Madeline Dubois


Madeline is the mother of Everett Ames and Sebastien, and formally a mate of Desmond Ames. Through Everett, she is the grandmother of Huldr Moreau, Mjrn Moreau and Vivi Moreau.

Currently, she lives in Areas with her mate, Garreth Stone and adopted son Sabre Stone.


  • Little is known of her life prior to arriving in London.
  • Madeline ascends the upper echelons of the noble court, Lionheart, through her ambition and cunning. She seeks to gain the favour of a high-born male to be her mate and selects Desmond. It is a relationship of convenience and with very little love between the two, but Madeline recognises how her survival rests on ingratiating herself into court life.
  • She enters her heat and falls pregnant by Desmond. She gives birth on 7th November 2013 to two healthy pups, and a small boy. The mother is instinctively protective of the runt as she knows that if he survives, his life would be difficult. To make matters worse, Desmond is disgusted with the child, labelling him as defective and disowns him.
  • In keeping with the beliefs of Lionheart, she chooses a name with significance for the boy; she names him Everett meaning 'boar' in the hopes of bestowing the same qualities of the creature into her son.
  • The two healthy siblings, Marcus and Elise, grow and thrive with the privileges afforded them whilst Madeline works tirelessly to ensure the runt's survival. This division of care creates a rift between the family. Desmond is pleased with his healthy pups and lavishes attention on them both. Madeline is relieved when her mate takes on other females as his own, as it allows her to spend time raising her children and pursuing her own interests.
  • Over the next several months, Madeline splits her time between caring for her three children who play and mix happily with each other until they reach their 8th week. She notices how Elise and Marcus treat and talk to Everett, and realises their father has influenced them. Madeline confronts Desmond about his behaviour but is met with resistance and threats about losing her standing. She enlists the help of a young collie woman under the guise of helping with household labour when actually she serves as her eyes and ears.
  • Madeline continues to dote and tutor Everett, whilst Olivia is his constant companion away from home. With a swell of pride and growing concern, she watched as the boy came to realise his low status and rebelled against many of the court's laws. Despite the criticism that rained down upon them, the combined efforts of mother, slave and son were able to weather the storm.
  • Lionheart's Challenge of the Lions draws near, where yearlings are expected to prove their worth in multiple disciplines. The winners are afforded full family status and protection, whereas the losers were forced into slavery or exile. Both women feared for Everett, but could not admit to their fears in front of him. Unbeknownst to Madeline, Everett had other plans and left with Olivia in some date here.
  • The heart-broken mother watches on the sidelines as her remaining children complete the trail and move on with the lives, but feels useless. In an effort to raise her spirits she makes for the port on a trading mission and falls in love with the sea.
  • The trading mission comes to an end, but the ocean compels her to stay. Feeling as though she had little to tempt her home, Madeline makes an impulsive decision to sail to Europe. Perhaps she could find her beloved son along the way.
  • Along her travels she is intrigued by stories of a ferocious British pirate that used to terrorize the coastline, and it speaks to a memory buried deep within her mind. Madeline seeks out stories of the pirate, to little effect. The woman sails further afield and overhears old sailors recounting the tale of the man she is looking for. They tell her he is a recluse now and lives on an island close to Canada.
  • Something else happens here.




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