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Lurker Karga is the son of two unnamed slaves, born in Southeastern Turkey in the town of Şırnak of the province of the same name.






  • Date of Birth: 08/04/11
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Residence: N/A
  • Mate: N/A
  • Pack: N/A
  • Rank: N/A
  • Family: Karga*
  • Birthplace: Şırnak, Turkey
  • Species: Hybrid
  • Subspecies:

35% Syrian Jackal
25% Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

20% Caspian Sea Wolf
20% Iranian Wolf

  • cNPC: N/A
  • yNPC: N/A



  • ---
  • ---
  • ---

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


It's obvious with a single look at Lurker that he's had a hard life. His body is a mash of species characteristics due to being brought up as the "brood" of slaves, commonly bred and traded around the Middle East within the Black Markets and sometimes beyond. The slavers were successful in crossing the qualities they wanted, a hardy, compact body easily transported that could withstand the summer desert heat and the cold long winters that plagued his native area of Turkey. His fur matches a lot of his environment, dark and dusty elements with a tinge of gold to represent the desert sun. His eyes had been a stunning shade of yellow, hot enough to light a fire some had said, but they have long been etched away from history, both literally and figuratively, so a mass of black clawed scars replace them.

Though his life didn't begin as a luperci, Lurker adopted some of the normal habits post-change, including some aspect of clothing and the use of weapons. A shredded, worn fabric was secured around his waist and called adequate, while his neck and wrists were bound in heavy, constricting restraints fitting for a slave.

  • Humanization: Low to moderate. Lurker's stance is very feral, though he has adapted to the Luperci life, and his body is lightly covered in minimal fabric.


  • Fur: A majority of his fur is a dark Birch that fades into a Mondo and then a Taupe and Judge Grey from his paws to his back
  • Markings:
    • His withers, neck, elbow, hindquarters, and tail are all sprinkled with flecks of Limed Oak, strung around in a sparse amount.
  • Optime Hair: Judge Grey with sprinkled with Limed Oak.
  • Eyes: Gondola scars are scratched into his face where his eyes would be.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Birch


.Birch (#3a2e26)
.Mondo (#3e3129)
.Taupe (#504838)
.Judge Grey (#5c5039)
.Limed Oak (#958348)
.Gondola (#030202)

art by Titmouse



79 lbs (36 kg)28 in (70 cm)



180 lbs (82 kg)38 in (97 cm)


Optime (Preferred)

230 lbs (104 kg)6ft 7in (80 in) (198 cm)






Lurker's accessories are kept to a minimum. He was born a non-luperci and likes to adhere to that heritage to some amount

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Lurker has a heavy leather and iron collar sealed around his neck with a broken chain dangling from a ring.
  • Slave's bracers are locked around his wrists.


  • A tattered cloth serving as a vague skirt is looped around his waist.


  • Scent:Salt from a long ocean trip, faint smells of desert and mountains.
  • Speech: Middle Eastern accent. Specifically, Turkish. Raspy and low as if he's always whispering.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Feral and reclusive.

2.  Personality

Born into Slavery"The Quiet OnePay Evil Unto Evil

Being born a slave has kept Lurker a quiet, unassuming individual despite having risen up against his captors. He has a strong sense of justice, though it is often mixed with revenge for being brought into the world as nothing more than cattle for the consumption of others. He is secretive of who he is and where he comes from, for fear of running into someone connected to the slave trade that means to send him back. He is desperate to keep his freedom, doing anything he can when he feels threatened to ensure that he stays a free man. He is not naturally violent, but he had learned how to fight to a certain extent shortly after freeing himself from slavery. He is hopeful that he can spend the rest of his life free from under the thumb of slavers and that he can help others rise up and claim their freedom as he had done.

Having been rendered blind, Lurker is all about adaptability and utilizing all of his senses to get around. The world is black to him, but is still colorful in the oddest sense of the word. He describes everything with everything but sight in mind and it has led to an unusual way of "seeing" things from his perspective. He loves being poetic with his words, although he is not one to talk a majority of the time. His time in slavery has taught him to keep quiet unless he absolutely knew he could trust an individual, otherwise, they were the enemy.

2.1  Ideals



  • Expression: Introverted, Secretive, Silent
  • Sociability: Cautious and distrustful of everyone he meets. If they seem like free folk, they're usually not the kind he wants to be around.
  • Alignment: Neutral good
    • "Does not seek positions of authority over others."
    • "Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly."
    • "Uses wealth to help others who are less fortunate."
    • "Will keep his word."


  • Lurker seeks to reclaim himself as a being and strike down slavery wherever he sees it.


  • That slavers will once again bind him in chains and punish him tenfold for thinking that he could ever be free.


  • Size: ---
  • Faith: Anyone who mentions a God or Allah will get a glare or solemn disapproval, but not a verbal lashing.
  • Gender: ---
  • Non-Luperci: He favors non-luperci, though the favor is not always returned. He is resentful of the "gift" given to him.
  • Packs: ---


  • He is resentful of male homosexuals, but has no opinion on the female spectrum of things.


  • Likes: Nature, Peace
  • Dislikes: Any act of slavery or the use of individuals as if they were anything but sentient.


  • ---


  • Lurker has a bad taste in his mouth concerning religion since many of the slavers practice ancient* Islam to a zealous extent and often trade with those within their religious circles. However, he knows that not everyone who follows these religions are bad people and tries to bite his tongue whenever anyone mentions their faith.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Karga?

  • Mother: Unnamed Male Slave
  • Father: Unnamed Female Slave
  • Siblings: Unnamed Older Sister, Unnamed Brother, Unnamed Younger Sister, Unnamed Youngest Sister, Several Older siblings from previous litters and likely some Younger ones from recent litters.
  • Mate: ---
  • Children: ---

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • None

Positive Relations

  • --


  • None

Minor Relations

  • Sex: None
  • Friendly: Pack?
  • Enemies: None (yet)

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • - ---


  • Experienced with curved, bladed weapons
  • Strong but lean, due to having lived a farming life for quite some time and then fight training after that.


  • Blind

4.2  Inventory



  • Offering: ---
  • Accepting: ---




  • ---


  • ---

5.  History

Born to an operation that bred slaves of the "highest caliber" Lurker's life began in the dregs of the world. He was born as a non-luperci, so the slavers could control the stock with more ease. His litter has been the most expected and the largest of that season, so he and his siblings were in high demand. They had been bred to do any kind of work possible, among other things, and so many of the locals threw their wares towards the slavers to get their hands on a pup from the litter. He and his siblings were six months old when they were finally separated from their parents and sold to the highest bidders. He had gone to a farmer in the Kurdistan province of Iran. He had been generally nice, owning quite a few other slaves for farming who were strangely obedient. He had thought that it was because the man actually gave them a better life than most did, but he never noticed the emptiness they had in their eyes.

Because the farmer had to infect him so he would be able to work the fields, Lurker thought he would undergo a blood transfusion and be done, which was how he had heard many slave owners turned their stock for work purposes. However, he later learned that was a vast lie. The farmer, to be sure that Lurker was, in fact infected, he sodomized him for almost a week before he finally shifted on his own, continuing the treatment for another week before putting him out into the fields. All of the other slaves had received the same treatment. Lurker spent three more months under his new name, the first given to him by his owner, the second denoting the slavers that bred him. One day, he had plowed a field wrong, not paying attention while burning under the hot sun by himself, and as punishment, the owner tied him to a pole in front of the other slaves and slowly clawed out his eyes to prove a point to the others that, no matter what age you were, failure was not an option. From them on, Lurker was relegated to only pulling carts like cattle, since he was seen as nearly useless anyway. Another three months passed and then a miracle happened.

The farm was struck in the dead of night by a rogue group who opposed the rampant slavery that plagued the lands. They gave the slaves tools and weapons and encouraged them to turn on their captor, slashing his family in their beds while they slept. They paid special attention to Lurker, seeing that he had lost his eyes at the hands of the slaver, and granted him the special permission of rebuking the same torture onto the slaver that he received and then some. He was absorbed into the ranks of the group for some time as they trained him to suit his situation, allowed to leave after a certain amount of time and encouraged to take the time to experience what it was like to walk free of chains. He took a boat to a new land, seeking to distance himself from the land of his birth that caused him so much pain and create a new life. He went under a new name, the first suggested by his saviors for his quiet tendencies, and the second the name of the man who put a sickle in his hands and taught him how to defend himself.

5.1  Overview

Previous Packs and Ranks

Unknown? (June 2008 - April 2014)
Loner (April 2014 - June 2014)


5.2  Timeline


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    Area, with Character?

5.3  Achievements


Basic Achievements