Maluki Soul

Maluki Soul

Maluki Soul, pre-disappearance
BirthdateJuly 16, 2004
Species75% Wolf, 25% Coyote
Birth packClouded Tears
ParentsColibri Soul & Acid

See Jefferson Soul.

Maluki Soul is the firstborn son of Colibri Soul and Acid and was born July 16, 2004 in Clouded Tears. He showed signs of mental instability during his first year, and after a string of unfortunate events -- including a long-standing tension with his stepfather Lisichka Sadira and the tragic death of his grandmother Ceres Sadira to the pack's "alpha curse" -- Maluki disappeared to find his father, but consequently went fully feral as a loner for over a year.

After regaining his senses but losing his memories, Maluki returned to 'Souls in September of 2008 as an amnesiac, grumpy old gimp called Jefferson and joined the Phoenix Valley pack, which he later came to lead for a number of years.