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LUNA ONASIS (LOO-nuh aw-NAH-see) is currently a Loner. The daughter of the Onasis family, one of four prevailing families within an Aristocracy on the island of Santorini, Greece presently known as NAME?. On the run presently, Luna’s steps are dogged by an unknown soldier sworn to bring her to justice to answer for the death of the man she was promised to.

With little evidence on her side to the contrary, Luna took flight, hopping on the first ship out of the port before disappearing into the much larger port in Athens. There she barely was able to catch her breath before stealing away on yet another ship out of Athens that took her to Rome, then from there travelled to Montpellier, Barcelona, Lisbon and finally Barbados. Thinking she had finally gotten away being half a world away, she had only collected herself for a few months before being discovered once again and now flees to the port in Portland in hopes that the cold weather will deter her pursuer.



OOC Information
  • Creator & Player: Mads
Basic Information
Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 24 MAY 2020
  • Birthplace: Santorini?, Area (Packs)
  • Etymology:
    • Luna: moon (Latin)
    • Onasis: lover (Greek)
  • Nickname: Lu, Lulu, Moonchild
  • Alias: ---
  • Epithet: The Siren
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: See Species
    • 50% Canis aureus (Jackal) 1
    • 25% Canis lupus (Wolf) 2
    • 25% Canis latrans (Coyote) 3
  • Family: Onasis?
  • Pack/Loner Band: Loner
  • Rank: --- (Mon YYYY – Present)
  • Additional:
    • Co-Rank, Co-Rank
NPC Information

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing CHARACTER…
    • …assumption
  • Assumption
  • Assumption
Plot Opportunities
  • she's on the run! Could you help or perhaps your intentions are not as pure?
  • she grew up with a love for falconry - loves to talk birds
  • Trade: Yes

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


From first glance, Luna is clearly a hybridization of a couple of different species, but due to the muddling of her genetics through her ancestors it is hard to pick out which. Her sharp pointed features are evidently a mix of her jackal and coyote blood, but her generally taller stature and fuller frame appears to lend itself to her wolf blood. Ears stand pointed and tall above her head sit amongst a mass of long, curly tendrils of hair. Bangs are chopped haphazard and short to keep them from her eyes, generally her hair is kept braided back to keep it out of her face. While her legs look long in comparison to the rest of her body, Luna is only slightly larger than those of pure blooded jackal descent. This makes her quick and nimble which makes up for her lack of strength and brute force.

A mix of raven black and soft whites intermix within her pelt colors, the sheen to her coat giving off a bluish hues in certain lights. Her eyes are a soft golden amber that reflect her emotions as she finds it difficult to hide anything she is feeling. Most of the time they carry a haunted look to her, as she always is nervously looking about. Life on the run has left her scrawny and slightly malnourished, more often than not her fur and hair will appear unkempt when her pursuers are close, although she tries to clean up and look presentable when able. She is a long cry from her days of luxury where she was doted on by handmaidens in her father's court. There is some marring along her skin, but it is mostly hidden by her fur unless looked upon close as she has had a few close calls and barely escaped.

More often than not Luna is found in optime form as she needs to carry the few precious items she still has left to her but when in desperate need she will switch to four legs in order to hunt. Her clothing does point to someone more noble born, but her few pieces she has left she tries to care for and keep in decent condition. She also has a large black cloak that completely engulfs her, although the bottom is starting to become shredded from constant use, and is fur lined along the inside to keep warm during the colder months.



  • Lupus: --- in (--- cm) ↔ lbs (--- kg)
  • Secui: --- in (--- cm) ↔ lbs (--- kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 11 in (71 in / 180 cm) ↔ 160 lbs (73 kg) (Preferred)


Not many prominent scarring yet, but there are small ones on her skin mostly hidden beneath her pelt.

Tattoos & Piercings:

Luna presently does not have any tattoos or piercings.

  • Speech: has a bit of a husky quality to her voice, although still feminine.
    • Fluent in Greek
  • Unique Scent: most evident is the scent of the sea, although she tries to cover most of her scent with perfumed soaps, whatever she can get her hands on. She prefers soaps that have mint, eucalyptus or lavender in them, but is not picky when it comes to hiding her scent.
  • General Posture and Body Language: At present she is very meek and timid and tries to shrink down and appear invisible.
Coloration Palette


SNUFF (#d2d1e8)
MANATEE (#8d8b9a)
SCARPA FLOW (#565265)
STEEL GREY (#2a263e)
EBONY (#18132b)

Optime Hair

EBONY (#18132b)



Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

GUN POWDER (#434352)
MINE SHAFT (#2e2e2e)
Reference Images

1.2  Personality

Summarized: Self-Reliant, Logical, Anxious, Naive, Driven, Compassionate, Resourceful

Luna was once confident and proud and has now become a shadow of her former self. Having been on the run for so long, she has become fearful and untrusting of others, which was completely opposite how she had been growing up. With her past shaping her personality presently, she is self-reliant and logical, always trying to be one step ahead. While on the run she is keen to learn any new skills she can acquire, and adapts to her surroundings out of need. At present, she seems to be a jack-of-all-trades, but her skills could use some honing. When she is not running for her life, she spends her time alone for the most part and practicing whatever useful survival skills or hunting that she can manage.

Constantly on edge, she can appear a little jumpy and anxious when in large crowds. A sense of impending doom plagues her and does not allow her to form close relationships with anyone. If she feels someone can be used to her advantage, she will remain in a superficial relationship out of convenience or need in the moment before disappearing without a word. The one true trait she still holds that is impossible for her to rid herself of is her compassion for others. Even if she tries to ignore others out of survival, if she feels someone is worse off than she is, she will go out of her way to aid them as best as she can. Even if this means risking being found by her pursuers.

When she is completely in survival mode and fight-or-flight it can be really hard to pull Luna out of her shell. She holds all of her secrets close, as she was a little too naive and trusting which has almost gotten her caught. Unknown what will happen to her if she does get caught, she is plagued by nightmares about everything that could potentially happen and also the nightmares of her past.

  • Motivations: Safety, justice, love, revenge
  • Fears: being caught, letting anyone too close, failure
  • Likes: birds, quiet, her home, playing her lute
  • Dislikes: secrecy, disloyalty, feeling out of control
Biases (Below are just a few common examples! Add/remove biases that apply to your character!)
  • Packs: no pack biases at present
  • Species: no hate towards species, she comes from an area that is very hybridized
  • Non-Luperci: non-luperci are strange to her, and can feel distrustful of them
  • Sex: fearful of men
  • Color: no biases at present
  • Sexuality: grew up in an area where same-sex relationships were frowned upon/hidden behind closed doors
  • Age: no age biases at present

Luna remains naive to most parts of her own sexuality, although she is more or less straight. Her experience is limited. Although, she has used flirting and a suggestive nature when trying to use someone for brief periods of safety.


Polytheistic, although she questions everything since escaping her limited worldview at home with introductions of other religions and cultures as she moved around.


Does not like alcohol or drugs as she feels they dull her senses and will get her caught. Has smoked a cigarette here and there, and hates the taste, but enjoys the feeling it gives her.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

  • FALCONRY (Journeyman):
Grew up with a strong interest in birds, using them to hunt and carry messages. She has developed a close bond with her two gyrfalcons, and while she tried to abandon them when she left, they refused to leave her side and have followed her from their homeland.
  • Pick-pocket/thief (Journeyman):
This skill has been born out of necessity, keen to survive with few skills available to her, Luna has slowly developed a skill for thieving, pick-pocketing and lock picking. While not a master by any means, learning on the fly has really taught her to be resourceful and would never be openly proud or boast of this as a skill.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Lute (Intermediate):
More of a hobby she had picked up before she was on the run. She still picks at her lute and plays occasionally when feeling safe. The lute she carries was a gift from her great-grandmother who taught her how to play and she holds it tight and is typically never seen without it strung across her back.
  • Weapons (Beginner):
Has picked up many weapons and tries her hand at anything and everything. Not overly strong, but she favors a bo staff for close combat to keep her enemies out of reach. She has two daggers that she tries to use, but does not have any skills outside of swiping with them and stabbing. Is a decent shot with a bow, but has not perfected this skill - mostly used for hunting.
  • Horse Back Riding (Beginner):
Another skill born out of necessity, she can ride and stay on a horse fairly well at fast speeds, but is often sore after as she has only ridden with no proper instruction outside of the basics.
  • Reading and Writing (Intermediate):
Coming from a class of nobility, reading and writing was paramount in her studies growing up.
  • Needlework/Crafting (Intermediate):
Another skill she was forced to learn growing up, although she has become quite adept at it as she needs to keep her garments in working order.
  • Hunting (Intermediate):
Basic skills in trapping and hunting, but does well enough to feed herself on the run. Has learned to fish growing up, but now relies more on trading in the busy ports.

2.  History

Santorini, GREECE
Duration: MAY 2020 – OCT 2021
Ranks: Pup/Youth (Mar 2021 – October 2021)
  • Heir / Princess (May 2020 – Mar 2021)
Co-Ranks: Falconer, Lutist, Heir

Luna was born amidst chaos, the small island had functioned so well and had flourished for so long. Growing up the child did not want for anything, as one of three pups born to the litter of the highest ranking members of their faction and especially being the only girl; Luna grew up in the lap of luxury. She had never known hunger a day in her life and anything she wanted to learn was only limited by her time. An apt pupil, she took her studies seriously, learning all she could about functioning with their aristocratic government. During a time of particular quiet and peace, two of the factions had come together and promised their children to be wed when they came of age. Luna was more than happy to carry out these wishes of her parents, especially her father who she was particularly close to, and dreamed of the day she would be wed to the heir of the Aetós Faction - even if she was not to meet him until the day they wed.

During this time, she honed her crafts, and perfected her skills. She particularly enjoyed her time spent amongst the cliffs and always wanting to be near the ocean. With little responsibility she was allowed freedom to explore. Being best friends with a girl named Kassia, the daughter of the man that ran the aviary on their island, she fell in love with the different birds there. First, she befriended a fledgling that she named Scylla, and later on acquired another bird to train that she named Orion. Also, she developed a love for the satar, which she learned to play from her great grandmother who had been a foreigner that had fallen in love with a prince. They played together for hours in the evenings and when she passed it had been devastating.

Having been born first, she was groomed to become the heir to her father's throne. Her brother's were mischievous and always getting into trouble, but Luna had a level head and thrived even under the pressure that was thrust upon her. Soon, she ascended into the adult ranks at 10 months old, and was given a little bit more responsibility, attending her father in court, learning about their customs and ways and always in discussion about what would be expected of her as head of their faction. She picked up everything fairly quickly, but enjoyed her time spent alone.

One particular night in October had seen everything come crashing down around her. The Aetós faction had joined the Onasis to plan for the coming wedding that was to be set in a weeks time, at the height of the full moon: October 9th. Luna had finally been introduced to her affianced, Belen, but upon meeting she had been less than impressed as he acted like a spoilt child and his only idea of fun was at the torture and expense of others. Attempting to make the most of a terrible situation, Luna had dug down deep within herself to accept him and did not want to dishonor her family.

The night before she was to be wed, Luna snuck out to see her friend Kassia at their normal meeting place where they could sit and talk in the light of the waxing moon, but just as she had entered the small field near the waters edge she heard a whimper and a choked scream. Kassia, standing with her clothes torn to shreds and clinging to what scraps remained as Luna's fiancé towered over her, something inside Luna snapped and everything went black. She still does not remember what happened on that night, just that she awoke with a throbbing headache, drenched in blood, with Belen mere inches away from her, dead.

They had been found by someone from the Aetós party, and she was accused of his murder. With a call for blood, there was nothing she could do as she awaited trial. Kassia had visited her briefly, she had said that she ran after Luna showed up and started arguing with Belen in fear of what her friend might think had happened. The rumors were that the council would find Luna guilty, as there was too much evidence stacked against her. Kassia let her know that she had collected all of the things she thought she would need and hid them on a boat that was set to sail at midnight and that she had friends that would give her safe passage to another port.

With a distraction set, and guards paid off, Luna escaped and went on the run.

Europe/North Africa --> Barbados/Portland
Duration: OCT 2020 – OCT 2021
Ranks: Vagabond (OCT 2021 – Present)
Co-Ranks: None

It did not take long for her disappearance to be announced and bounty hunters sent on their way with a high price placed on her head. Hopping around from port to port, she attempted going by different aliases, but somehow was always found. Sometimes she would get a couple of months in one port before being found, but after hopping from one place to the next, she realized she needed to go over seas to hopefully truly find freedom.

Landing herself in Barbados, she had lived there the longest, finding odd jobs to fulfill and feed herself. The days were long, and she wondered if it was even worth it while trying in vain to remember what had happened on the night of her betrotheds murder. It was hard to even give any thought to how she was going to bring justice to her name when she was traumatized and unable to cope or process with what had happened. Barely scraping by, she sold off the majority of the trinkets that Kassia had packed for her, and soon was down to the things she needed to survive.

She had made one friend in Barbados, but did not dare get close to anyone else. By the time September hit, she felt more comfortable in her day to day life, and had actually started to breathe for the first time in almost a year. One day, a ship arrived and the monster that had hunted her through all the ports in Europe and North Africa had found her. Barely escaping his grasp, she hopped another ship and went to Portland, but did not stop there and hitched up with a traveling band of merchants and convinced them to take her north with them away from the port. In the dead of night, she stole the mule she had been riding on and pushed further north, still sticking to the coast as she could never truly leave the sea. In a foreign area, she has grown lost and tired and upon the brink of giving up. The fight for survival remains, as the cold weather creeps in unlike anything she has never known, Luna tries to survive.

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3.  Relationships

  • Extended: Onasis?, Family
  • Mother: Zuri Onasis
  • Father: Stavros Onasis
  • Siblings:
    • Littermates: Atlas Onasis & Elias Onasis
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents: Luna was very close to both of her parents growing up, but had a particular attachment and love for her father.
  • Siblings: Luna was close to both of her brothers, even if they tried to get her into trouble more often than not. The brothers were closer to each other, but Luna always made it a point to spend time with them.
Other Relations
  • Kassia Balaskas? Luna's best friend, grew up together and spent many of their days with each other when Kassia and Luna were younger.
Minor Relations
Past Relations (Show)
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.

4.  NPCs

cNPCs: yNPCs:


Active: MARCH 2021 – Present

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Gyrfalcon
  • Date of Birth: NOV 2020
  • Size: Use this for conversions
    • Length: --- in (--- cm)
    • Height: --- in (--- cm)
    • Wingspan: --- in (--- cm)
    • Weight: --- lbs (--- oz; --- kg) OR Small, Average, Large
  • Key Features: ---
  • Coloration: Mostly white, with black and grey dappling her fathers
OOC Assumptions

Packs members may reference:

  • Seeing Scylla flying overhead or hunting, but always near to Luna
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Hunting
  • Message Delivery
  • Spying / Lookout


  • Gear: sometimes has a leather string or pouch around her leg for deliveries.


A little temperamental and wary with Luperci outside of Luna. Mostly Scylla is a curious bird that is defensive of those close to her. Irritated easily, and shows her emotions very clearly through vocalization or ruffling her feathers.


Hatched in Santorini, Greece within an aviary where she was trained and gifted to Luna.


Active: JULY 2021 – Present

  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Gyrfalcon
  • Date of Birth: APRIL 2020
  • Size:
    • Length: --- in (--- cm)
    • Height: --- in (--- cm)
    • Wingspan: --- in (--- cm)
    • Weight: --- lbs (--- oz; --- kg) OR Small, Average, Large
  • Key Features: Large than Scylla, with softer coloring
  • Coloration: Plumage is mostly an off-white, light grey, with dark grey markings.
OOC Assumptions

Packs members may reference:

  • Flying or hunting, but not far from Scylla or Luna
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • Hunting
  • Flushing
  • Attacking
  • Spying/Lookout


  • Gear: sometimes has a leather string or pouch around her leg for deliveries.


Aggressive with others bird, and protective of Luna and Scylla. Affectionate towards those he trusts, and does not relax in strange environments and always on the lookout.


Gifted to Luna in July after developing a bond to the bird to the point he was useless with training with his original master.

5.  Assets


Note: While the character may have other personal effects, the items listed here are those that are either unique, are significant or have sentimental value to the character, or are items that are regularly referenced to.

Click for more...
  • Bo staff
  • Bow
  • Quiver & Arrows
  • Waterskin
  • Lockpicking set
  • Flint & Steel
  • Leather fingerless gloves
  • Handheld telescope
  • Lute (Setar)
  • Bedroll
  • Sand scarf
  • Cloak
  • Mixed pouch of healing herbs (scarce)
  • Lantern that hitches to her belt
  • Rope
  • Old Worn Backpack
  • Two daggers
  • Long necklace (obsidian dagger)
  • Quill & Paper & Empty Inkpot
  • Needles & Spools of thread
  • Old worn stuffed rabbit

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6.  Miscellaneous

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  • Cool trivia about this character!
  • Awards

1 00% Jackal Species

2 00% Wolf Species

3 00% Coyote Species

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