Lynessa Shandara

Lynessa Shandara



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04 Aug 2013





Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Loner

Lynessa Shandara is a lone wolf, the sister of Aurelya Shandara.

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
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1.  Appearance

Lynessa is a moderate-sized timber wolf, curvaceous in all forms. She is light on her feet, agile and nimble, precise. She has white fur and blue eyes, and her hair in Optime form is sleek and flowing. She carries no adornment, but likes wearing clothes when they are available.

2.  Personality

Critical, harsh, and unforgiving, Lynessa is like a storm at sea. She is cold and calculating, bitterness having hardened her during that winter. She still has room for affection, but it is motivated by what someone can do for her in return. She enjoys being alone, but finds that in the long-term, it is better to have others around to measure yourself against and improve off of. Power cannot be gained when there is no one to rule it with. She is ambitious, driven, determined, and jealous. Taken as a whole, she is almost the exact opposite of Aurelya, and prefers it that way. Also, ironically Lynessa feels like she is the only one that cared about Lilian, and occasionally allows herself to feel a touch of regret and sadness of her late sister.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

One sister, Aurelya Shandara, parents deceased

4.  History

As a pup, she lived with her parents and 2 siblings, Aurelya and Lilian. When her parents set out one day, the 3 pups waited for them, not realizing that their parents were never to return. As winter set in, Lilian began to waste away from grief. Lynessa and Aurelya were the main hunters, for Lilian was in no position to hunt, but Aurelya had not gained enough skill to bring home as much meat. Eventually, Lilian passed away, as much from starvation as from heartache, and Lynessa's heart hardened against her other sister. In her mind, Aurelya should have stepped up to provide more for the family, and had she been able to, their third sister may have survived the winter.

Bound by the clutches of cold to the den with Aurelya, Lynessa's resentment and bitterness built, and by the time the frost began to melt into spring, a wall had been erected between the two once-close sisters. Lynessa had become cold and cynical, and was ready to spend some time alone.