Myron is turned into a Luperci.
  • Myron leaves the cave system, and Leroy heads toward the south. Myron continues toward the north.
  • Myron comes across Nadyr vet a Miir and Sanctum Lunaris in northern Detroit. The two sit and talk, and Nadyr tries to bring Myron into the clan.
  • Nesit Lourd finds Myron and Nadyr together in the home Nadyr and Nesit share. Furious, Nesit attacks Myron, but Nadyr steps in to protect the younger coyote.

1.4  2006-2007

  • Nadyr is kicked out of Sanctum Lunaris. Myron and Nadyr continue north, claiming each other as mates.
  • Nadyr tries to attack a wolf who is stealing food from land nearby their den. He loses the fight, and his right ear; Myron takes Nadyr and moves from the region.
  • Nadyr falls ill, leaving Myron struggling to find a cure for the sickness.
  • Nadyr dies; Myron cremates him, setting the flatlands around them on fire.
  • Myron finds his way to Canada.

1.5  2007-2008

  • Myron finds Niira Akirs and feeds her.
  • Niira expresses her desire to have children; sympathetic, Myron agrees to father them.
  • Doing the 'right thing', Myron stays by Niira's side when it's confirmed that she's pregnant.
  • Niira dies in childbirth, and the living pup dies shortly after.
  • Finished with his grieving, Myron cremates the corpses and moves farther away.

1.6  2008-2010

  • What happened to Myron during this period is unconfirmed, as he wandered from place to place in search of a permanent home. Eventually, he finds his way to `Souls, and sets up home in Drifter's Bay.

1.7  2010-2011

  • Myron comes across the half-conscious body of Talitha Lykoi and, after surveying the scene and gathering his own opinions, carries her back to his home for some much needed rest and recuperation.
  • Myron and Talitha live in a symbiotic relationship, with Myron using her to learn the history of the area and Talitha using him to learn new skills.
  • Seeing her depression, Myron starts to urge Talitha to return home to her father.
  • Talitha finally conceeds to his wishes. After packing up what few things she owns, she sets out for Inferni, leaving Myron behind.

2.  Personality

Generally easy going and not prone to arguing, Myron can be seen as lax on life values or determination. This, of course, isn't true. He aims to finish everything he starts, and suffers from a sense of 'tunnel vision' until the task is completed. When interacting with others, he's quite chill. He doesn't condone arguments, and doesn't participate when they happen. Everything seems enjoyable for him. Despite his relaxed nature, he does take a very firm stake in the future of the people around him.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents — Alrit Il'nyr & Klindro del Norte
  • Siblings — Aethon del Norte, Sukries del Norte, Naoma Il'nyr, Vreek del Norte
  • Half-Siblings — Asuman Il'nyr
  • Children:
    • by Niira AkirsMaril Akirs, Unnamed x4

4.  Appearance

Myron is a fairly typical Rio Grande coyote, with a much smaller body than his thamnos brethren. Still, he sports a larger form than his immediate family, with a bulkier torso and longer legs than any of his siblings; his body takes on the bigger size of this father's thamnos genes. His skull is large, ears set apart and rather too big for his head, and his muzzle is stunted. This gives him a more domesticated look. The tip of his tail is missing, but it's not noticeable unless one carefully looks. In Optime form, Myron wears his hair in long, and quite thick, dreadlocks; they're held back with a piece of leather, in a haphazard ponytail. A rather typical olive-brown, his eyes convey an average amount of expression, but nothing Myron doesn't want seen. They have a tendency to gleam with an amused light. Primarily a dusty brown, with a lighter underside and darker brown backside. The top of his head, and scruff of his neck, are tinged with a faint dusty hue that translates into his lighter-colored dreadlocks. The only item found on his person is a piece of dark leather cording, wrapped around his left forearm; the cording has a small, hollow wooden triangle pendant, and can sometimes be found worn around his neck.

4.1  Scars

Front neck given by Aethon del Norte: A thick set of scars spreading over the voice box region; given by a set of strong jaws.
Back given by Sukries del Norte: Smaller, and less noticeable, than the scars at his neck. These span from his shoulders to his tail, a spread from a jumped attack. The scars at his shoulders are thicker.

4.2  Brandings

Left pectoral: A stylistic clover; the four leaves span out over the pectoral, while the stem wraps around the nipple.
Underside right wrist: A runic symbol that holds no known meaning outside of the del Norte family.

4.3  Piercings

Lower lip, left side: Small, wooden 'stud'.
Left nipple: A thin bone circle; held closed by a wooden bead.
Right ear: A series of wooden and bone 'studs', of varying sizes; larger at the bottome, smaller at the top. 5 count.
Left ear: A series of wooden and bone 'studs', of varying sizes; larger at the bottom, smaller at the top. 3 count.

5.  Extra

5.1  Speech

Born in the southern reaches of the United States, he speaks with a ragged Southern drawl. His voice is a low baritone, with a bit of a rasp due to years of smoking tobacco.

5.2  Beliefs, Ideals & Behaviors

Sexuality: Homosexual
Religion: Modified Wiccan
Prejudices: Southeastern canines
Hobbies: Talk to the trees and grass, watch flowers grown and chill out by himself.
Habits: Chews his claws!
Substances: Smokes tobacco rolled in birch bark.

5.3  Skills

Low-speech fluent: Can speak fluent 'small carnivore' low-speech, and can discern speech from other low-speech speaking creatures.
Piercing: Capable of piercing with needles, knives and other makeshift piercing items.
Branding: Knows how to brand (burn skin), or give scarified 'tattoos'.
Whittling: Can whittle most anything from wood or bits of bone; usually used for piercings.

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