Marik Ulrich

Marik Burk Ulrich

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Previous PlayerSylvey
'Name MeaningMarik: "Defense," "of the sea"
Burk: "From the fortified settlement"
Ulrich:"Powerful through his inheritance"
Name OriginCzech/Polish, French, German
Date of BirthOctober 28, 2007
Age> 3 years
Subspecies50% Canis latrans
50% Canis dingo hallstromi
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeLeipzig, Germany
Current packInferni

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Previous RanksTirones, Praeses

Marik Ulrich is the brother of Cotl van Ulrich. They were raised together in Germany. Though Marik escaped the more obvious outward "damage" his brother suffers from, the pair of brothers are very close, perhaps evidenced best by the length at which Marik went to find his brother after he left their birthlands. For a large portion of time he wandered through Nova Scotia, having many flings and producing a lot of illegitimate children. His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is assumed that he is dead.


Marik is a very conflicted individual who frequently goes into bouts of misery, and often will go to his brother for comfort about him hating himself. Marik can be considered as a nymphomaniac as well as a sado-masochist, always wanting to have a mark from the lover he was with the night before. He flirts with just about anything that moves, and is omnisexual. He is loyal to friends, and he is almost in love with his brother (often willing to do "Favors" for his brother, whom will deny) and is actually a fairly good skinner and doll maker, as well as doing things that involve his hands. He's had battle training (actually more than his brother) but often acts like he has no clue how to fight and also perfers to love instead of hate. He is quick to like a person, only hating when they do reject him extremely, or they do something wrong to his brother or friends. He likes touching, hugging and snuggling, he enjoys sleeping in his brother's bed at night. He like to drink and smoke and party, and he also likes to be helpful, often quick to help anyone no matter who they are.


Hardworking, loyal, quick learner, sado-masochist, flirt, tease, hypersexual, determined, fun loving, sudden mood shifts


His voice is deep and rich with that telling German accent. The best way to describe it is sexy enough to make you cream yourself.



  • Parents — Hans and Alara (nĂ© Yukuzu)
  • Siblings — Queza[f], Chaza [f], Cotl [m]
  • Children with Rebekka Reinhilde — Giza and Izaak


He has blue and red eyes (both eyes are blue and red; blue near the irises and ringed in red). He has a black hood and eye mask on his head. Brown blush on his cheeks and eye spots. The other parts of his face are white. He has a black back and white stomach. He has full brown leggings on his back legs and only partial (top half) on his front legs. His front paws are all white while only his back toes are white. He also has a white tail tip.

Thanks to his brother he has a number of piercings and tattoos. He has zero gauges at the base of both ears that are hidden when his ears flop over. He also has two barbells with the the sides of each ear, though in one ear he has them chained together. There is a single piercing in both eyebrows. An earl and a monroe on the right side of his lip. There is a capture bead ring in the tip of his tongue and a barbell towards the middle. Both nipples are pierced with curved barbells. There is a piercing at the nape of his neck and one at his navel as well. As for tattoos he has a white tribal design on the back of his left shoulder one and another type covering his entire spine. There is a purple tribal chinese dragon design on on inside of his left arm. NEIN! on the left side of his chest, over his heart. A large X on his belly. A scarred skull and crossbones on his tail. And ICH ♥ COTL on the inside of his right thigh. The smaller tattoos and a few of the piercings came from Cotl decorating him while he was passed out. His brother also gave him the scar near his eye while the ones on his back, shoulders, and hips came from previous lovers since he insists on a mark being left behind. He has recently got a new tattoo, a swastika right at the base of his throat.


  • Back; left shoulder white tribal
  • Back; spine white tribal
  • Arm; left purple tribal chinese dragon
  • Chest; left (over heart) NEIN!
  • Belly large X
  • Tail scarred skull and crossbones
  • Thigh; inside right ICH ♥ COTL
  • Throat; base swastika


  • Right Ear Zero gauge at the base (hidden when ear flops over), two barbells
  • Left Ear Zero gauge at the base (hidden when ear flops over), two barbells chained together
  • Right Eyebrow curved barbell
  • Left Eyebrow curved barbell
  • Earl barebell
  • Monroe; right side stud
  • Tongue Capture bead (tip), barbell (middle)
  • Right Nipple curved barbell
  • Left Nipple curved barbell
  • Nape barbell
  • Navel belly ring

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