Markus Eriksen


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Name MeaningPossibly related to Latin mas "male" (genitive maris).
Name OriginDanish
Date of BirthApril of 2009
AgeTwo years
Subspecies25% canis lupus, 75% canis lupus familiaris
Birth placeDenmark
Current packLoner
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1.  History

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2.  Personality

Markus doesn't express himself well. Having always been a rather quiet child, he often avoided contact with others, and that habit has remained with him through adulthood. He sometimes comes off as aloof and cold, his blank stare scaring off potential friends and isolating him from the outside world. He tends to like his alone time, and often plays mute, not replying to things people say or completely ignoring them. While this doesn't set the best example for his pup, he's also learned to turn the other cheek, in a way. Insults and threats simply roll off him, and he doesn't often respond to flat-out attacks, other than to simply lie there and take it. All in all, around strangers at the very least, he seems a cold, emotionless person, with a very good poker face.

Among friends and family, the mask slips, and while he's still pretty introverted, he also tends to contribute more than a glare to the conversation. He is often staring into space around friends, and his fingers pluck at the invisible strings of a harp as he composes music in his head, or whistling the tune as he works. Aside from playing the drums, pipe, and harp, Markus is also quite the metalworker, as his drums need intense care and, sometimes, the metal needs to be replaced. Being roped into a rock band has hidden his true self beneath a different kind of mask; though he looks and acts like a "rocker", this is mostly because people expect it of him. In all truth, he's a romantic at heart, and more a big softy than anything hard-core.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Francois Erkisen; Eva Erkisen

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

4.  Skills

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  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Making fries

5.  Appearance

He prefers his Optime form above all others, and is most often found on two legs. Being rather slim and willowy, it's hard to tell if Markus has any muscle, considering the thick fur that covers his entire body. He closely resembles an Afghan Hound, though that's not all that's in his blood, and has a long, narrow snout and large, down-turned ears. The fur on these is fluffy to the extreme, often giving him a sort of bed-headed look, and while he tries to tie them back, they always somehow end up framing his face. His hands are barely visible through the thick fur that hangs down over his wrists, and though this would make it seemingly hard to play his instruments, he has little to no trouble. Seeming rather large at first glance, Markus is actually pretty small, and rather girly-looking, with his bangs hanging in his deep brown eyes.

His base coat is a deep, shimmering black, with the tips of his fur dipped in dark brown. His hair and ears have long cream strands in them, and his bangs are tipped in the same cream. He has tan "eyebrow" markings, with his cheeks and parts of his muzzle tipped the same color. Beginning on the underside of his chin is cream stripe which goes down his throat to just above his collarbone. There's a short space of black and brown , running from his shoulders and across his collarbone, before a burst of more cream-white appears across the upper part of his chest. This burst narrows down into another, thicker stripe along his stomach, thinning out and fading back into black around his naval. His arms and legs, up to the forearm and calf, are swirled with cream, with some black strands remaining to dip down between his fingers and toes.

Markus has no tattoos or piercings to speak of, but only at first glance. Upon closer inspection--one conducted in only the most intimate of situations--one might see that, on the inside of his left hip, between the pelvic bone and his thigh, he has the Danish word for love, elsker, tattooed in red ink. On the opposite hip in the same place, he has the French version, amour, written in black. These are almost always hidden by clothes, and even without them are hard to see due to the thick fur that grows around that area. Markus had the area scarred before he tattooed it, however, and if one looks closely enough, they might find the tattoos.

Dressing is a hard thing for Markus to do; with his long, thick fur, it's difficult to squeeze into pants and a shirt. He still manages, however, and even wears tight pants, though they've got holes in the thighs and calves that allow him to pull fur through, giving him a very grungy look. His torso seems much more whimsical, clad in an off-white poet's shirt with the top four buttons undone to allow his thick chest fur to fluff out. On top of that, he wears a silver vest with black Venetian markings and green trim. His shirt has the same green trim along the neckline and cuffs, and is patterned with faint silver Venetian swirls, just like his shirt. Holding his cuffs together are silver cuff-links, with translucent pearls set in the faces.

5.1  Luperci Forms

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6.  Notable Threads

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