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Born in the feral regions of Trillium Hollow, Milos Parhelion navigated himself through abandonment, conflict, and slavery. He served over a year as a serf within a plantation near Romney, West Virginia before orchestrating a revolt. The assault, later dubbed the Barnes Rebellion, resulted in the death of Milos' lover, Chaska, and the subsequent murder of his slavemaster, Ulick Barnes. After the traumatic events, Milo escaped servitude and traveled north to the territory he first called home.

After discovering his previous pack had been dissolved and its remaining members scattered, Milos was brought to the pack Viburnum, lead by his sister Ayrin, where he and his friends were granted temporary refuge. He remained in Viburnum for several months before continuing his journey north to Nova Scotia, where he arrived in July of 2014 and later joined Krokar only a few short months afterward. Milos currently resides there as a Captain in the pack, working as a Leatherworker, Drover, and Tailor.

Jaded by the brutalities of forced subservience and physical punishment, Milos wears a facade of cheer and optimism, though his psyche is riddled with anxiety, hesitation, and doubt. In spite of everything, he found love in January of 2016 and began a devoted relationship with Eliza Cormier. They officially became mates in February of 2016 and have had two litters together, one on August 25th, 2016 and a second on March 1st, 2018. They currently live together in Fiskebyn.


Sanguine River

Sanguine River

DurationMay 2012 - September 2012

From the time of his birth, Milos' life could be considered anything but normal. Born as "Tolbin" from a loner mother who had had a brief fling with an alpha of a well-respected pack, Milos knew little of his life before his ears and eyes opened. However, later he would learn that he had been only two of five pups to survive the first two days of life and had eventually been given up to his father. Knowing that she would be unable to care for two pups on her own, Moongate had carried Milos from her den site into the outskirts of Sybin's territory in the hopes he would accept the pup into his pack. She knew it was a risky decision; Sybin was a hard, lawful wolf who had little sympathy for those outside his pack. Fortunately, he did have a soft spot for pups and, being that Milos was his own, accepted the youngster into the folds as pack.

Sybin mate, Kyrie, had recently given birth to his legitimate children, which served in Milos' favor. Despite her initial uncertainties, Kyrie accept Milos as her own son and nursed him as she did the pups she had biologically whelped. To this day, Sybin wondered if she would have acted similarly if she'd know that Milos wasn't actually a pup he'd found while patrolling and was instead a pup he'd conceived outside the pack. Regardless of whether Kyrie knew of Milos' true origin or not, she treated him as one of her own and raised him to be a member of their pack.

When Milos was little more than four months old, unrest had gripped the territory and war was on the horizon with an adjacent pack, Arconimbus, who had begun testing Sybin's boundaries. Eventually, the pack went to battle and that was when four Luperci stole into the territory and kidnapped the three unsuspecting pups. They quickly took to the South, intending to sell them into slavery in a West Virginian marketplace where a dog named Ulick Barnes willingly accepted wolves as slaves. The journey from Vermont was long and hard and the pups rallied together constantly in escape attempts. In two separate events, both Nishan and Sela were lost leaving Milos vulnerable and alone. It was here that Milos' story truly started.

Barnes Estate

Barnes Estate

DurationOctober 2012 - November 2013

The three Luperci abductors traded Milos to Ulick for two jars of liquor, a box of sheep's wool, and one wheel of sheep's cheese, much to his captors' disappointment. Being the only slave worth purchasing from the marketplace, Milos was lead back to the plantation fearfully alone. Having little use for non-Luperci, Ulick's intention was to wait until the bi-colored wolfdog became fully accustomed to life as a four-legged before using a slave to turn the youngster. Because of this, Milos spent the first four months in the plantation as a non-Luperci. During this time he and two other pups around his age, Chaska and Chousensha, who were illegitimate pups of the plantation master's, grew close and did what all pups do: play, explore, and test boundaries. The three pups became inseparable, much to Ulick's chagrin who promptly decided Milos was old enough to be infected. Using Chaska's blood, Ulick forcefully infected the youngster with the virus. It took Milos three full days to experience the full affect, shifting for the first time on the eve of the fourth day since being infected. Wasting no time, Ulick quickly established Milos in a role of light labor and, later, prostitution. Though Milos initially resented Chaska for infecting him, the two eventually made amends and became closer than they ever were before.

Despite the hardships, Chaska's contagious optimism and dreams of freedom kept Milos' spirits soaring. The truth was, most of the slaves within the plantation looked upon both Chaska and Milos with hope, the knowledge of which helped the youth try and remain positive. Eventually Chaska's dreams of freedom became plans for escape and the two boys, in addition to Chousensha and the foreign Sorcha, worked together whenever they could to formulate a plan for escape. This did not come easy since the overseers considered Chaska and Milos troublemakers and often punished them when they stepped outside their bounds. Furthermore, Sen and Sorcha were known confidants of the two males and were closely watched. But the youngsters were resourceful. Chaska and Sen's mother, Slađana, was proficient in low speech and consistently taught her two pups how to communicate with other species. As a result, Chaska used this knowledge to communicate with crows, preferably those who had a handle on high speech, and would use them to pass messages along to Milos, Sen, and Sorcha. These messages would often contain blueprints for escape, and thus their plans continued onward.

But Ulick eventually became privy to the quartet's plans for freedom and, recognizing Chaska as the ringleader, sentenced the youth to death in the hope of extinguishing the hopes of the remaining three. Tied to a stake in the center of the plantation, Chaska slowly succumbed to exposure while Milos and the girls were punished for their roles in the prospective coup. While allowed to watch Chaska's excruciating decline, the trio were kept far enough away to prevent intervention. This caused their distress to take a more aggressive form than Ulick ever anticipated. Stealing away at dusk one evening, Milos managed to approach Chaska while the overseers were preoccupied with the inexplicable release of the plantation's sheep and saw firsthand how cruel nature was. Chaska's nose and paw leathers were cracked and dry and his haircoat was dull, falling out in random places. Bugs had begun gnawing away at his exposed flesh, burrowing deep into his skin, where they could, while the sun baked his exposed epidermis. Seeing his friend's suffering up close, Milos' determination to free Chaska grew. But as he tried to release Chaska's binds, the wolfdog insisted that he stop and retrieve a dagger he had kept hidden inside his small cabin. Chaska knew that the physical damage to his body and the risk for Milos were too great, and hoped his greatest friend would give him a final gift: a swift death. Milos returned with a sour stomach and ill heart, anticipating what his friend wanted. Bound and weak, Chaska asked for the last thing Milos ever wanted: for him to end Chaska's life. Milos struggled with this request, but the overseers were returning and he needed to make a decision. With bold, golden eyes filling Milos with strength and determination, the bi-colored wolfdog promptly ended his greatest friend's life, granting mercy in the face of despair.

The high of his actions and the energy from Chaska's dying wish turned Milos into an inconsolable beast. With the overseers still regrouping, he rallied the other slaves and formed an uprising unlike anything anyone had ever witnessed. Slaves and overseers battled and died while Milos stole away towards Ulick's manor, intent on killing the slavemaster and escaping into freedom as Chaska had always dreamed. Finding the massive dog in his personal bar, the two canines fought passionately before Milos stabbed his master in the gut and then again in the throat. Choking on his own blood, Ulick sunk to his slave's paws while Milos' orange eyes watched until his former slavemaster became still in death. Calm overcoming him now, the wolfdog left the manor slowly and was mildly surprised to see that his fellow slaves had taken momentary control of the plantation. Relieved that both Sen and Sorcha had survived the coup, the trio quickly escaped from the plantation into long-anticipated freedom.



DurationNovember 2013 - December 2013

Traveling as quickly as they could to distance themselves from the plantation, the three canines ventured Southeast towards where Milos' old pack, Sanguine River, lay. Since neither Sen, who had been born at the plantation, nor Sorcha, who had once lived in a different country, had anywhere to go Milos felt that Sanguine River was the best option they had available to them and he knew that his father would accept them willingly once he explained their plight. Despite his young age at the time of his abduction, Milos remembered clearly the way he, his siblings, and his captors had gone, eventually coming upon what was once Sanguine River. But everything was all wrong now. Standing at the edge of his old territory, he realized that nothing and nobody smelled familiar; he scents of neither his father nor his adoptive mother were anywhere, instead covered with foreign wolves' odors. Dismayed but still hopeful, Milos lead the girls around the borders of his former territory in the hopes his pack had moved their territory elsewhere. Instead, the trio came face-to-face with a older non-Luperci female wolf who looked almost identical to Milos. Despite being older and on two legs, the she-wolf seemed to recognize him almost immediately.

The female was Milos' mother, Moongate. Despite having given him up completely as a pup, he had remained in her thoughts and she was devastated when the news of his disappearance had reached her. As she lead the trio towards her sister's pack, Viburnum, she recounted how Arconimbus had defeated Sanguine River the day of Milos' abduction and had taken over the territory completely. The majority of Sanguine River had been killed in battle, including Kyrie, and Milos and Sybin were presumed to be dead though neither of their bodies were ever found. Despite the fact it had been well over a year since the battle, Moongate explained, she frequently patrolled the area, now mostly out of habit, for any signs Milos or Sybin had survived.



DurationDecember 2013 - May 2014

After nearly half a day of travel, the quartet made it into Viburnum territory where the newcomers were mostly-positively received. Wolves in this area were not unaware of the virus, but instead chose to remain uninfected, so seeing the Luperci trio had little effect on the pack besides awe. The alpha female, Kantou, despite being thin and weak with illness, stood proudly before the trio to welcome them into the territory while a young female wolfdog stood beside her with a glare of dislike and mistrust in her pale yellow eyes. The young wolfdog's name was Ayrin and Milos would learn that she was his littermate; the one remaining pup Moongate had gone away with after turning the other over to his father. He would later learn that Kantou was dying from her illness and, being barren and therefore without biological pups, had recruited Ayrin as Viburnum's future alpha female, grooming and training her from an early age for the role. It was difficult to know, Moongate would say, whether Ayrin's standoffish personality was due to Kantou's teachings or her father's genetics, but regardless it was obvious to Milos that his mother cared very deeply for her in a way he had never really known. While it didn't particularly matter to him any more, not after everything he had been subjected to, it made him glad to know that his sister at least had been so loved.

Milos, Sen, and Sorcha stayed within Viburnum for five months, riding out the winter and helping to provide for the members of the pack. All the while Kantou had grown weaker, eventually refusing to eat and do much more than sit outside the den and watch her pack, while Sen had grown more and more accustomed to natural packlife, beginning to remain in Lupus form more frequently than she had ever been allowed as a slave. As spring began to melt away the memory of winter, Kantou wasted away with the white frigid snows until her breathing finally stilled. Ayrin promptly took over control, much more abruptly than Milos felt was appropriate, and seemed to relish in the power of leadership. The siblings' time together had one litter to strengthen their bonds, instead causing disagreements and stife, and Milos felt that his time within Viburnum was coming to a close. Informing the pack that he would be moving onwards, towards a place he had heard about called 'Souls, Milos remained with his new-found family one final week before continuing his journey.

Before leaving, however, Ayrin had one simple request for him: to infect her with the virus so that she, too, could shift. Milos struggled with the plea; how wonderful it would be if the reverse was to easy! But he saw a side of his sister she had never shown before, something that looked like doubt or even fear, and it made him reconsider. Finally breaking down, Ayrin explained that her request did not come without serious contemplation. While the members of Viburnum were friendly and accepting of Luperci, they prided themselves on the fact that they were a non-infected pack. But they also recognized the risks of this. Luperci had an advantage over regular wolves, especially in battle, that Ayrin couldn't overlook and in an effort to keep her pack as safe as she could, sacrifices needed to be made. Being a Luperci alpha, Ayrin felt that she could better protect her pack should danger arise, and thus presented her request to her estranged brother. Still Milos struggled. There was no going back from this, she would never be a regular wolf again. But Ayrin continued to press him, going so far as to give him an ultimatum: either he infect her or she would use Sen, who had decided to remain in Viburnum. Ultimately Milos agreed to meet his sister's request and infected her the eve of his scheduled departure.

Not wishing to remain in Ayrin's presence any longer, Milos, with Sorcha in tow, said their goodbyes to the friends they made in Viburnum, and continued slowly onwards towards the almost mythological place known as 'Souls.

A New Life


DurationMay 2014 - September 2014

Once in 'Souls, Milos and Sorcha drifted throughout the neutral territories. Despite Sorcha's misgivings about strangers, Milos' easy-going personality allowed them to meet many interesting Luperci and develop lasting friendships, including those of Semini, Octavius Poer de Angelo, and Lyris Stryder.

But not all the people they met were friendly. In July, Milos met a coyote named Messiah de le Poer who, in an attempted to absolve him of sin, attacked him for fanatically religious reasons. After being rescued by Sorcha, the pair managed to escape to Greater Halifax where Milos spent the next couple of weeks recoverng. During his recovery, Milos finds an injured goat on an old farmhouse and takes it in. He names the goat Amara and the two of them recover together.

Once he and the goat are strong enough to travel, Milos, Sorcha, and Amara backtrack back toward the mainland, where they meet Krokarans Semini and Octavius. It is from these meetings that the pair decide to join Krokar in September 2014.



DurationSeptember 2014 - Present
RankCaptain (24 Jun 2018)
 Quartermaster (10 Jul 2016)
 Magnate (8 Sep 2015)
 Wayfarer (2 Mar 2015)
 Outrigger (2 Jan 2015)
 Greenhorn (17 Sep 2014)


Past Relationships


  • Sorcha Logan: Milos and Sorcha had a very brother-sister sort of relationship and often participated in harmless banter with one anotehr. Milos considered her to be a sort of safe haven, being the only remaining member of his "family" with whom he lived. Her death in the final battle of the Austringer Hostility hit him hard, sending him into a tailspin of overwhelming grief and self-blame.
  • Chaska Parhelion: His friend and deepest confidant, Chaska helped Milos adjust to life as a slave in the plantation and instilled the idea of hope and freedom in his mind. Being only a couple months apart, the two boys explored and experimented when they were young, as pups should, and became nearly inseparable as they grew. Being the more dominant of the two, Chaska was the one who developed plans for escape from the plantation and eventually put those plans into action as an adult, enrolling Milos, Sen, and Sorcha in the operation. Unfortunately, his plans were discovered and he was ultimately sentenced to death.
  • Chousensha "Sen" Parhelion': Chaska's biological sister. She often relied on both Chaska and Milos to keep her spirits up and get her through each and every day. While mainly working in the fields, she would often join Ulick in marketplaces for trade, where she was free game to anyone who could provide valuables or enough information to their master. After their escape, Sen opted to remain in Trillium Hollow, where she eventually found a mate and mothered children. It was her actions of betrayal, done to protect her young pups, that informed Marcella Fauks where Milos had gone after they parted ways.



  • Aspen: The shy Stable Manager of Vinátta, Aspen approached Milos in December 2014 about an inter-pack livestock breeding program after her then-mate, Ascher Stormbringer, confirmed his interest in the idea a couple months previous. The pair have toured and observed each others packs, officially settling on an agreement in relatively short time. They had a number of successful pairings and trades but when Vinátta disbanded in 2017, Aspen left the area altogether and they have since fallen out of touch.
  • Lyris Stryder: Lyris and Milos were first acquainted right after he and Sorcha arrived in 'Souls and, though their initial meeting started out rocky, they parted ways fairly positively. Milos has seen Lyris on a couple other occasions, most notably during a mysterious illness that had plagued New Dawn in which he offered his assistance to help her recover and also after she joined Casa di Cavalieri when the pack held a leadership summit. Milos considerd Lyris a friend and is deeply saddened to learn of her death.
  • Storm Cormier: The quiet, water-loving wolf who taught Milos how to ice skate in the winter of 2015. The pair share a number of similarities and Milos feels deeply for Storm. Their relationship hit a kink when Eliza left him for Milos, but has since improved over the months and years since their marriage.
  • Semini: Milos met Semini when he and Sorcha were still loners and she was one of the contributing forces that drove the pair to join Krokar. Semini was one of the first friends that Milos made in 'Souls and the pair seem to complement one another well. He respects her a great deal and proudly follows her direction. He was sad to learn of her decision to leave Krokar to sail the seas in her new ship, but is excited for her new adventure. Milos misses Semini greatly.
  • Ciara: A former New Dawner who joined Krokar after an illness washed through the pack. Milos taught Ciara a little about animal husbandry and she helped teach him some important lessons in self-defense. He was agreeable to her decision to leave Krokar in order to reconnect with her ancestors across seas, but misses her and wishes her well.
  • Ascher Stormbringer: Milos first met Ascher in 2014, not long after his arrival in Krokar. It was Ascher who introduced him to Aspen, his mate at the time, which ultimately launched the livestock trade agreement Krokar had with Vinátta up until its disbandment in 2016. They have remained friends throughout the difficulties both have suffered in their lives. He is unaware of Ascher's death.


  • Beatrice Tindall: Though their initial meeting during the spring floods was steeped in stress and grief, Milos and Bee have gotten past that and appear to be getting along quite well. Vastly different in their personalities and preferences, this only seems to strengthen their friendship and encourages a healthy amount of companionable competition. When they weren't teasing one another or locked in friendly banter, the two could often be seen simply enjoying the company of the other. Milos has fallen out of touch with Bee since she left Krokar proper to live in Old Ironsides.
  • Vidar: Milos and Vidar got along swimmingly when he was still a member of Krokar. Milos once helped Vidar train his horse, Stormy, and taught him how to tan leather. Vidar, in turn, carved a caribou antler trinket for him and attached it to a strip of leather from the deerskin they tanned together. He does not know his friend has died.
  • Octavius Poer de Angelo: A former Krokaran who helped persuade Milos to join the pack when he was still a member. Milos enjoyed the simple man's company and hopes that he is doing well.
  • Tyris Kurosoul: A young man who joined Krokar after leaving his birth pack of Vinátta. Tyris helped teach Milos how to make a sheath for his dagger out of leather.


  • Marcella Fauks: While under Ulick Barnes' serfdom, Milos was Zel's favorite slave and she would call upon him whenever she visited Ulick's brothel. She used him however she pleased and enjoyed his suffering. It was her desire to find him and make him her own personal thrall that drove her to form the Austringer Cartel. Sen's betrayal at Marcella's hands allowed her to better pinpoint his location and, in the early months of 2016, launched an attack on Krokar that was later called the Austringer Hostility. After her defeat, Marcella escaped to Mount Oromocto to recover her strength and resources. Before she could enact any further misery, however, she was attacked and killed by Sylven Firebringer and Thyri Dawnbringer.
  • Ulick Barnes: Milos' slave master and greatest adversary. Ulick often preferred to punish Milos to set an example to the other slaves, especially Chaska, but also as a means of stress-relief. Though the massive akita-malamute hybrid terrified him, Milos largely succeeded in hiding his fear from Ulick by often making snarky remarks or smart-ass comments. Generally this did not work in Milos' favor but it eventually became a coping mechanism for him. During the uprising, Milos faced his fear of Ulick and killed the slave master with a dagger.
  • Messiah de le Poer: The deranged coyote who attacked him in a religiously fanatical attempt to absolve him of sin.

Thread Archive



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  1. Horsesense (20 Nov)
    Aster's Fields with Vidar. Milos wakes up form an impromptu nap in the goats' pen to sounds of Vidar and his horse, Stormy. Discovering that Vidar knows little about horses, Milos agrees to help teach him everything that he knows about their care.
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  1. The essence of Spring (28 Apr)
    Amherst with Raoul Dubois. Deciding to see what he might be able to salvage in Amherst, Milos comes across a dog and finds they are equally uncomfortable in the presence of the other.


  1. The right path? (05 May)
    [Incomplete] Krokar with Lilith Fairbreeze. Milos helps acquaint newest Greenhorn, Lilith, to Krokar's customs and members.
  2. Melt your worries away (10 May)
    Black Lake with Aindrea Donovan. Contemplating his future endeavors with water, Aindrea and his growing pups come across Milos at Black Lake.
  3. In the dark I have no name (17 May)
    Krokar with Akantha. Milos finds Ambassador Akantha from Sapient in Fiskebyn and shows her around the pack.
  4. I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end (17 May-18 Aug)
    [Read Only] Fiskebyn. Over the course of three months, Milos commissions Gavin to make a warp-weighted loom and finishes his requests for Akantha Amaranthe and Beatrice Tindall.
  5. On the road again (22 May)
    Northern Tides with Aspen and Shore Stormbringer. Moving forward with their livestock breeding program, Milos accompanies Aspen, Shore, and their bull back to Krokar from Vinátta.


  1. I will not let time erase us (2 Jun)
    Aster's Fields with Beatrice Tindall. Beatrice comes across Milos while he sorts wool from the newly shorn sheep.
  2. Do you want to go to the seaside (6 Jun)
    Wabanaki Coast with Calypso Katra. With Sorcha in tow, Milos travels towards the Outpost to see about trading and stumbles upon Calypso.
  3. Aglow (12 Jun)
    Krokar with Eliza Cormier. [June Thread Prompt] Eliza teaches Milos the fun of catching fireflies.


  1. Cook up a storm (28 Jul)
    Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier. Liz reels Milos in as a taste-tester during a cooking session.


  1. Misbehavin' mare (2 Aug)
    Aster's Fields with Lilith Fairbreeze. Lilith seeks Milos out when her mare becomes unruly. The pair wonder if she may be pregnant.
  2. Celebration of Achievements (3 Aug)
    [Mandatory Pack Thread] Fiskebyn. Milos joins the rest of his pack mates in congratulating Semini on becoming Navigator and celebrating a year of achievements in Krokar.
  3. Everything you can do I can do better (3 Aug)
    [CoA Side Thread] Fiskebyn with Beatrice Tindall. Shenanigans run amok when Beatrice and Milos have a fish-eating contest followed unwisely by a dance-off.
  4. There was nothing to hold so we let go (9 Aug)
    [Incomplete] Miramichi Valley with Kenyon Stryder. While on his way to Amherst, Milos finds himself face-to-face with the long-lost brother of Lyris' Stryder: Kenyon.
  5. Rivers and roads (9 Aug)
    [Incomplete] Wentworth Valley? with Annie McCoy. After a fruitless expedition to Amherst, Milos follows a small harem of goats straight into Halcyon Mountain and promptly gets lost. In attempting to find his way back, he comes across a moose cow and her calf and gets chased further off track, eventually crossing paths with a sweet and shy loner, Annie McCoy.
  6. Up and down the boulevard (12 Aug)
    Vinátta with Aspen. Milos goes to Vinatta to speak with Aspen about future plans for their livestock breeding program and meets her llamas.
  7. Won't you guide my sleigh tonight? (31 Aug)
    [Incomplete] Aster's Fields with Nvda Eclipse. After milking the goats, Milos joins Nvda in the company of the caribou and their new calves.


  1. Both shall row, my love and I (2 Sep)
    [Optional Pack Thread] Near Sister Lake. Milos joins his pack in celebrating Krokar's official mateship ceremony for Aindrea Donovan and Ciara.
  2. If I didn't go I could leave today (9 Sep)
    Fiskebyn with Akantha. Akantha finds Milos in Fiskebyn and the pair share another awkward exchange of words, touch, and trade.
  3. And gladly ride the waves of life (11 Sep)
    [Incomplete] Fiskebyn with Iroquois. Iroquois seeks Milos out at his humble cottage to continue their lessons in spear hunting.
  4. Dust motes dancing in sunlight (15 Sep)
    Sapient with Akantha and Austri Moineau. Milos visits Sapient to meet the pack's very own tailor, Austri.
  5. This place is on a mission (23 Sep)
    Miramichi Valley with Leela Amarok and Hazel. While out on their second annual foraging excursion Milos, Hazel, and Sorcha are confronted by Leela, who asks them for help in coaching her daughter to shift for he first time.
  6. Walk with me down the beach and through the valley floor (26 Sep)
    Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier. Milos presents Eliza with a new flag he had been working on for her. The pair share a warm moment and Milos discovers he is falling for the wiry Cormier.
  7. [M] One red thread through the middle of a song (27 Sep)
    Fiskebyn with Beatrice Tindall. Bee lets herself into Milos' cottage and finds him shirtless, revealing the mess of scars lining his back. After an initial fit of fear and shame, Milos shares his story with Bee and finds compassion and acceptance in her.


  1. The slow lane (6 Oct)
    Fiskebyn with Storm Cormier. Still recovering from earlier events that left him broken and bruised, Storm overestimates himself and finds himself in trouble. Milos offers his assistance and, after a moment of tension, the two share pieces of themselves and their pasts that makes them realize how very similar they are.
  2. Our good grandfather built a wooden nest (8 Oct)
    Krokar with Pascal Sadira and Beatrice Tindall. After being alerted of a stranger at the borders by his cat, Meerclar, Milos and Beatrice confront a terrified Pascal, who has been missing from Cour des Miracles for months. The pair bring him back to Milos' cottage and alert leadership of his presence.
  3. In my Father's house are many dwelling places (9 Oct)
    Krokar's borders with Tandy McClain and Beatrice Tindall and Hazel. After chasing around a loose goat, Milos and Hazel come across Beatrice, who has just greeted two Southern dogs and their menagerie of animals. Milos welcomes Tandy and her crew into the pack.
  4. In our own pretty ways (14 Oct)
    Aster's Fields with Cody Dallas. After meeting the AniWayan at the Outpost, Milos offers Cody a place to stay and rest before making the trip back south. The pair talk livestock while Milos gives him a tour around Aster's Fields.
  5. But there was no sound there was only me and my disgrace (16 Oct)
    Krokar with Eliza Cormier. Liz finds a melancholy Milos at the shore of one of the pack's rivers and notices that something is wrong. Hopeful for acceptance, he admits to having killed his former lover and slave master. Much to his relief, Eliza is understanding and offers him comfort.
  6. Some things cannot be fixed (25 Oct)
    Miramichi Wilderness with Chrissy Wales. Milos comes across a woman named Chrissy and her horse while on his way back from hunting. After it becomes apparent Chrissy is unwell, Milos offers her a place to stay in Krokar until she's better.
  7. This life is more than ordinary (25 Oct)
    Fiskebyn with Chrissy Wales. After arriving in Krokar and getting her horse tied up, Milos sets Chrissy up in his cottage to rest and recover from her illness.
  8. One fish, two fish (26 Oct)
    Aster's Fields with Sylvie Agnès. Sylvie visits Krokar on an ambassador trip and to also discuss livestock. She finds Milos in Aster's Fields and the pair catch up and discuss horses and trade.
  9. Time to step outside you (28 Oct)
    [Optional Pack Thread] Fiskebyn. Taseko calls a meeting to present his idea for a Depot in the southern territories to help expand Krokar's trading network. Milos approves of Taseko's idea and assures him that he will help care for the caribou in his absence.


  1. Make it up as we go along (14 Nov)
    [Incomplete] Fiskebyn with Conan. While tanning his newest stock of pelts, Conan approaches Milos with the hope of learning a little about how to tan and work leather.
  2. And if the night is burning (15 Nov)
    Aster's Fields with Beatrice Tindall. Bee decides to acquaint herself with the newest brood of caribou and Milos is only too happy to help make the experience pleasant and delightful for everyone.
  3. Idle hands make the devil's work (18 Nov)
    Aster's Fields with Ciara. Upon returning to the barn, Milos finds a very pregnant Ciara doing a little cleaning and reorganizing. The pair discuss the upcoming litter and Milos finds himself excited at the prospect of puppies.
  4. Stay clued up (19 Nov)
    Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier. Visiting his cottage under the pretense to update the pack's records, Eliza inquires about Milos' relationship with Beatrice and informs him about her own feelings for Storm.
  5. And there is hope within dispair (21 Nov)
    Aster's Fields with Sylven Firebringer. A cougar attempts to ambush the sheep and goats, causing Milos to step in and attempt to protect the herd. Fearing for their lives, Milos calls out for help and is relieved when Sylven answers the call.


  1. I loved you from your first breath (2 Dec)
    Outside Fiskebyn. Ciara gives birth to a litter of three and most of Krokar comes to welcome the newest Guppies to the pack.
  2. Updates (8 Dec)
    Aster's Fields with Lucille. Lucille seeks Milos out to get an update on the animals and how the livestock breeding program is going with Vinátta.
  3. White winter Hymnal (9 Dec)
    Fiskebyn with Tandy McClain, Eliza Cormier, and Semini. Sorcha and Milos start a snowball fight in the middle of Fiskebyn and are quickly joined by Tandy, Mason, Eliza, and Semini.
  4. Snow nose (11 Dec)
    [Winter Wonderland] Krokar with Beatrice Tindall. Milos comes across Beatrice playing shamelessly in the newly fallen snow.
  5. Reindeer games (14 Dec)
    [Winter Wonderland] Aster's Fields with Aphrodite Donovan. With winter in full swing and Taseko away, Milos visits the caribou to make sure they're well-cared for and is joined by Aphrodite.
  6. Wizards in winter (23 Dec)
    [Winter Wonderland] Fiskebyn with Storm Cormier. Milos visits Storm to gift him a flag he's been working on and to see if there's anything else he can help him with.
  7. Warm this winter (27 Dec)
    Sister Lake with Eliza Cormier. For the first time since Liz's confession, Milos finds himself alone with her and confronts the fact that she is pregnant with Storm's child.
  8. The river (29 Dec)
    Krokar with Chrissy Wales. A call sounds on the borders and Milos goes to investigate, finding himself before a familiar face. He accepts Chrissy's request to join the pack and shows her around the territory.
  9. [M] All that you are is beautiful, child (30 Dec)
    Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier, Storm Cormier, Pepper, Ciara. Waking from a nightmare to the sounds of Eliza's screams, Milos barges into her cottage only to find that she is actively giving birth. Pepper shoos him out and he waits nervously outside her cottage with Ciara.

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  1. Holes in the snow-tipped pines (4 Jan)
    [Winter Wonderland] Sapient with Cillian Brádaigh. Milos pays Krokar's allies, Sapient, a visit and teaches Cillian a little about their 5-month-old caribou calf, Moose. The pair bond later bond over their shared interest in goats.
  2. And the home got snowed in (4 Jan)
    [Winter Wonderland] Bathurst with Kin Collins. Foolishly, Milos leaves the comfort of the Government Estate and gets caught in a snow storm. He is rescued by Kin, who takes him into an old diner to wait out the storm.
  3. Follow-up (~6 Jan)
    Jordheim with Aspen. Fully recovered from his ordeal in Sapient, Milos pays Aspen a visit to further discuss their livestock trade agreement.
  4. Say my name and I'll lie in the sound (7 Jan)
    Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier. Eliza visits Milos' cottage and informs him that she broke things off with Storm. After a few awkward revelations and pointless arguing, the pair confess their love for one another and start a relationship.
  5. We are goat men (12 Jan)
    Aster's Fields with Leo Shepard. Milos answers a call at the borders and meets Leo and his goat, Dawn. Milos immediately takes a liking to the shy AniWayan and shows him around Aster's Fields.
  6. Something here or there. It's all everywhere! (14 Jan)
    Fiskebyn with Tyris Kurosoul. Tyris seeks Milos out for help learning out to tan leather, which Milos is only too happy to assist him with.
  7. 'Cause nothing comes easy (~15 Jan)
    [Winter Wonderland] Northern Tides with Tierney Brádaigh. While out with Jack the caribou to clear the trail between Krokar and Sapient, Milos runs into a loner who became stuck in the snow on his way to the Outpost. He and Tierney help the unfortunate loner, who repays their kindness with a few young, sickly Harris hawks.
  8. My past has tasted bitter for years now (18 Jan)
    Krokar with Hyacinth Silevue. Milos takes Jack the caribou out to collect wood and runs into a supposed loner who accidentally stumbled into Krokaran territory. The pair chat and, finding she injured her leg, Milos offers to help her but his help his declined.
  9. Hold your breath until you see the light (21 Jan)
    Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier. After spending countless nights working on a very special gift for Eliza, Milos presents her a custom flag to symbolize their relationship and proposes the idea of mateship, which she delightfully accepts.
  10. Gazing and grazing (25 Jan)
    Aster's Fields with Rafe da Silva. While going about his Drover duties, Milos comes across new Greenhorn Rafe watching the caribou and teaches him a little bit about them.
  11. [M] Look in my eyes, what do you see? (27 Jan)
    Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier. A sodden, freezing Milos turns up on Eliza's door. Her attempts to warm him quickly turn in a passionate expression of love, resulting in the consummation of their relationship.
  12. Like a gull takes to the wind (29 Jan)
    Krokar with Rhiannon Driscoll. Milos accepts a new joiner to the pack and shows her around Aster's Fields and Fiskebyn. When Rhiannon is unable to find a suitable cottage in the village, Milos takes her around the Ruins of Tog where she finds a uninhabitable farmhouse she decides to fix up.
  13. Togetherness (31 Jan)
    [Optional Pack Thread] North Shore. Member of Krokar and Sapient come together to celebrate the Winter Feast and their alliance with a bonfire on the the beach of the North Shore.
  14. This is the time and this is the place to be alive (31 Jan)
    [Bonfire Side Thread] North Shore with Eliza Cormier, Lucille, and August Cormier. Milos and Liz announce their engagement to their Captains and are thrilled to receive their blessing.


  1. Joining of two hearts (~3rd Feb)
    Outside Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier, Lucille, and August Cormier. With dawn glowing on the horizon, Milos and Eliza hold their mateship ceremony with only immediate family present to witness the joining of the two lovers.
  2. And we wear a cape of firelies (~6 Feb)
    Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier. Excited to start their lives together as mates, Milos helps Liz and Willow move into his cottage. Liz's overstuffed armchair poses something of a problem.
  3. The whirlwind is in the thorn tree (7 Feb)
    Riverbend Orchards with Grizzer. Lost in thought, Milos foolishly steps out onto the snow-covered Miramichi River and falls through. Thankfully, Grizzer, out on patrol around the territory, hears his cry and rescues him.
  4. Acorn on ice (10 Feb)
    Black Lake with Storm Cormier. Reflecting on his tarnished relationship with Storm, Milos finds himself at Black Lake and runs into the man himself. The two share an awkward, strained conversation before parting ways.


  1. Welcome to this place (2 Mar)
    [Read Only] Aster's Fields with Hazel. While on his way to Aster's Fields, Milos is intercepted by Hazel, who is absolutely buzzing with excitement. She practically pulls him to Mable's pen, where it is revealed the cow had given birth to her calf sometime overnight.
  2. Our choices seal our fate (16 Mar)
    [Austringer Hostility] [Read Only] Aster's Fields. An ominous message is left for Milos when a mysterious hawk drops Beatrice Tindall's eyepatch at his feet and utters a single word: "Alone"
  3. [M] Consign me not to darkness (16 Mar)
    [Austringer Hostility] North of Krokar with Marcella Fauks, Eliza Cormier, and Storm Cormier. Milos follows the hawk north and clear out of Krokar, where he is set upon by Marcella and Drachev, old ghosts from his past. He is rescued by Liz and Storm but suffers a dislocated arm, lacerations, and abrasions.
  4. Knowledge is power (18 Mar)
    [Austringer Hostility] [Optional Pack Thread] Sister Lake. Lucille and August address the pack to inform them about Marcella's conditions. Milos fills the pack in on what he knows about Marcella, Drachev, and her cartel.


  1. As the world falls down (1 Apr)
    [Operation Meteor] Fiskebyn with Eliza Cormier. The meteor strikes, setting off a cascade of disasters and destruction. Milos, Liz, and Willow ride out the worst of the horror together.
  2. Rude awakening (8 Apr)
    Aster's Fields with Walker Dupree and August Cormier. A strange horse arrives well within pack territory, pulling a wagon with a sleeping loner within. Milos, August, and Iroquois are initially suspicious but ultimately accept the man into the pack.
  3. And in the tides were pessimists (~10 Apr)
    [Operation Meteor] Fiskebyn with Shaamah. With his arm still in a sling, Milos is unable to make the necessary repairs to his roof that the meteor caused. He enlists the help of Shaamah, a man from their allies.
  4. Rub down (12 Apr)
    Aster's Fields with Walker Dupree. Milos catches new Greenhorn Walker brushing his mare in Aster's Fields and better makes the man's acquaintance.
  5. For I will be home then (14 Apr)
    Briar Patch with Ailie Morgan and Eliza Cormier. A howl ignites Hazel's excitement when she realizes it's from Tybalt Cormier and sends Milos off to greet him. Liz joins him and they welcome Ty back, as well as newcomer Ailie and her young ward, Malcolm.
  6. I tried to find a cure for the pain (24 Apr)
    Firelight Hollow with Ascher Stormbringer. Still working through his grief from the loss of Sorcha in the Austringer Hostility, Milos finds distraction by reacquainting himself with Ascher, who has recently recalled his own tragedies.


  1. Where the water is blue and the people are new (26 May)
    AniWaya with Aspen and Leo Shepard. Milos and Aspen travel to AniWaya arrange a livestock breeding program with the tribe.
  2. Making a trade (27 May)
    AniWaya with Fayne.


  1. Here comes the sun (1 Jun)
    Sister Lake with Eliza Cormier.
  2. Don't the best of them bleed it out? (3 Jun)
    Miramichi Wilderness with Alexander Knight.


  1. ? ()
  2. ? ()


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Became a Wayfarer on 2 March 2015.
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Claude, Elias, Gavin, Hazel, Iroquois, Pepper, Taseko.
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Discovered The Bunker with Lucille.Creepy and spooky



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Milos is not eligible for this catacomb.
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Participated in the Austringer Hostility with Marcella Fauks, Eliza Cormier, and Storm Cormier.[M]Consign me not to darkness
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Participated with Caribou Name in Krokar's 1st caribou race!Title


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Became mates with Eliza Cormier in February 2016.
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Had puppies with Eliza Cormier on 24 August 2016, 01 March 2018, and 20 March 2019.
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Cross: Rescue Someone
Rescued Esperanza on 16 September 2014.Holding out for a hero
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Yellow: Lose a Fight
Lost to Messiah de le Poer on 15 July 2014.[M] Kill your prayers for love and peace
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Rust: Human City Threads
Ruins of Tog, Amherst, Bathurst, 4, 5
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Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
Visited three foreign pack territories and threaded there: Vinátta, Sapient, AniWaya,
Playable Territory
Light Green: Thread in Every Territory
Frost Reaches, Wabanaki Coast, Miramichi Wilderness, Saint Croix Highlands, Aelcrest Shore, Withered Realms, The Blacklands, Concrete Jungle, Isthmus of Chignecto, Halcyon Mountain, The Waste, Drifter Bay, Prince Edward Island, [M]The Dampwoods, Arachnea's Revenge, Halifax, Quartz Shoreline, Whisper Beach, Overgrowth Sunrise, Shattered Coast, Broken Occident, Ethereal Eclipse, Shiloh Hills
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Bathurst, Burnt Church Mountains, Gaspesia, Mount Oromocto, North Shore, Fundy National Park, Commune of the Salmon, Miramichi Watershed, Miramichi Valley, River of Fire, Camp Gagetown, Cape Hopewell, Saint John, Colchester Quarter, Wentworth Valley, Arisaig Shoal, Cobequid Foothills, Âmes de la Mort, Moaning Wood, Haunted Forest, Death Mountains, Devil's Shoreline, Black Rock Islands, Saint Paul Island, Howling Caverns, Stellarton Mines, Phosphagos Foothills, Cantatrix Valley, Sunflower Sunsets, Millstone Village, Charlottetown, Cavendish Estates, Cabot Beach, Northern Wildwood, Kingsweald, Musquodoboit Valley, Dawn's Breath, The Sugarwoods, Hydrostone District, Thornhill District, Spring Heights, Greater Halifax, Moonstone Lakes, Berwick and Wolfville, Flanders Fields, Mersey Lake, Clements Park, Wolf's Peak, Rabbit Lake

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17 September 2014–17 September 2016
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Adoptable Love
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Was voted Best Person to be Stranded on a Deserted Island With in 2017 and Life Could Have Been an Academy Award-winning Film in 2018.
Spotlight Soul
Starlight: Spotlight Soul
Became a Spotlight Soul in February 2019.



Now I'm crawling towards the sun

Title: Here Comes the Sun

Released: April 2016

Held carefully behind a cheerful, optimistic facade is a cesspit of bitter grief, overwhelming shame, and unnecessary self-deprecation that can only truly be appreciated through music. As a result, Milos' soundtrack is replete with woeful ballads and deep, haunting lyrics. With any luck, the future will become a bit brighter for him so I can get some happier songs up in here!


  • Echo - The Hush Sound
    In the midst of terror and pain, Milos and Chaska cling to one another for hope, for love, and for the promise of freedom.
You are the navigator who never could lead,
we were lost in the silver sea,
I was the ship who was too proud to ever sink.
And though my blood runs the same as it did before,
Only difference is now I barely feel it anymore.
There will be tomorrow,
''the sun will light a sea of sorrow.''
Tonight it set and took our friend.
If I could do one thing, I'd bring him back.
''They watch you when you're asleep.''
They hear as you grind your teeth.
They're always wearing smiles but they're never what they seem.
You can run when you're awake, but they still get ya when you dream.
How glad I was to be myself
And use my heart once more.
How glad I was to be a man
And love that girl that I adore.
So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light
Cause oh that gave me such a fright.
But I will hold as long as you like,
Just promise me we'll be alright.
I said I'd fix this,
I'd set things straight.
You begged me not to
But I couldn't stay,
Couldn't wait.
They cut me up, but I did them worse.
And I'll be fine, I just need to rest.
And now again I've found myself
So far down, away from the sun
That shines to light the way for me.
Category: Mandi