Mason Alexandre Hesiod

Mason Alexandre Hesiod

Mason, by Gwen
Date of BirthMay 17, 2009
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Joining dateSeptember 2009
RankTirones Minor

Mason Alexandre Hesiod joined Inferni in September of 2009 and immediately latched onto Kaena Lykoi who latched right back on. Up until about a week before he turned nine months of age, Mason was the only Tirones Minor (youth) in Inferni and he had nobody to play with, but he still tagged along with Kaena and made an adorable pain out of himself. He spent a long while as an NPC there before vanishing altogether in May 2010.

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1.  History

2.  Personality

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4.  Appearance

Mason Alexandre Hesiod is a coyote/wolf hybrid, although his appearance clearly favors his coyote ancestry. He has a slight build, typical of most breeds of coyote. The only aspect of his physicality that betrays his mixed blood is his wider chest and large paws. The rest of his body is thin; his legs are long, lending him a slightly gangly look. His snout is long and narrow and his ears are just-this-side of oversized.

Mason's fur is the color of sand, a mixture of light gold and tans. His coat color is constant year round. His fur is not long or short - overall, his coat and coloration is average and normal. His eyes are a vibrant yellow shade, a bit dark and bordering on a golden color.

5.  Notable Threads

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