Malik Amaranthe

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by San

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Malik is a morose heavy-eyed young bard with a big white steer called Mondo. He is presently being dragged around the whole hecking land by his feckless and charming chump of a brother, Calrian.

Mal and Cal were born to star-crossed lovers Semini Amaranthe and Lokr Revlis one bright winter morning. Their family unit was not especially normal, and in their early childhood the brothers were primarily raised by their mother in Krokar. Malik loved it there, where things were simple and the ocean was close by. Like many in his mother's family, he grew to have a close affinity for the sea.

Malik has overheard more than he would like to admit about his father's dark ancestral legacy (raising more questions than answers to be sure), but pretends to be ignorant for the sake of his mother, whom he loves very much.

When Semini inherited her father's sea vessel in the winter of 2017, she and Lokr decided to set sail for Onuba with both boys in tow. Calrian's headstrong refusal placed Mal in the dreadful situation of having to remain behind in cold and dreary Portland, Nova Scotia.

When the stipend left to them by their parents began to run dry, Mal and Cal started to learn the meaning of hard work. Taking dock shifts and doubling as stable-hands, the two boys made an uncomfortable living catering to the East Dock's wealthier mercantile class and its constant influx of sailors. Luckily for the brothers Mal's affinity for music landed them a gig in the local dive, Mullen's Bar, where he played to a drunken crowd each night for cheap change and stale bread. Calrian's natural talent as a networker led to an unlikely alliance with a number of Mullen's shady workers and patrons, which in turn led to the formation of The Troupe.

The Troupe is currently touring Nova Scotia. Having hoped to settle for a time in Krokar only to find it destroyed and abandoned, they are displaced nomads looking to make a living by any means possible.





Player Info

  • Date of Birth: January 25th, 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Hybrid
    • 30% Dog (Canis lupus familiarus)
    • 40% Wolf (Canis lupus, Canis lupus arctos)
    • 30% Coyote (Canis latrans)
  • Family: Amaranthe, Revlis
  • Birthplace: Mount Oromocto
  • Nicknames: Mal
  • Name Meaning:
    • First name: King of Kings
    • Surname: Unfading (Amaranthe), Silver (Revlis)
  • Pronunciation: Mah-LICK
  • Epithet:


Mondo - Chianina Steer

  • Big boy
  • Very warm
* Good for winter
  • Very slow
* But dependable
  • Don't ever say a bad or mean thing about him he is gentle and good

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

Bard (Jan 2019)

Members of The Troupe may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Mal leads Mondo, who pulls the vardo caravan with all their stuff on it. He doesn't mind walking, and can stroll for long distances without tiring.
  • He also uses two big wooden barrels to collect water for the Troupe, to wash and drink and cook with.
  • He tends to be a bit lazy when it comes to making or breaking camp, and is more often found lounging around Mondo strumming his lute than being of any practical use.
  • Caught in a daydream, Mal can often be seen gazing off into nothing like a space cadet.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

A hybrid through and through, Mal might look like a dog in one light and a wild thing in another. He inherited his father's average height and his mother's easy grace, but is lanky with youth and leaner than a traditional wolf. Can be surprisingly clumsy for someone with such clever hands. Often adopts submissive, friendly yet cautious posture when talking to strangers - body language tends to be a little over-expressive when in the company of friends.

In lupus form, he has a wolf-ish build but with long silky dog hair. In optime form, the hair on his head is long and white-blonde and all over the place.

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Charcoal
  • Claws: Black
  • Optime Hair: White blonde
  • Scars:
    • Fine scar behind his left temple, grown over with fur/hair, from being robbed [1]
    • Small unremarkable scars on his forearms and shins from time spent working the docks

1.2  Clothing & Other

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by Alaine

1.3  Color Codes

Ebony Clay (#222736)
Shuttle Gray (#646d7b)
Matterhorn (#4b3941)
Russett (#775755)
Silk (#c0b0ac)
Iron (#dfe1e3)
Viking (#ac0e0f)

Image Here
??? lbs (?? kg)
?? in (?? cm)

Image Here
??? lbs (?? kg)
?? in (?? cm)

2.  Image Gallery

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3.  Personality

"Wandering Minstrel", "Ragtag Bunch of Misfits", "Impoverished Patrician", "Open Secret", "True Companion"


3.1  Interaction

  • Speech: Soft spoken, speaks mostly in a slow and measured way. Will tend to babble when excited.
  • Scent: Warm cow, campfire, pine needles
  • Expression: Thoughtful, innately morose, dreamy and a little absent-minded
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with chaotic tendencies when influenced by others
  • Sexuality: Confused twink who has never had someone explain to him what 'gay' means
  • Spirituality: Enamored with the great stories of a variety of religions, as he would be an epic ballad - not an honest believer in any specific supernatural power, but loves a good tragic metaphor

3.2  Traits

  • Likes: Mondo, music, the ocean, summer rain, a warm campfire
  • Dislikes: Exposure to the cold, uncertainty, ugly and disenchanting truths, merciless folk
  • Fears: His brother will one day talk them into a shared noose
  • Motivations: His brother will one day talk them into a king's hall
  • Biases: The rich are greedy unless proven charitable; Suffering is noble if it is done beautifully
  • Substances: Dislikes alcohol mainly for the taste, hasn't really tried anything else

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

Semini is the Mater Dei of his world; The heart of every home he's ever known. He's a big sooky mama's boy, always has been. Don't hate him too much for it - after all, Semini is the best thing since sliced bread.
Learning to read and write is a lot of fun when your dad is the biggest know-it-all that's ever lived. There can be little doubt, however, that Malik is his father's son; Those gloomy, broody eyebrows don't just make themselves.
Best friend, confidant, travelling companion, and most annoying person alive; I know what you're thinking, they all walk into a bar and - no, you're wrong! They're all the same person. Calrian is the glue that sticks Malik together, and also somehow the gross tobacco saliva that some soggy sailor just spat into his hair. You never know just what the day will be like with Calrian at the helm, but you can bet a pretty penny that Malik is never far behind him, and probably a heaping of chaos too.
More legend than real flesh-and-blood siblings. Malik likes to dream up ballads about their inevitably tragic adventures. If he's lucky (or unlucky) enough, he might actually be in one alongside them someday.

4.2  Troupe Relations

4.3  Family

Amaranthe, Revlis

Unknown relation *

This boy has fancy clothes and a fancy heart. Soft and good, perfect friend material.
I don't know which mug he just put that coin under but I WILL bet on the left one.
Why don't I have the hots for her? I should absolutely have the hots for her. Is something wrong with me?
Tell us a story, old man!
A cool guy. Maybe too cool.
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