Mael Addeins

Mael Addeins

Mael, by Sace
Date of Birth7 December 2009
Age> 11 months
SpeciesHusky/Wolf mix
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Previous Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateJun 23 2009

Mael Addeins was a previous member of Cour des Miracles.

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1.  History

Not sure how or when, he was all alone, in a little planet, smaller than an average house. There, there was three tiny volcanos, that doesn't even reached his ankles. One was extincted. It, sometimes, grew a few flowers, with only one line of tiny petals, and they died very soon. There were other plants, but he away ripped them out, because they were baobabs. Those were very lonely, sad days. Whenever they were too sad, he watched the sunsets. When it ended, he backed up a few steps, and he created new ones, whenever he wanted. It was rather boring.

Once, when he was about 3 months old, a new flower started to sprout. Not as quick as the others, not as small, or as simple. A rose. It took long days for her to get ready to first button. "So pretty", he thought. As always, he befriended with the rose and, quickly, they made bonds. He was captivated by the rose, and the rose was captivated by him. He was in love with the rose. Unfortunately, his adventurer spirit arose, and he had to leave. The rose cried, and so did him. He visited many other planets, finding different kinds of inhabitants. All weird, all grown-ups. Except one. The lamp lighter. His job was util and had a good propouse, and that was why it was beautiful. Sadly, his planet was way too small for them both.

Looking for a planet that had others like himself, others that still thought like him, other kids. Finding Earth, he noted the different kinds -mostly weird- of grown-ups, but the kids as well. He thought himself as a lucky person, but wasn't that lucky. The wind blew strong, and threw him in a ferocious storm, in the middle of the sea.

2.  Personality

There is no better word to describe him than "dreamer". He is very calm, gentle, warm, smart and simplist. He thinks as most kids think: everything is easier than grown-ups think it is. He doesn't understand why they take things so seriously, why things are more difficult to them, when they aren't. Problems comes and goes away, they never stay forever. Nothing can break his kind heart or pure mind. Always has a smile in the face. He has an adventurer spirit, he doesn't bond to a place very long.

3.  Appearance

He is just like a young, copper-hued husky. He looks younger than he actually is. His eyes are a lighter shade of an ocean blue. He has a rose tatto on the right front paw, and of a yellow snake, around his left hind ankle. Wear a long, yellow scarf in any form(not shown in the Lupus image). He has a fox plushie, with black button eyes, with ears bigger than normal. In the Optime shape, his mane is bright yellow, with messy, short curls.