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By Raze!

Malcolm is the former ward of Ailie Morgan, who adopted him into her care after he escaped slavers in Cap-Vert, Senegal as a puppy. Having previously been abandoned by his neglectful mother and largely left to his own devices, Mal never knew affection, nurture, or safety until Ailie took him in. He owes his life, his identity, and even his name to her and, though he knows that she really wants nothing in return, Malcolm has chosen to devote everything he is to her.

Presently a Greenhorn in Krokar, Malcolm has overcome a great many social and mental obstacles since he arrived in the pack in early 2016. Once profoundly shy and suffering from crippling anxiety, Mal has since learned that not all social situations are scary or dangerous and isn't so quick to take himself out of them any more. In rare occasions, he has even found the power of assertiveness when the situation calls for it. Though he still largely avoids conversation, talking about his animal companions, the Ail Po cats, or Krokar's livestock is one of the best ways to get him to open up.

In June 2017, after the the disbandment of neighboring Vinátta, a whimsical musician joined Krokar with a few other displaced Vikings and seems to have taken a liking to Malcolm, furthering his sociability thanks to the woman's persistence and curiosity.






OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 13th September 2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: —
  • Co-rank(s): —
  • Etymology: disciple of Saint Columba (Scottish)
  • Pronunciation: MAL-come
  • Epitet: —

Pack Information

Assumptions and References

Plot Opportunities

  • Pack: Krokar
  • Residence: Fiskebyn cottage #10
  • Rank: Greenhorn (21 Jun 2017)
    • Riparian (14 Apr 2016)

Krokar members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Observing Malcolm hanging out with the cats of Ail Po Farm.
  • Seeing him whittling beads outside his home in Fiskebyn.
  • Finding him fishing the rivers and lakes.
  • Mal will be going into either the Trade or Exploration tier. Help him decide?
  • Though he has been whittling for a while now, he could use more experience from teachers to help him achieve the Carpenter co-rank!
  • Malcolm also has the potential to become interested in watercrafts! Help pique his interest or encourage him to become a Shipwright?

1.  Appearance

Despite the smattering of coyote blood, Mal looks almost exclusively dog. He is heavy-boned with a thick pelt, a square, blunt muzzle, and floppy ears that appear much to small for his head. His tail is long and curls at the tip. The two particularly unusual features most are quick to observe are his purple tongue, likely a throwback from a distant Chow or Sharpei ancestor, and a distinct ridge of fur along his spine that grows backwards, giving it a razorback appearance. In Optime form, this ridge extends to the top of his head in a natural mohawk.

Cripplingly shy, Malcolm is quick to avoid eye contact and has a slouching, caved posture that, despite his delightfully plump figure, makes him look smaller than he actually is.

1.1  Size


  • Height: 35 in (89 cm)
  • Weight: 93 lbs (42 kgs)


  • Height: 47.3 in (120 cm)
  • Weight: 155 lbs (73.3 kgs)


  • Height: 7 ft (84 in) (213.3 cm)
  • Weight: 268 lbs (108 kgs)

1.2  Palette


  • Shark (#28292E)
  • Cumin (#8B4926)
  • Calico (#E1C19B)

Eyes, Nose, and Tongue

  • Verdigris (#605C35)
  • Woodsmoke (#101012)
  • Mulled Wine (#51495E)

2.  Personality

Downer Beginning, Gentle Giant, Shrinking Violet, Situational Sociability, Happily Adopted

Malcolm by J

Quiet and remarkably shy, Mal prefers to draw as little attention to himself as possible. He will suffer silently rather than risk shame or ridicule and typically only speaks if Ailie does. He seems the most comfortable around other animals, particularly birds and cats, and may be seen creeping around Aster's Fields to seek out the company of the livestock there.

He does not like loud noises or raised voices and will either freeze up, run away, or hide behind Ailie if an argument erupts or he hears something loud.

3.  Skills

  • Observation (Journeyman): Mal has quite a bit of proficiency picking up on fine details and subtle hints, mainly out of necessity when he was forced to fend for himself. He often sees things others miss and likes to people-watch, though does so discreetly.
  • Scavenging (Journeyman): Having been left to his own devices early in life, Mal learned very quickly that scavenging for food sometimes was the only way he was going to be fed. After meeting Ailie, his scavenging skills later expanded into picking up non-food items, such as shells, feathers, stones, and other items he can use for making crafts.
  • Tracking (Apprentice): Mal started to learn how to track out of necessity when he was younger and now uses it primarily to find Ailie when they're apart. He is not terribly proficient and has a limited interest in learning more.
  • Crafting (Dabbler): Since being under Ailie's guardianship, Mal has found an interest in working with his hands to make little crafts out of the things that he has scavenged. He is interested in learning how to make beads out of bone and shell but is too shy to ask anyone for help.

4.  History

Mal was born to a neglectful, alcoholic woman on September 13th, 2015 into a tiny, impoverished community several miles southwest of 'Souls. Without even a name of call his own, he was regularly left to his own devices to fend for himself. Encouraged by the promise of love, gentleness, and adventure, he left willingly with a woman in mid-December 2015 but was quickly traded away to a traveling merchant in exchange for a fur cloak. The merchant later traded him to a ship captain, whose intention it was to sell the youth into slavery. While docked at Cap-Vert in Senegal, he escaped the ship and continued a life of fear, loneliness, and self-reliance until he met Ailie Morgan in mid-February 2016.

He and Ailie joined Krokar on April 14th, 2016 where they currently reside.

4.1  Threads


[RO] Northern Tides. Malcolm is kidnapped by a seemingly friendly woman only to later be traded to a traveling merchant for a wolverine-fur cloak.

Saint Croix Highlands with Eliza Cormier. Ailie and Mal, with their critters in tow, finally make it to 'Souls. While they wait for Tybalt Cormier, they are met by his sister, Eliza.

Briar Patch with Tybalt Cormier, Milos Parhelion, Eliza Cormier. Lead into the territory by Tybalt, the pair are accepted into Krokar by Milos and Eliza and meet some of their new pack mates.

Krokar with Semini, Tiamat, and Lotan. Ailie helps Semini's children catch bait while Malcolm watches from the safety of the woods.

Midnight Shores with Elsie Hennamin. Off on a trading excursion, Ailie and Malcolm take the ferry to Midnight Shores and meet Elsie. While Mal makes friends with Elsie and Esther's cats, Ailie works on trading for goods.

Black Lake with Sylven Firebringer. While Malcolm works on his crafts at the shoreline, Ailie scavenges for treasures under the lake and makes friends with Sylven when she re-surfaces. Mal makes himself as quiet and small as possible.

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