Mordecai de Fonte

Mordecai de Fonte

Mordecai, by Sky
Name MeaningMordecai: Contested
de Fonte: fountain
Name OriginHebrew, Persian origins
Date of BirthJuly 31, 2010
Age> 1 year
Subspecies100% Eastern Timber Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placede Fonte pack, Southern USA

'Souls Profile

Previous Packs


Joining dateNovember 3, 2011

New Dawn

Joining dateJanuary 1, 2012
SignificanceFounding member

Mordecai de Fonte was a former and founding member of New Dawn. He is the half-cousin of Alyssum de Fonte.


The de Fonte Pack

He was born and raise in a southern United States pack that was traditional in beliefs and pack system. Most of the members were related by blood or mateship, and was not relatively big, having seventeen members including the puppies, and it was highly wolf populated with one side of the pack being part coyote. During his stay, he learned how to defend himself, hunt, basic weather forecasting, and basic reading/writing skills (The latter was by self interest, so its level of skill is very small.). After reaching adulthood, Mordecai set off north as a lone wolf to search for his own pack, or to join one like his family's.

The New Dawn Pack

Not long after settling in Nova Scotia, he meets a lone wolf named Zalen Damaichu, who spoke of making a "true" pack, and how all the others reflected human culture. Mordecai joins in on the male's offer, and soon New Dawn was born, with he as one of the original founders. Currently, he is settling down with his new family.


Mordecai is a first and foremost a very loyal wolf. He's loyal to his beliefs, friends, family, etc. and would be willing to go against any force that opposes them. He is a sociable person and rather spend his time with others than all by his lonesome, and especially likes to meet new people. Once he is good friends with a canine, he will openly make fun of them in a joking manner (Unless they are a high rank, then he'd keep the joking to only personal conversations and when its allowed.). Its also clear that he's high strung with his emotions. When he's angry, he's really fiery, when sad, very depressed, etc. This also goes when he meets other canines, as if he can feel on their wavelength. When not bothering others with his prescence and without a duty to take out, he likes to chill by water, either beach or river. Mordecai, most of the time, seems to act very dense or ingorant of things, but he is actually quite sharp; this can mislead others unpurposefully in his measure of intelligence, and is not one to simply be underestimated.


Loyal, active, charismatic, flirty on a friend-to-friend level, good sense of humor, highly emotional, stubborn, ego easily injured, beach/river bum, cry babyish, easily scared, seems obtuse, but actually really intelligent, gullible (to a certain degree).



  • Parents — Esther and Poplar de Fonte
  • Paternal Half-Uncle — Bron de Fonte
  • Paternal Half-Cousin — Alyssum de Fonte






Mordecai is a relatively above adverage wolf in his lupus and secui form. His limbs are wiry and long, giving a slightly taller, slender appearance. His fur is also short yet thick, since he traveled from a more milder climate than Nova Scotia. In secui its even thicker, especially around his mane and tail. In this form his canine teeth barely poke out from under his lips, giving him the appearance of a black bear lacking its usual markings. His slightly taller height does not transfer into his least visited form, Optime. When in this form, he is slightly hunched since he puts more weight on his thighs than his feet. His mane is wavy and about shoulder length, with ligther streaks of brown streaming through it.

Height and Weight

  • Lupus: 100 lbs (45 kg), 36 in (91 cm)
  • Secui: 235 lbs (107 kg), 44 in (112 cm)
  • Optime 220 lbs (100 kg), 6 ft 5 in (193 cm)

Prefers Lupus form.


A bright, stark lime.


Though his pelt may seem dark gray, its actually a dull, dark brown. Its true shade is more noticable in direct light, though others may describe him as either. He has darker guard hairs along his back as well as a lighter underside, but its so faint that its only a minor detail.


Mordecai owns little to no clothing, and more likely than not, will not decorate himself with human things. If visiting his optime form, he'll wear a ragged bandana.


A ragged bandana, either worn around his neck or over his head to keep his mane out of his eyes.