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art by Lin

Micah Sunrise Lykoi is the son of Razekiel Lykoi and Ocean Flower, born in Juniper Peace alongside sisters Sage, Clover, China, and Storm Lily. He is the adoptive father of Mistral de l'Or.

Known for his shyness and introversion, Micah was a member of both Cercatori d'Arte and Inferni and for a time rejected both his hippie Juniper roots and his Lykoi roots. After a string of violent events throughout 2013 and 2014, Micah came to terms with his heritage and departed from much of his sensitive ways. After discovering his father frequenting the area—with whom Micah has harbored a lifelong resentment for the murder of his sister Storm Lily—Micah followed Razekiel back to Juniper Peace and saw to it Razekiel "had an accident." After a stint with the Junipers, he was named their leader in his departed father's stead, where he remains today.

In late 2015, he had his first litter with his mate, Orchid Reverie, choosing not to brand his children with the "bloody" Lykoi name. The couple's first litter was a large one, bringing into the world Saffron, Gust, Dove, River Lark and Mint. Micah learned of his eldest daughter Saffron's death by his adopted daughter Mistral in late 2016. Though devastated, he remains obligated to his role at Juniper Peace.

Micah is Lin's precious babbu and she will miss him uuuu ;_;






  • Date of Birth: 19 August 2009
  • Age: 4 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Inferni (4 JUN 2014)
  • Rank: Sanitas (10 JUL 14)
  • Co-Rank: Gardener, Artist
  • Name Meaning: Named for his pelt, resembling mica
  • Family: Lykoi, Kimaris
  • Birthplace: Juniper Peace
  • Species: Coyote-dominant hybrid
  • Subspecies:
    • 90% Coyote, 5% Wolf, 5% Dog



1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


With wide, terrified brown eyes, Micah looks hardly the type able to defend himself. Mostly coyote in appearance, his build is average to thin in all forms. His pelt, a near-black with flecks of white scattered thick within, makes the choice for his name obvious. When standing on two legs in his preferred optime form, the boy reaches a modest 6'2" in height. Granite fur hides behind a turquoise, buttoned hoodie. His hair, even when tamed in its usual low ponytail down his back, easily reaches midway down his spine; his hair is a solid black, but the white flecks of his fur replaced with long white streaks throughout the tight curls, and at his chin a scruff grows like a goatee.

  • Humanization: Moderate. Micah wears his wild mess of white-streaked curls in a low ponytail most of the time and sports a paint-stained sweatshirt and a kerchief worn over his snout while painting.
  • Image Gallery


 Cherrywood (#63151B)
 Irish Coffee (#523322)
 Cod Grey (#1B1B1B)
 Shark (#2F2F30)
 Suva Grey (#868586)
 Silver Chalice (#B1B1B1)
 Mischka (#E2DCE4)


  • Fur: Shark, with Suva Grey and Silver Chalice flecks throughout.
  • Markings:
    • Flecked Suva Grey patches on upper back, underbelly, etc.
    • Cherrywood Lykoi patch on upper nose.
  • Optime Hair: Cod Grey, with natural streaks of Mischka.
  • Eyes: Irish Coffee.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Cod Grey.

art by Lin



50 lbs (22 kg)23 in (58 cm)

An average, humble-looking coyote. Tends to keep his ears and tail tucked. Often travels in his form to avoid detection.


176 lbs (79 kg)43 in (109 cm)

Though bigger and burlier, Micah only appears awkward. He never uses this form.

Optime (Preferred)

190 lbs (86 kg)6ft 2in (187 cm)

Some muscle, decent height, average build. When spraypainting he wears a blue kerchief over his snout and he ties his ponytail tighter and higher. Generally speaking his curls are out of control.

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Various hues of paint stains are commonly found throughout his pelt, particularly on his hands.
  • As a Lykoi, Micah should have the Chaos Star tattooed, but it has not yet been added as he has not come to terms with his lineage.

Jewelry and Accessories


  • Lips: Visible scratches (Wraith Creed)
  • Left shoulder: Two medium-length gashes (Wraith Creed)
  • Arms: Several gashes across (not down) inner arms, spanning shoulder to palm (Harlow Fontaine)
  • Teeth: Missing three lower teeth towards the back, punched out by iron knuckles (Harlow Fontaine)


  • A very light blue handkerchief stained at the edges with various colors, worn around his neck. It is pulled up and over his snout while spraypainting to avoid breathing the fumes.
  • A teal button-up sweatshirt with hood, similarly stained and worn in the fall and winter.


  • Speech: Soft-spoken, stuttering, humble, apologetic.
  • Scent: Pine, gravel, spraypaint fumes, Lykoi, Inferni, Cercatori d'Arte (fading)
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Extremely modest and polite in his mannerisms, except with established enemies. Nervous with strangers, always hoping to make a good impression but expecting to fail. In crowds, he freezes up completely and tends to excuse himself early if they cannot be avoided altogether.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Average in trusted company, but nervous and stiff in movement outside safety zones and among strangers. Lots of nervous fidgeting, avoiding eyes, shrugging, and wringing hands.


2.  Personality

Iron Woobie, Shrinking Violet, Cowardly Lion, Heroic Self-Deprecation

The salt-and-pepper wolf is relatively quiet and calm in nature; though very friendly, the boy spends a lot of time in his own head, and almost constantly worries for both himself and those around him. He suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which with time blossomed into some obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Due to his anxieties, Micah worries both uncontrollably and irrationally about very mild, otherwise insignificant things. Often he is quite shy, timid and independent; he works best in private company, and shuts down completely when forced into a crowd. Rejecting the earth-loving ways of his hippie parents and pack of birth Micah sees reality and the people in it like black and white -- innately good or bad and nothing between -- and is extremely slow to trust. Thanks to his father Micah does not believe that good exists in everyone, and is equal parts bitter and anxious of the world.

With strangers Micah is a stuttering, shaking, self-reprimanding, babbling fool and is apt to try to excuse himself from even a non-threatening person. However, once warmed up to a friendly face, Micah is an extremely accommodating, talkative and upbeat individual. He seeks deep, rich friendships over simple acquaintances, and enjoys discussing and collaborating in the arts with others. The Lykoi is bisexual, but completely inexperienced in romantic relationships.

Drugs and alcohol are merely a means of escape the ruthlessness of the real world. A younger Micah disapproved of such extents and dismissed them as cowardly; now with more experience under his belt, the Lykoi does not mind the occasional drink to escape, and grows marijuana to help with his anxiety issues.

Thanks to a recent focus on self-defense training, he has started to develop some muscle to his otherwise very average frame.

2.1  Ideals


  • Friendly, artistic, imaginative, big-hearted
  • Self-demeaning, paranoid, low self-esteem, private, jumpy
  • Extremely awkward and nervous with new people
  • Overwhelmed and quick to leave crowds
  • Stutters badly when nervous
  • Mildly obsessive-compulsive
  • Outlook: Pessimistic, self-defeating
  • Sociability: Extremely introverted. Detests smalltalk, but very friendly and sociable with small and comfortable company. Shuts down in and actively avoids crowds.
  • Expression: Submissive, paranoid, apologetic
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • "Values both personal freedom and adherence to laws."
    • "Is driven to right injustice."
    • "Works well alone or in a group."
    • "Believes in happiness to all deserving creatures."


  • Fear, anxiety, privacy, a need to express


Though far less jumpy than he used to be, Micah still fears more than the average individual: warrior types, weaponry, rejection, crowds, humiliation, failure, bodily harm, and uselessness. However, he is finally beginning to gather the strength to stand up for what is right rather than fleeing, and has grown weary of his life of cowardice.


Born to hippies, Micah is an open-minded man of few biases.

  • Packs:
    • Micah was once loyal to Cercatori d'Arte, though increasingly isolated feelings by distant packmates have left him bitter and restless.
    • Inferni has faced him with both criminals and kind souls. It is his new home, but he is afraid.
    • Thinks extremely highly of Casa di Cavalieri members.


Open-minded as he is, Micah tries not to be as airy and easily swayed as his parents and birthpack. While he has a great respect and love for nature, he does not worship it as his father does. For the most part, Micah is agnostic but has not given it much thought.


  • Kinsey 3: Equally heterosexual and homosexual

Micah is demisexual, if one wants to be specific about it, but is otherwise bisexual with romantic interest in personality over physical form. While he has had infatuations in the past he has never been involved in a relationship. He values deep friendship and cannot fall for a person without a strong attraction to their personality, but as shy and humble as he is, Micah may not have the courage to voice his feelings for fear of rejection.


Micah grows his own marijuana and smokes only when his anxiety is high. He enjoys smoking with fond company, and does not mind the occasional tobacco cigarette. Only when depressed or traumatized he drinks, and heavily; more than once he has woken up in a place he does not remember.


  • Likes: spraypainting, the arts, music, the guitar, friendship, birds and small animals
  • Dislikes: confrontation, strangers, loud noises, laborious activity, germs, crowds

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Mistral de l'Or is Micah's adoptive daughter, rescued when found caged in Halifax at the start of September 2013. Their relationship is permanently bumpy, but the love is undeniably there and Micah wishes the very best for her. He worries for her after her leave to Cour des Miracles, but understands it for the best: He cannot take her where he is going, and he has nothing more to teach her.
  • Razekiel Lykoi is Micah's much resented father. Out of his siblings, Micah was the only one to insist Razekiel as the murderer of their youngest sister, Storm Lily, shortly after the litter was born. Egged on by her ghost, Micah has sworn revenge, but possesses neither the skill nor courage to pull it off.
  • Storm Lily Lykoi is a ghost of the youngest littermate of Micah and his siblings, killed overnight during her infancy in Juniper Peace and revived now in intangible form to haunt her only brother. While the rest of the easygoing hippie-gypsy clan did not dwell on the murder nor point fingers, later in life Micah alone pieced together the accusation towards his father, Razekiel, who disappeared immediately after Storm's death and attributed it to his sister's wolf-like appearance, unlike the rest of the litter. Appearing and heard only by Micah, Storm Lily demands vengeance, and her pushy and abusive demeanor manipulates Micah into many things he would gladly do without. She disappeared after Micah took in Mistral, but began making appearances again after Mistral left for Cour des Miracles, much to her brother's chagrin.

Positive Relations

  • Sage, China & Clover are Micah's three older sisters and once his closest friends. All four siblings got along wonderfully both as children and adults and watched out for one another. Micah has not seen his sisters in a number of years but wishes to be reunited. He does not yet know of China's death or of any of their respective children.
  • Kali de le Poer is Micah's combat trainer, though he is not quite certain what about himself inspires her aid nor why she seems protective of him. Micah equally respects and fears Kali, and works extra hard because of it.
  • Lowry Lykoi was Micah's cousin one way or another, a d'Artisan packmate and the first fellow Lykoi he found outside Inferni borderlines. Sharing anxiety issues along with bloodline, the two were fast friends though they were never especially close. Micah struggles with heavy guilt over Lowry's murder, feeling himself indirectly to blame.

Neutral / Negative

  • Esmeralda Collins — A former packmate from Cercatori d'Arte, the bullheaded Collins girl following in her mother's footsteps. Her relationship with Micah is complicated; their initial meeting went poorly, ruining impressions of one another, and only begrudgingly have they since settled some measure of differences to tolerate one another's company. Micah neither respects nor disrespects her.
  • Belial Massacre — A former packmate in Cercatori d'Arte, the two never got along. Belial openly mocked and pushed at Micah's anxieties with a sick pleasure, and Micah took a similar pleasure to getting Belial in trouble for any little thing. He has since left for Inferni, putting their tensions on hold.


4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Micah relies on his own confidence and experience in socializing, which could be a good or a bad thing. He has no formal education and cannot read or write, though he can read staff and sheet music.
  • Given his patient and forgiving nature, Micah makes for a fine teacher in the rare occasion an opportunity rises. He teaches mostly the arts to those that come calling for his aid, able to tutor a student in reading music, the guitar or flute, songwriting, color theory, anatomy, etc. He is an extremely patient teacher, but his abilities lessen considerably when intimidated by his student or lacking confidence in himself. Micah held the Teacher co-rank while a part of Cercatori d'Arte.
  • Empathic and genuinely seeking the best for others (with exceptions) Micah bears a unique patience for counseling troubled souls and a strong conscience to provide advice. Unless someone reaches out to him for help, however, he thinks it too rude to speak up.


  • Education and Learning: Pacifistic at heart, Micah has trained in small bouts over the years, but never extensively until recent months. In the past he has had a few minor self-defense lessons with Skye Collins and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight among others, but more recently Micah has been training with Kali de le Poer. Following a particularly nasty fight with a loner in May 2014, Micah joined Inferni to dedicate himself to training with her. He has shown little potential, but great resolve.
  • Self-defense maneuvers trained beneath Kali have exposed Micah to hand-to-hand combat, but he has yet to excel in it in any way and lacks the impassivity to inflict harm on another.
  • Having learned a few knife techniques through Skye and Jazper, Micah is not the worst one could be with a tiny blade. He carries a dagger at all times, more for utility than defense.


  • Education and Learning: Micah is first and foremost an artist, primarily self-taught. Art and creation were heavily encouraged in his birthpack Juniper Peace. To paint or to play guitar is to escape his anxieties, and in actuality the coyote is fairly talented. He does not give himself enough credit.
  • Micah can't read text — but he was taught how to read sheet music by his mother and packmates of Juniper Peace as a child. When it comes to music, Micah is extremely well-informed and talented with a guitar. He is no bard, however, and self-consciously halts all strumming should another person arrive.
  • A talented graffiti artist, Micah makes grandiose murals out of found spraypaint and of various subject matters. He is quite clever with his use of color and stroke, and has slowly gotten bolder and bigger with his work. He has a great eye for details and a love for bright colors in his work.
  • Micah raises his own marijuana, and thanks to Juniper Peace has a strong understanding of horticulture. He is very discouraged when his plants die and tends to be protective of his seedlings.
  • Through working with Bark, sheltering two orphaned finches, and by fostering his own interests, Micah is slowly learning animal care, but is by no means well-experiences in the field yet. Through Juniper Peace he knows high and low speech fairly well.

4.2  Inventory


Riperian Moors, Inferni

Micah has no idea where to put himself in Inferni, and out of shyness and sheer terror of his packmates he camps in semi-isolation somewhere between the Riperian Moors and the River Acheron with his horse, Bark, generally wandering free in the field or around his tiny site. Around his humble campsite is a bed of straw and grass, a fire and log where his guitar is left standing, assortments of wildflowers and bird feathers, and a number of fist-sized stones spraypainted bright colors—most likely to test cans and color combinations. During the warm summer months, it is a surprisingly pleasant living.


  • Offering: dyes, seeds, handcrafted and painted jewelry
  • Accepting: seeds, medical supplies, horse supplies


Carried Items

  • A deep brown satchel full to bursting with necessities. Evidently Micah's anxieties are somewhat pacified by feeling "always prepared."
  • A small dagger, usually for skinning or as a tool. Micah resorts to it as a weapon when necessary, but is more apt to flee for his life first.
  • Micah's small, red journal is full of drawings and poems. In pencil he sketches most of his graffiti work before transferring to a wall in chalk sketches.
  • A number of bottles of spraypaint; usually only the colors he has decided he needs for a particular drawing. The spraycans are scavenged from rubble and, as they are a limited and hard-to-find resource, are beaten-up but dearly treasured.
  • A pipe and lighter, with marijuana contained in a jar to smoke should his anxieties spike too high to handle.
  • A flask, for the same reason.
  • Micah carries a full medical kit on his person at all times, and while he is not a hypochondriac, Micah is very careful with all wounds and willing to share his supplies to one in need.


  • A light blue bandana, some multicolor bangles, and beaded yellow and blue necklaces hang around Micah's throat at all times.
  • While spraypainting, Micah usually wears a beaten-up green hoodie littered with paint stains. He draws his bandana up over his snout at the time as well, and his hair is pulled back into a tighter ponytail.
  • When traveling but not planning to paint, Micah wears only a brown, hooded cloak.

Trinkets at Home

  • Micah grows his own marijuana and keeps a small stash of alcohol for himself. He shares typically only in private, close company.
  • Micah keeps a heavy supply of random "necessities" around his house, from rope to lighters to anything else he may someday need. He is not a hoarder, but likes to feel as prepared for anything as he can get.
  • Bottles of filled spraypaint litter his household of varying colors and sizes. They are all scavenged and dirty, but otherwise tested as functional and very dear to him.

5.  History

5.1  Overview

Previous Packs and Ranks

Juniper Peace (8/19/09 - 2/15/11)
Pup, Member
Cercatori d'Arte (3/??/11 - 10/??/11)
Juniper Peace (11/20/11 - 8/30/13)
Cercatori d'Arte (9/10/13 - 5/21/14)
Enlightened, Inspired, Artist, Scribbler, Unskilled
Teacher (Co-Rank)
Inferni (6/4/14 - 8/14)
Tiro Misceleri, Signiferi

Micah Sunrise Lykoi was born August 14, 2009 in a hippie pack named Juniper Peace while his father, Razekiel Lykoi, still lived there. He was born the second-youngest and the only male in a litter of five and had a primarily happy childhood. The pack was a nature-loving, vagrant pack, so he grew accustomed to constant movement and a lack of settlement even from the beginning.

Around a few months of age, her father left unexpectedly in the night. By morning, the pack gathered to find not only Micah's youngest sister and litter runt, Storm Lily, missing and the pack's two alphas murdered in their den. Matched with Razekiel's disappearance, it was quickly assumed he was at fault, but the coyote did not turn up again. Micah was raised by the mourning pack and her mother, remaining there with his mother and sister Clover for some time before setting off on his own trail like Sage and China.

Micah was a member of Cercatori d'Arte for some time in 2011 and reunited with his sisters at the time. He was commonly found spraypainting buildings with found materials and talking to himself -- excused as conversation with the ghost of his dead and murdered sister, Storm Lily. Though he was aware his father was not far away leading Ichika no Ho-en at the time, Micah could not build the courage to face him; in fact Micah was driven from his packlands out of sheer fear that Razekiel would hear of him and attack, killing his son just as he killed Storm, even despite the loving, fatherly relationship Razekiel had with Sage, China and Clover at the time. Most likely, the ghost of his sister that haunts him helped drive him from 'Souls land.

Believing nowhere else to turn, Micah returned to his mother in Juniper Peace for two years. Still rejecting their hippie-like ways, the boy left after deciding himself a permanent misfit in the pack of his birth, and returned to 'Souls territory in fall of 2013.

5.2  Timeline

2009, 2010

  • Micah is born the second-to-youngest child and only son of Razekiel Lykoi and Ocean Flower in an off-board migratory pack of hippies named Juniper Peace. Though he and his older sisters Clover, China and Sage resembled the coyote their father was, the runt of the litter Storm Lily Lykoi closer resembled the wolf genetics of their mother. Within a few months after their birth Storm Lily was found murdered in their den and Razekiel disappeared; only Micah ever seemed to blame and resent his father for Storm's death.
  • By his first year, the ghost of Storm Lily began to appear and speak to Micah alone. He did not tell his family of the ghost, or how her words were psychologically abusive enough to turn the boy esteemless and cowardly.
  • In early 2011, his three elder sisters left Juniper Peace individually, each hoping to find their lost father. A few months later Micah left to follow them, without interest in finding Razekiel.


  • Micah was a member of Cercatori d'Arte from March through November 2011, present yet but shy and purposefully blending into the background. He left suddenly and quietly as winter approached.

2012 - 2013

  • Micah spent a large portion of late 2011 into early 2012 trying to fend for himself and failing miserably. Deciding that he was more helpless than he originally thought, Micah scouted for the migratory pack of his birth, Juniper Peace, and reunited with his mother for close to a year. He was miserable; though always rejecting the ways of hippies, Micah did grow to adopt a fondness of marijuana and pot as a result of the experience with the pack again, but it was not enough to break the self-made illusion that he simply did not fit in.


  • September 2013 — Micah returns to Cercatori d'Arte after a few years' absence and takes up residence again in Thornbury. In his time gone Micah seems to have willed some sort of backbone into himself and now forces himself to take the steps to improve his self-esteem and courage, but continues to fail miserably at it. He begins searching neighboring packs for any sign of his three sisters to no avail, and ultimately realizes he is alone but comforted by the fact that neither is his father anywhere to be seen. After making a fool of himself to a number of packmates, he begins withdrawing.
    • In late September while on a trip to Halifax to scavenge spraypaint, Micah hears the crying of a pup and finds three-month-old Mistral de l'Or locked in a birdcage within an empty residence. Unable to get the bars apart in his panicking, Micah takes the cage and carries it back to Cercatori d'Arte, where leader Skye Collins aids him in breaking it apart and insists he take care of the child despite his fearful reservations. The cage is abandoned near the borders where Mimi was freed. With no other choice, Micah begins to raise Mistral in his home.
  • October 2013 — Micah has a few unfortunate encounters with Inferni members throughout late September and October that cement his distaste for the clan of his bloodline. In late October he is attacked by Wraith Creed while defending Mimi, and collapses on the allianced Casa di Cavalieri borders. He is treated by cavalier Lola.


  • January 2014 — Micah brought six-month-old Mistral de l'Or, still under his care, to Cour des Miracles to learn more about himself. He earned himself a co-rank in Cercatori d'Arte, and entered the higher ranks of the pack.
  • February 2014 — Micah's friend, cousin and packmate, Lowry Lykoi was found murdered by the man who trapped Mistral, demanding his cage back. The Lykoi spends the month grieving, somewhat hollow and numb. The trauma seems to have matured him and stopped his bodily shaking when nervous though his stammering and anxiety continues.
  • March 2014 — Mistral leaves for Cour des Miracles. Micah, insisting to remain where he can to stop Lowry's killer, feels increasingly isolated and useless in Cercatori d'Arte.
  • June 2014 — A wandering stranger jumps Micah in mid-May, leaving him battered and torn up. Deciding to turn his life around and that things can't get any worse for him than they already are, Micah leaves Cercatori d'Arte overnight and throws aside many years' frustrations against Inferni to become a member, knowing he has friends there as well as a combat tutor. The change is jarring and terrifying, and Micah's ghostly sister very suddenly makes a reappearance to make it worse.
  • July 2014 — Micah finds a downed nest of purple finches and sets to rescuing the two surviving hatchlings, including fixing the broken leg of the male with clay.

6.  Thread Archives

6.1  2011


  1. let them see your black heart, baby
    Inferni, with Clover, Sage, and China. Micah reunites with his three sisters, but refuses to join them in Inferni and leaves instead for Cercatori d'Arte.
  2. tomorrow, today and yesterday
    Meets Gotham Phoenix.
  3. tear it down to build something new up
    Meets Ouija D'Angelo and fellow graffiti artist Cotl Ulrich.
  4. the game of life is hard to play
    Micah comforts fellow coward Noah Sawtooth.


  1. so yesterday
    Micah comforts a tearful Mizu Kuin.


  1. to the elements
    Meets Cercatori d'Arte packmate Krystalle Horzana.
  2. the only lights here are made
    While leaving art at the Cercatori d'Arte Border Tree, Micah is found by leader Skye Collins who calls for a celebration. Terrified by crowds, Micah promptly hides in the bushes.
  3. smoke in the valley like morning mist
    Meets Ever Mayawyn.
  4. search and destroy
    Meets Saluce Tremblay, albeit fearfully and briefly.


  1. in a place called vertigo
    Ever Mayawyn walks Micah through his anxiety attack due to a fear of heights in Cercatori d'Arte.
  2. strength in numbers
    Meets Inferni leader Ezekiel de le Poer, who provides for Micah an open invitation to Inferni should he ever need a place to go.
  3. shine down on me
    Meets Daemon Argyris.
  4. the room, the sun and the sky
    Terrified by sheep and victim to one hungry ram, Micah is assisted by Sky Katruk.


  1. bury me as a dog
    Rory Ward assists Micah during a particularly pathetic germaphobic episode.
  2. bend me, break me
    Skye Collins teaches Micah a thing or two about self-defense with a dagger. Though he never truly picks up the talent, the coyote carries a blade from that point on.
  3. with all the colors of the wind
    Micah meets the gentle Giselle Fantasia, and sparks a quick friendship.
  4. amazing, because it is
    Micah speaks with older sister Clover Love Lykoi for a time, discussing their father and sisters and life's proceedings. It is the last interaction he has before returning home to Juniper Peace, thinking to give it a second chance and fearful of a reunion with Razekiel Lykoi now knowing him to be in the territory.

6.2  2013


  1. suffer a fool to live
    Shortly after his return to Cercatori d'Arte, Micah stumbles upon his old friend Skye's daughter, Esmeralda Collins. The two do not get along.
  2. leave it lye
    Micah meets his cousin Lowry Lykoi, a fellow Lykoi rejecting of the Inferni ways and finding a better life in Cercatori d'Arte like himself. The two are quick friends.
  3. i think in decimals and dollars
    Meets Rei, a fellow d'Artisan with many similarities to himself.
  4. jester dance
    Meets Jace Wolfe.
  5. the juniper bends as if you were listening
    Micah meets and teaches Valerie Rhiannon-Knight a bit about art while in Halifax. She paints an odd set of red eyes, an image that oddly disturbs Micah and haunts him for some time thereafter.
  6. frozen the river that baptized you
    While scavenging Halifax in search of paint cans, Micah hears the cries of a pup inside an apartment. Gathering his courage, he finds Mistral de l'Or—nearly three months in age—suffering from malnutrition trapped within a birdcage. Unable to break the bars apart, he takes the cage and pup inside and sprints back to Cercatori d'Arte.
  7. won't stop to surrender
    Skye Collins helps Micah break open the cage containing Mistral de l'Or. She refuses to care for the child herself, leaving responsibilities on Micah. The cage is left broken in outer fields of the packlands.
  8. cast no shadow
    Micah travels to Inferni hoping to find his sisters still present and inquire about any knowledge of Mistral's background. He meets Priam Nothing instead who, possessed by Cirael June Lykoi, harasses him.


  1. spiders in the stables
    Nervous in crowds, Micah assists his packmates in cleaning Cercatori d'Arte stables.
  2. itsy bitsy spider
    Micah reassures a young and frightened Faolan Kido, and is alarmed to find a leopard named Feng lives among his packmates in Cercatori d'Arte.
  3. feathers on the tailwind
    After a number of weeks mute while under Micah's care, Mistral begins to speak and offers her name.
  4. [M] the bitter taste
    Wraith Creed of Inferni confuses the very tiny Mistral for prey, and retaliation by Micah ends up in a short but bloody fight.
  5. the wander of weary
    Wounded and exhausted by his fight with Wraith Creed, Micah makes his way to Casa di Cavalieri borders—Cercatori d'Arte's ally—and is welcomed and treated by high-ranking member Lola.


  1. [M] a skin that falls away
    While high to stifle recent anxieties, Micah meets the equally troubled Neraka Tarasova and begins a quick friendship.
  2. gems and rhinestones
    Seeking meditation by the ocean, Lily Storm Revlis stumbles upon her uncle, though their relation remains unknown.
  3. pitiful thing
    Still a mess between the recent fight with Wraith and arguments with Mistral, Sylvia Odessa Mogotsi finds Micah in a post-drunken heap.


  1. let the fiddle run
    Micah teaches packmate Faolan Kido the basics of music and guitar.
  2. i try to imagine myself away from here
    Micah is mortified by the morbid artwork of packmate Belial Massacre, coming to realize how truly deep his hippie-born roots have sewn.
  3. could've had a castle
    Mistral expresses a desire to visit Cour des Miracles, hoping to find out more about herself and her parentage.

6.3  2014


  1. turning my head out
    Preparing to leave for Cour des Miracles, Micah and Mimi are given gifts from Esther Hennamin to keep them warm on their journey.
  2. about the hive and the honeybees
    Micah and Mistral speak with Cour des Miracles leader Silvano Sadira at his borders, who quickly grows impatient with Mimi's brashness and impudence.
  3. tomorrow never knows
    Micah learns a lesson in combat and self-defense from Casa di Cavalieri leader Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  4. illusion of choice
    Leader Skye Collins informs her pack of the departure of one of their highest-ranking members.
  5. i lost the will to try
    Micah teaches Rei a thing or two about painting and bead-making.


  1. the cheaters came to play
    Micah meets with leader Skye Collins to discuss the shady activities of packmates Belial Massacre and inquire about the Traders' Guild.
  2. [M] dreamless sleep will fall like a deep, poisoned well
    After following a trail of blood, Mistral and Micah happen upon the body of his cousin and packmate, Lowry Lykoi, strung up murdered in the Cercatori d'Arte Border Tree with a cryptic message carved in his chest. Micah is completely distraught.
  3. do not forget what we cannot forgive
    Leader Skye Collins formally delivers the news of Lowry's death to the pack immediately after the discovery. With Micah in tow, they leave for Halifax to find the killer, whose location is known only to the Lykoi.
  4. become the damage done
    Micah returns home briefly before leaving with Skye for Halifax after the murder's announcement. He finds Mistral home as directed, triggered by the trauma into shifting for the first time, and the two share a short but touching moment.
  5. [M] lies the snake in my disgrace
    Upon arriving in Halifax, Micah and Skye come across the murderer's brother, Octavius Poer de Angelo, insistent that Judas is innocent of the accused murder. This sparks a fight between the two while Micah helplessly looks on.
  6. his ghost is living in our walls
    Esmeralda Collins brutally questions Micah on his knowledge of the murder.
  7. can the wicked see me?
    Belial Massacre toys with Micah, intimidating and guilting him on his involvement with Lowry's murder.


  1. let them ring out loud
    Micah travels to Inferni against his better judgment, informing Vesper of Lowry's death to any of his Lykoi family living there, and learning that the coyote clan is not as bad as he thought.
  2. traveler's rest
    Isaac La-grande inquires about Cercatori d'Arte near Berwick.
  3. i am running late from this life you have brought upon me
    At long last, Mistral de l'Or speaks with Micah about leaving home for Cour des Miracles.
  4. put one foot in front of the other (NPC)
    Micah wishes the best of luck to Mimi as she departs for Cour des Miracles with Faolan Kido.
  5. the path of daggers
    Micah meets Kali de le Poer, who agrees to teach him to fight. Though she is rough around the edges, the two become fast friends.


  1. coming apart at the seams
    Packmate Sophia Knight chats with Micah in Cercatori d'Arte.
  2. slung in the swaying saddle
    Equally upset, Micah stumbles upon a discouraged Snapdragon Lykoi far from her Inferni home.
  3. here we are
    Cercatori d'Arte leader Skye Collins announces a number of changes, and Micah feels increasingly ashamed and unsuitable for the pack.
  4. with everyone as their own broadcast
    New subleader Kenna Foxleigh stumbles upon Micah painting a mural across a span of d'Artisan trees.
  5. did you ever dream (we'd miss the mornings in the sun)
    Discouraged and down on his luck, Micah meets Sparrow far from pack borders.


  1. our clouds still full of rain
    Marlowe de le Poer stumbles upon Micah during a rainstorm.
  2. [M] caught in quicksand, sinking fast
    Harlow Fontaine tears up Micah and Bark unprompted.
  3. they butchered my body to make me the best
    After a serious thrashing by Harlow Fontaine, Micah commits himself against his anxieties and do what he needs most. After gathering his things and painting his goodbye, he leaves Cercatori d'Arte in the night.


  1. life on the outside ain't what it used to be
    Two weeks later, equal parts determined and desperate, Micah joins Inferni after many years' refusal—and not knowing that many of his enemies are members.
  2. always had to learn the hard way
    Skye Collins, Micah's former leader at Cercatori d'Arte, comes to Inferni to investigate his leave.
  3. the universe reigned again while the wheels roll
    Micah introduces himself to cousin Myrika Tears and grandmother Kaena Lykoi.
  4. the mountain and the viper
    Reunited with his trainer Kali de le Poer, Micah suffers some of her temper.
  5. take us back
    Agrippa de le Poer provides advice on treating Bark post-wounding.
  6. you can't reap what you don't sow
    Micah meets Infernian Rosaline Cross, grateful for their traits in common.
  7. the red pill's for duty
    Rosaline Cross, Messiah de le Poer, Annabeth de Fonte, Brumaire Moineau, and Micah prepare the future training grounds.
  8. if one fails, the other may hold
    IN PROGRESS. With Cartier Inferni.


  1. a howling beast hears us talk
    IN PROGRESS. With Marlowe de le Poer.
  2. each feather it fell from skin
    Micah teaches clanmate Singe about spraypainting.
  3. sprint and saunter
    IN PROGRESS. With Felix Nightlark.
  4. spare me the lies
    IN PROGRESS. With Lily Storm Revlis.


  1. sticks, stones, and animal bones
    IN PROGRESS. With Kára Lykoi, Stigmata de le Poer.
  2. [M] i call the forces of nature to me
    IN PROGRESS. With Vesper.
  3. thinking about the things that we could be
    IN PROGRESS. With Nathaniel King.


  1. the game's no fun when the rabbit's got the gun
    IN PROGRESS. With Kali de le Poer.