Magnolia Takekuro

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Magnolia Takekuro

by Kiri
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 2010
Age> 1 year
Subspecies50% Canis lupus albus
25% Canis lupus familiaris
25% Canis lupus lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeDahlia de Mai
Current packSalsola

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining date
RankThe Confidant
Previous RanksPuppy

Previous Packs

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateSeptember 21, 2010
Joining RankPuppy
Most Recent RankPuppy
SignificanceMember; birth pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining date
Joining RankPrincess
Most Recent RankPrincess
SignificanceOlder Puppy

Magolia Monroe Takekuro is the daughter of Lolita Monroe and Niro Takekuro, and is a current member of Salsola.


Magnolia was born to Lolita Monroe in Dahlia de Mai on September 21, 2010. Her father is Niro Takekuro of Cour des Miracles, who did not know of Magnolia's existence until she was one month old. Soon after he found out about her, Lolita left Magnolia with her father and took both Poppy and Foxglove and left 'Souls. Magnolia has decided to stay at CdM for now, but due to the tension with Niro she will probably leave soon.


Magnolia is an angry, angry puppy. Her mother's disappearance left her dejected and sad, and found no solace in her father, who she blamed for Lolita leaving. She is incredibly smart, but also extremely manipulative. She finds herself completely over-compensating despite her beauty around males. She is a whore, and is constantly seeking attention.

Flirting, hoarding shiny things (especially jewelry), and causing drama are among some of Magnolia's favorite things.


Magnolia was the largest puppy in her litter, and is the spitting image of her father. She has both her parents' green eyes, and Niro's silver coat. Her face is slightly lighter colored than the rest of her body, and she has a fwe white specks throughout her coat. The tip of her tail is black. She has a blue/gray mohawk just like her father as well.


Magnolia is constantly looking for jewelry to wear/collect, and keeps them in a leather satchel that sits at her hip. Whenever Magnolia is traveling, she always stops in to stores to look. Magnolia changes what necklace she wears on a daily basis, but is never seen without her black veil and green bracelet from her mother.

Given to Maggie from Undertaker

Other Collected Necklaces tbd



Extended Family