Marya Russo

Marya Russo is a member of the Russo family, daughter to Milena Ivanov and Robjik Russo. She is a cousin to Rurik Russo and Thorn Russo, original members of the Syemv pirate crew. Born in Sobiratsya, Russia, Marya has various distant family members scattered throughout 'Souls.

Marya Russo




Date of Birth

22 June 2006









Birth place



100% Russian Wolf



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1.  Family: Russo

2.  History

  • June 2006: Marya is born alongside her siblings Lukya and Saveli Russo to parents Robjik Russo and Milena Ivanov. She is raised amongst Sobirat'sya canines.
  • ~February 2007: She begins work on the fishing boats at a young age -- she is tomboyish, fierce, and enjoys the toil and usefulness to her family.
  • ~July 2008: She meets a gruff older coyote hybrid named Nazariy Sokolov -- after a brief tryst, Marya finds herself pregnant. Nazariy is rather quick to disappear on receiving the news; as Marya is already an adult, her pregnancy is no big deal to her family.
  • 31 October 2008: Marya's daughter Marishka is born. Rurik Russo's children Silas, Liliya, and Anatoliy were born just a few weeks prior; Marya plans a rosy future for the distant cousins and is excited to be a mother alongside Verusha.
  • ~February 2009: Jealous Saveli sees an opportunity in his sister's young daughter; he kidnaps and trades her off. Marya is devastated by the disappearance of her daughter.
  • ~June 2009: Saveli is implicated in Marishka's disappearance; he confesses and is ousted from the Russo family. He does not leave Sobirat'sya, however.
  • June 2012: Marya, in mourning and figuring on never seeing her daughter again, departs Sobirat'sya in secret. She is no longer able to tolerate the sight of Saveli in Sobirat'sya.
  • January 2013: She travels to Lisbon, intending to head to Barbados through to Freetown and eventually 'Souls, intending to seek the land her cousin Rurik always spoke of.
  • March 2013: Whoops her boat sank.
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